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Considering that Moorea? seminal reimagining of the franchise from the early 2000s brought new respect to the sci-fi classic, while a big-screen reboot is actively in development, it might be the perfect time to bring the original series back to life for a new audience. Coupled with the recent, tragic passing of original creator Glen A. Larson, a restored release could be a perfect tribute to the enduring franchise he helped birth. Into the Woods is a modern twist on the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales, intertwining the plots of a few choice stories and exploring the consequences of the charactersa. This humorous and heartfelt musical follows the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel? ll tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife, their wish to begin a family and their interaction with the witch who has put a curse on them. Rob Marshall, the acclaimed filmmaker behind the Academy Award-winning musical Chicago and Disneya? Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, directs the film, which is based on the musical stage production by legendary eight-time Tony, Grammy and Oscar-winning composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim and Tony winner James Lapine, who also wrote the screenplay. Into the Woods is produced by John DeLuca, Marshall, a? ickeda. Ita? a safe bet that next weeka? episode, titled a?

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Jane Alexander and Edward Asner earned CableACE supporting nominations for their performances, costumer Maria Horanyi received an Emmy Award nomination, and Alfieri received a Writers Guild of America Award nomination. The cast included Rosemary Forsyth and Stephen Macht, and Jean Simmons narrated. The Kid Who Loved Christmas assembled a terrific cast: Cicely Tyson, Michael Warren, Sammy Davis Jr. Della Reese, Esther Rolle, Ben Vereen, Vanessa Williams, et al. Seidelman presided over thrillers with Phylicia Rashad, Valerie Harper, and Melissa Gilbert, as well as an office cat-fight between boss Heather Locklear and scheming underling Linda Purl in Body Language. Alfieri, paired with co-writer Susan Nanus, collaborated with Seidelman again for the Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation of Harvest of Fire, about an FBI investigation into arson blazes that destroyed several barns in an Amish farming community of Eastern Pennsylvania. Lolita Davidovich played the investigator, whose bond of trust with an Amish woman produces a trading of customs between them for better understandings of the other’s world. Jan Scott’s production design earned the show one of two Emmy nominations, and the script earned a WGA nomination. Patty Duke portrayed the friendly Amish woman, and the cast included Jean Louisa Kelly, James Read, J. A. Preston, Craig Wasson, Jennifer Garner, Millie Perkins, Wesley Addy, Madeleine Potter, and Tom Aldredge. The Summer of Ben Tyler presents a Southern attorney’s family, and atmosphere and plot points similar to Robert Mulligan’s To Kill a Mockingbird (1962). But it’s more inviting than derivative, and follows its own course. Robert Inman wrote the scrip and Seidelman and his crew provided the ambiance.


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Played straight with Gordon Walker, a hunter who specializes in vampires. He's supposed to be among the best at tracking and killing them, but two of the three vampires we see him fight manage to get the upper hand. The first time he's bailed out by Sam and Dean, the second he's not so lucky. The Leviathans, main enemies of season 7, are supposed to be even more powerful than angels, and demonstrated when Edgar easily dispatches two angel mooks. The problem is there is little outside this scene to indicate this is actually the case. Angels are super strong, able to teleport, Nigh Invulnerable, capable of healing major injuries and resurrecting the dead, can kill most monsters and demons just by touching them, and can even Time Travel and alter reality. In fact, they're so powerful that in three seasons Sam and Dean only ever managed to outright kill one angel -And even then, only because Dean took him by surprise. Leviathans are also Nigh Invulnerable and can shapeshift, but have little else going for them, and have actually had trouble fighting demons, witches, ghosts, and even normal humans, all of which were previously established as being much weaker than angels. So rather than actually making the Leviathans seem frightening, the scene just comes off as a desperate attempt to establish the leviathans as a credible threat by invoking The Worf Effect. Castiel meets with Bartholomew, who goes on at length about what a great strategist Castiel is, but only references past events that all happened offscreen. Then Bartholomew shows Castiel his latest intelligence — and Castiel makes a tactically sound suggestion that Bartholomew hadn't thought of. That's So Raven: The Musical Episode has everyone act as though Raven put on the best musical performance of anyone. It's also an odd Continuity Drift as a season 1 episode has Raven failing to get the lead in the school musical, being relegated to a character with no lines. Certainly something that wouldn't happen to someone with the aforementioned praise.

