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ell, it’d be my luck they find it fitting I become a magikarp and plague intrepid gamers seeking better catches on an infinite loop or something. Dr. Creepen Tahun Yang lalu best not to bother unless you're sure I guess Miss Katonic Tahun Yang lalu Totally would do it. Ever lasting youth in exchange for being capable of loving another. Then I can learn ALL THE THINGS and never be distracted. Dr. Creepen Tahun Yang lalu you make a strong case, I have to say Anime Horror Doll Tahun Yang lalu I'd want to try this if it was real. Most people would be too scared to try it! (including me! Still awesome listening to these. Just the idea that one can physically attempt to try these just makes the story all that much creepier. Berean Jenn formerly That Makeup Chick 11 bulan yang lalu Dr. Creepen Right! Like,What? Dr.

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Upamtite da ne moze da mirno podnosi fizicko maltretiranje. Cak i u ranoj mladosti u njemu preovladjuje zdrav razum. On je v e o m a osetljive prirode i ako mu objasnite kako stvari stoje, retko kad necete dobiti njegovu saglasnost. A k o na silu pokusavate da ga naterate da popusti pred vasim zahtevima to moze da bude beskorisno i veoma opasno za njegovu licnost. Na njegovo raspolozenje mogu takodje da izuzetno uticu b o j e i zvuci. Drecave nijanse, oranz i crvene u sobi mogu da ga uznemire i z b o g toga moze biti i tvrdoglav. Pastelne nijanse, narocito roze, i svi tonovi plave mogu da imaju neverovatan efekat. U suprotnom mogu da v e o m a naruse njegovu emocionalnu stabilnost. Najbolje je da jos od najranijeg detinjstva pocne sa casovima pevanja i ucenja na nekom muzickom instrumentu. Volece takodje i da slika i boji i ima velike sanse da postigne nesto i na t o m planu. Uce polako, ali zato nikada ne zaboravljaju j e d n o m naucenu lekciju. U decijim igrama su skoro uvek vodje zbog njihovog urodjenog osecanja za fer-plej, zdravog razuma i osecanja za pravdu. Roditeljima nece biti uvek lako da izadju na kraj sa njima zbog njihove prirodne tvrdoglavosti. Kada j e d n o m shvatite i prihvatite cinjenicu da nista na svetu ne moze naterati vaseg malog Bika da promeni j e d n o m steceni stav, uzivacete u njegovom rastu. Budite spremni da ce vam ponekad pojesti pecenu kokosku iz frizidera koju ste cuvali za veceru, ali ce vam ipak biti neobicno drag.

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Yet I still followed NT, occasionally google searched for any NT news. I think it is brave, courageous and much needed for the current gaming landscape. So again thank you for sharing the new information. Wish the company the best of luck, and very much looking forward to playing Hellblade. I think this is a start of a great new entry this industry lacks so much. I agreed with SO much and totally feel for what you went through. I even kind of dig this new term “Independent AAA”. Regardless you guys have my respect as people and I will keep an eye out for your future projects. But i’m thankful that NT is still alive a kicking and extremely happy to know that Hellblade will be self published by your team. As a fan of all your games since Heavenly Sword i’m looking forward to learning more about your creative process with this new game and can assure you that I’ll be there day one when the game launches. I’m Happy that you’ve chosen PlayStation as the platform to launch it and i’m looking forward to your other unannounced projects. Keep up the good work and I certainly hope you blaze the trail for independent AAA games in which you own and retain the IP. I want to get into the gaming industry and help it be recognized as an art form; but lately the issues this article covers have made me pessimistic. Thank you NT for taking action and trying to solve this. It is because of people like you that make me feel some hope.

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Klein” can be read as a manual or guideline(skecth) on how to create digital media stories, specifly datbase stories. Here are the steps: 1- For Norman Klein, the most important element of creating such narrative is its believability. He talks about the necessity of creating “Scripted Space”. The answer is usually yes” Thus a certain degree of collusion is required to make the Scripted Spaces believable. (Norman Klein). What kind of database novels should respond to this economy—to its widening paradoxes. Conclusion: We need a media story where the paradoxes are inserted carefully. They can hover uneasily on a human scale, even look unfinished, like an anthropology, more than interior decorating for the end of the world. . In digital media we should cherish “unfinished” to support the discovery through experiment. We need a gap that is not too narrow and not too wide. The reader only needs the “planned mental echo, enough to surprise and enough to immerse”. The viewer should be allowed to drift and discover through process. He talks about the intellectually emancipatory method in art as oppose to the pedagogical approach to conveying messages in art. Klien,as critical or perhaps anti-capitalist (anti-consumerist) considering that they are “without adding finish, removing paradox, putting more grease in your hair?