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He appears higher on the steps in the second shot, approaching the Faith Militant. Next post Game of Thrones Memory Lane 408: The Mountain and The Viper. First she’s on the Iron Islands, then she’s in the north with Reek, then she’s in Volantis. They all are! You deserve a hug for that (((hugs))). It might be misdirection in the editing and I hope when we hear the line it will be in a difference context or it is. After all, that is finally relevant. (Some people had complained that we should have learned this a while ago, but they would have had to “remind” the audience again this year, so really, what would have been the point? . We’ve seen the Mormant flag, so they might be a good be. (They also are one of the few Northern houses that could believably side with Wildlings: their enmity is with the Iron Born rather than with the Wildlings. . The banner of the King in the North and Riverlands! (Since the field is in both white and grey!

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The working atmosphere at Facebook—where the product one labors on is also where one socializes with colleagues, friends, and family—is designed to enforce fealty to the mission and, like the product itself, to facilitate the goal of absolute togetherness. Most of the dissent that has been voiced publicly was channeled through anonymous leaks to journalists, not visible protest. And the collective organizing that has happened at Facebook has occurred among contract workers, who don’t enjoy the generous benefits of full-time employees and aren’t subject to the same intra-office cultural pressures. The Times article suggested that most mission statements aren’t “worth the paper they were written on”—so insubstantial and formulaic that they may as well be computer-generated. Recent events suggest why it’s in executives’ interest to keep them that way: Concrete mission statements assist employees in making concrete demands. Tech companies may be doing everything they can to convince their employees that their labor has a higher purpose, but their workers know better. These companies are still corporations, and their employees are still in the business of turning them a profit. Broccoli Head of State Pork rinds in Tabasco sauce. Cory Booker can’t eat any of these presidential favorites. The U. . senator from New Jersey, who announced his candidacy for president earlier this month, is a vegan, meaning he doesn’t eat food that’s made of, or from, animals. Meat is off the table, as is anything with milk, cheese, or eggs. So Booker can’t indulge in smoked salt caramels, as Obama did, because they contain milk chocolate.

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Hachi: A Dog’s Tale stars Richard Gere as Parker Wilson. A Dog Year A Dog Year is a 2009 comedy drama movie that is based on the 2003 memoir titled A Dog Year: Twelve Months, Four Dogs and Me by Jon Katz. Jonathan Katz is a man going through a mid-life crisis. He takes in Devon, a Border Collie, who was abused but still highly overactive. From that moment on, Jonathan’s life was never the same again. Oddball and the Penguins Oddball and the Penguins is a 2015 family drama movie that is based on the true story of Oddball, a Maremma Sheepdog that lived in Middle Island, Australia. It focuses on Swampy, an eccentric chicken farmer, who trains Oddball to protect the penguins on the island from vicious fox attacks. Oddball and the Penguins stars Shane Jacobson as Swampy. I just love feel-good movies about dogs and their families, don’t you. Scholarships For Moms Going Back To School Delicious Tomato Recipes Prenatal Pilates: Is it a Good Fit For You. New Year’s Eve Party Games, Jokes and Riddles for Kids About DeannaT Comments Laura says It’s not movie but doucumentry on th horrors of Michel Vicks dogs celled The Lost Dogs. Its heartbreaking but shows how dogs can be rehabbed and what to look for to report suspicion of dogfighting. The more we watch out for abuse the more we can do to stop it. Reply Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew says My Dog Skip was such a great movie.

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The SIM card has a unique ID known as the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) that’s used to connect your device to your mobile carrier’s network and bind your device to your phone number. This information is stored and controlled by your mobile carrier for validation and billing purposes, so it’s a very important piece of information. How the Scam Works If someone can convince your mobile carrier or a third-party phone store that they are you and that they have a new SIM card that they want to activate, they can essentially take over your smartphone. As a result of the numerous data breaches over the years that have revealed lots of very sensitive information such as your social security number and date of birth, cyber-thieves have much of what they need to convince a support person on the phone that they are you. Once a thief gets your carrier to swap your account to the SIM they have in their possession, they can insert the newly activated SIM into any smartphone to take over your phone number. This will disable your phone altogether and give them everything they need to start taking over all your accounts by requesting password resets that will get sent to their device. This can also be used to thwart the security provided by 2-factor authentication, because the verification number is sent to your phone number, which they now control. In some cases, the thieves may even attempt to demand payment in some form of crypto currency for you to get your number back. If your phone ever stops working, it may be a sign of SIM hijacking, so you should always call your carrier immediately from another phone to stop the scam as quickly as possible. How to Prevent SIM Hijacking Since it’s highly likely that the information needed to convince your carrier is circulating around the Internet’s underground marketplace, you’ll need to make a change to your account with your carrier to prevent hijacking. By default, their security may simply be the last 4 digits of your social security number, so you’ll want to update your account by creating a specific PIN or passcode that will be required to make any changes to your account. Make sure you avoid using any previous PINs or passcodes as they may also be in the stolen records from previous breaches. Google does say using an iPhone on Fi is in beta and that there are some extra steps to getting an iPhone working on its service, but users will be walked through the process in the Google Fi app. For example, a newer iPhone works with 4G LTE speeds and no roaming fees in more than 170 destinations, and iMessage works out of the box.

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urstyn (Oscar nominated), Lee J. The disc is close to perfection with just a few scenes there is some grain but overall one will be pleased with this. Read more I read somewhere that Martin Scorsese compiled a list of the 10 most scariest movies of all time and I wouldn't be surprised if the 1974 shocker is on his list. Director William Friedkin assembled an excellent cast consisting of Ellen Burstyn (Oscar nominated), Lee J. The disc is close to perfection with just a few scenes there is some grain but overall one will be pleased with this transfer--just don't watch this alone at night. Verified Purchase Often Imitated, but NEVER duplicated. The ORIGINAL Terror Movie! n a TRUE story. Ellen Burnstyn, Jason Miller, Linda Blair, Lee J. It was a night in late November when I sat down in an old rocking chair by the window in my room in the old boarding house I lived in that was mainly populated by Upper-level Marquette students. It was about 5:30 PM or so on a Thursday night, and I thought I would read this book for a few hours, which looked SO UNINTERESTING at the time. I had no inkling of the literary journey I was about to embark on. Snow started falling outside and shone heavily under the streetlight in the alley behind the house. Meanwhile, I was engrossed in one of the most fascinating books I have ever read.

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I could tolerate Tywin a lot more than I can tolerate Jaime. Tyler McCail Jaime already had a wonderful redemption arc. I don't think that's doing the character a disservice. He was selfish and cruel, developed some humanity, and is losing it again as his house crumbles and he tries to hold it together. Book Jamie is much more understandable and is on a redemption arc. That aside N C-W is gorgeous. D Monster Factory The series is supposed to last 8 seasons I think so that could be one of the reasons they're rushing through some plot points. Thunder Clap The end is gonna be battle of bastards times a thousand. R. . iddle29493 Why has everyone forgotten the two sandsnakes that are in kingslanding. I bet the mountain crushes one of their skulls because they are Obryns bastards. Jason Duffey Probably Bc the writers also forgot about them lol Jonny Augz They cut Loras's beautiful curly hair the bastards Jacob Norman I hope Loras gets out and back to Highgarden. Thunder Clap Where do you come up with these great ideas for videos.