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Start small. and don't become paralyzed through over analysis. Consist of words, associated with trying to buy the perfect psychic first, go out and obtain a few inexpensive readings of 10 or 20 dollars, and discovered that ONE reader who meets your needs for YOU, your needs and personality. Within ourselves, it is vital to balance our yin (male energy) and yang (female efforts. Everybody has male and female energy - male energy is known as being outgoing, opportunistic, achieving. Female energy is about receiving, relaxing and being more a passenger rather than driver. Where you work we are sometimes more in male energy and in the evenings at home, we tend to be more laid. Whether we need an advice from love, career and daily life. Eventually their advices will neither make your lives better nor make it worse. It all depends regarding how you handle things and also on how are applying them as part of your everyday reality. Nonetheless, if you seek for the betterment of the life, everything is up for you if you make it not really. It can do all happen again in exactly much the same way if you don't learn away from your mistakes. Because for my experience, aged adage about things that sound great to be true to be true, usually IS true. There is very little in life that costs nothing. nd comes without a catch, and unfortunately for most unsuspecting people looking for complimentary clairvoyant advice, they learn keeping way this runs specifically true online.

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I've seen the same thing in regards to Intel, including a Haswell machine I have running at home—it's running on a Gigabyte motherboard that hasn't seen a BIOS update since 2015. As for Variant 1 (also Spectre), AMD says mitigation was already provided through OS updates that were previously made available by its ecosystem partners. And as for Variant 3 (Meltdown), it doesn't affect AMD processors. Outside of keeping your eyes peeled for updated firmware, if you haven't installed yesterday's Patch Tuesday update from Microsoft, you should go ahead and do that. It contains a patch that addresses Spectre on AMD platforms, among other fixes and improvements. According to the poll, which took in the views of more than 100,000 devs, Rust is the most loved programming language for the third year running. It is closely followed by Kotlin, which makes its debut in the survey. Python is the language that devs who don’t yet use it most often say they want to learn and JavaScript is the most used. At the other end of the spectrum is Visual Basic 6, which has been voted most dreaded programming language. Visual Basic 6 is also linked to lower pay, with Stack Overflow saying that devs using it are “paid less even given years of experience”. For databases, Redis is the most loved, while IBM’s Db2 and Oracle take the top two spots in the most dreaded column. MongoDB - whose sales pitch is based around it being the dev’s best friend - takes the lead for the most wanted database. SharePoint, meanwhile, is the most dreaded platform, while Linux is once again the most loved. The survey also asked about respondents' working styles, with 65 per cent using two or more monitors at their main workstation and about half saying they used a standing desk. Git is the dominant choice for version control, with 87 per cent saying they check in their code via Git.


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Since Sansa is inherently evil, it must mean that she is trying to sabotage Jon by giving him correct information in what can only be called a superb, if remarkably counterintuitive, reverse psychology move. When they were arguing, Sansa said he has to be smarter that Ned and Robb to which Jon replied “and how am I supposed to be smarter. By listening to you ? (or something in that vein) which I took to be a rhetorical question, implying he has no desire or inclination to do it. So he may have been particularly dismissive as a result. She sees a lot of injustice in the world, and is happy when she can punish those who she thinks deserve it. People like Joffrey or Ramsay like hurting or killing people for its own sake, just because they can, while Arya risked her life to protect Lady Crane, knowing that the best assassins in the world would be hunting her if she did. I think Jaqen H’ghar knew this would be her path, and intended all along for her to leave the House of Black and White and return to Westeros as Arya Stark, so that she could act as the avatar of the Many-Faced God, the Stranger, bringing divine retribution to those who have long escaped justice. I think the “No One” training is actually a test, but not quite the way it appears. Giving up your identity and becoming a mindless killer is not the actual goal, but rather it is the failing outcome. Those who pass, who manage to maintain their identity despite the constant attempts to break it down, are the ones who become the higher ranking agents, like Jaqen and Arya. Arya may be doing what she wants to do, but Jaqen seemed fine with it, and seemed to expect it. He’s the Golden Warrior, the Knight in Shining Armor. And I think after getting to know her, the feeling is somewhat reciprocated. Jaime just needs to pull his head the rest of the way out of his backside.

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At the moment, looks for intelligence, since I'm struggling at school. 125) Have you ever tie-dyed your own clothes. Yeah, it was fun! 126) How often do you buy new clothes. Maybe once every six months? 127) Are you reliable. Fairly reliable 128) Are you proud of yourself? Er. But it wouldn't be secret if I knew 130) If you could ask your future self one question what would it be. I'm forgiving to a fault where people call me idiotic sometimes 132) If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature what new animal would you create. Probably some flying horse, because that would be awesome. Or maybe humanfishies 133) Do you decorate the outside of your house for christmas? Ermm. I used to, a little? 134) Can you solve sudoko puzzles.