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With Maron Botley looking on, I think the implication is obvious. Speaking of shots to talk about, isn't this exactly what we see in ASOS, in the figurative hawking scene that produces a dead duck which is structurally situated in the same place as Arya's dead Lem-esque soldier in the water from ACOK—the dead soldier which duplicates Balon's maternal sigil. They slit Todric's throat as he kicked feebly, and were stripping him of cloak and rings and weapons before he was even dead. Indeed, he was the second of three brothers, just like Stannis, whose sensitivities vis-a-vis Robert prompt Maron's own sister Asha to think: A little brother may live to be a hundred, but he will always be a little brother. (DWD tKP) Given kinslaying taboos, it's dubious that Maron pretended he shot Rodrik intentionally, unless perhaps he claimed it was a mercy kill or necessary to prevent Rodrik from spilling intelligence. It also brings to mind the most infamous slit-throat in ASOIAF: Lady Stoneheart's. The suggestion that Bronn is Maron, who figuratively cut his own brother's throat at Seagard is right there. How does Bronn justify cutting his friend's throat. Stripping Todric's weapons may allude to Rodrik giving Nightfall to Harras Harlaw. Four of the five other incidents of kicking feebly in ASOIAF pertain to prisoners—including Theon, twice—which jibes with the idea that Rodrik was imprisoned at Riverrun. It's not that Todric is important in himself, of course. Two more things are interesting about this vignette.

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g, fibre, 3g This coconut-based soup provides a good amount of vitamins A and C — both important for a healthy immune system — and vitamin K from the kale, which is needed for blood clotting and wound healing. Its also rich in fibre, iron and bone-strengthening calcium. Its higher fat content comes from the coconut milk. GLORIOUS! INDIAN SUPER SPINACH AND CHICKPEA SOUP ? . 0 for 600g, large supermarkets. Per 300g serving: calories, 232; saturated fat, 0. g; sugars, 4. g; salt, 0. 3g; fibre, 16. g A serving of this aromatic soup provides one of your five a day and, thanks to the chickpeas and lentils, it has 10.

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Ira says they are sane enough to take their own decisions. Sumitra agrees indeed Anandi’s mindset is unique. Ansh are dancing with the children with Amol watching them. nup comes and there and turns Shiv to face him, Shiv is worried and Sanchi grins evil. He's hot, perfect, and generous, and that's what makes girls go crazy about him. Nam does everything she can in hopes that Shone will look her way, but can she build up the courage to tell him how she feels. Both Nam and Shone seem like the kind of people you'd want as your best friends. I didn't want the story to end- I could have watched the characters sit and read the newspaper for 20 more minutes at that point. That said, I couldn't give it this movie a 10 because there are some problematic ideas about beauty expressed, specifically about skin color. As I watch more Thai movies, I'm realizing the prejudice against darker skin is in fact very real and pressing in Thai culture. Although this isn't a focus of this movie, the idea that darker girls are ugly is clearly present (whether it's completely endorsed or not,. That makes me concerned about younger girls of color seeing this film without discussing it first.

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They allow us to see a window into it. People often participate in research for the chance to earn a little cash. This woman had spoken of how much they had saved to be able to rent this small, mildewed space. It reminded me that I have a lot of advantages that other people don’t. It’s a reminder that when we’re creating products, we’re doing it not just for some sexy early adopter, but real for people who are just trying to make ends meet and get started with their life. It also reminded me to go home and wash down the walls of our stairwell, covered in grime. Today we meet the entire team for a work session meant to build consensus, uncover existing hypotheses, and focus our investigation. It was a crucial if surprising moment in last Friday’s meeting when after a couple of months of scope and contract negotiations it became clear that our key project owners don’t have an exact specific focus for the user research and are looking to us to help focus that. She’s riffing on this week’s presidential debate but I thought this part was relevant to interviewing. But how long a pause means “I’m done” rather than “I’m catching my breath”. In 1978, I tape-recorded a Thanksgiving dinner conversation involving two Christians raised in California, three Jews of Eastern European ancestry from New York and a British woman. At times the Californians felt interrupted when their Jewish friends mistook a pause for breath as a turn-relinquishing one.

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But when the aliens refuse to reveal their appearance, some wonder if this dream is instead a nightmare. You can also buy, rent Childhood's End on demand at Google Play, iTunes online. Rotten: Critics Consensus: A mediocre Grey's Anatomy spinoff, Private Practice borrows heavily from other, better medical. Private Lessons All coaches listed He has spent the past summers coaching at Blue Pre-Tryout Group 1 AAA Prep () The Iowa Wild AAA Hockey is the Premier offering off-season hockey, AAA hockey clubs, and AAA tournaments. Practices and games for Minors AAA will start early February and continue for Teams will be at the field 3 days a week, with either 2 games and a fixed, weekday practice, or 1 game and 2 practices. Your team During the regular season, the last inning, if not the 6th inning, shall be the inning. Click on a team AAA-Dodgers, Davis Little League West 1: 00pm to pm, Practice AAA-. CALL US TODAY Junior Reign The Tryout Season is Here. What is Private Training. 1st Day of Practice, 1st GAME, Last Date to Complete REGION March, PM AAA GIRLS Pinewood Christian (55) vs Holy Spirit Prep (48). Regional tournaments and matchups against some of the best Tier 1 and prep school available exclusively to WCR players and coaches for skills practice, private lessons, and specialty drills and training throughout the season. Make compliance with the Older Americans Act second nature for your AAA Easily capture critical data for each Care Transitions episode, including the.

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Please try again later. B. Elazier 3. out of 5 stars Could of been better. But they just didn't feel that scary compared to other J-Horror movies. Please try again later. P. . Clark 3. out of 5 stars Low budget Double Feature Ghost Stories. The first film, Birthday Mail was probably the better of the two. In the film Kanae has a friend named Mio who runs into trouble close to her birthday.

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They receive the JMX script to be executed from the client. Not only is the JMX script transmitted over the network, but also asynchronous messages that occur during execution (e. . sampling data, stop command, etc). But the setup for distributed testing can be a tricky and error-prone procedure, based on the properties file and the command line. So why not to drastically reduce the setup complexity, by using Docker. When our designed application is not located on one container but it is composed by many, it is important to understand how to organize them in a Docker network. By default, Docker virtualizes the container network interface on a network called bridge. All containers can communicate with each other like on a local area network, without any restriction. Consider the following scenario: our Docker machine hosts many docked applications and each application is composed by many Docker containers. How could we analyze it with so many containers running and communicating with each other. In this situation it is convenient to manage each Docker application by using networking isolation.

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State tax revenues fell much more suddenly than local or national revenues, so states that relied more on state revenues had a disproportionate drop in financing. These are all studies that have tried to tease out the actual impact of spending on learning or attainment. Jackson then reviews studies on how much different types of spending matter. He finds that unrestricted spending increases led to better student outcomes (8 out of 9 studies show positive results), textbook spending improves outcomes in primary school (just one study), a mixed bag on construction spending (4 out of 7 studies show positive results), and that spending targeted to low-income schools in New York City had unclear (but likely null) effects. Jackson’s takeaway? “On average, money matters,” but “this is not always so in all settings or in all contexts. There is much more detail in the review; I recommend reading it in full. There are also lots of ideas for different approaches to making causal estimates, at least some of which could translate to middle- or low-income contexts. How might these results translate to low- and middle-income environments. The fact that a range of studies in a high-income country have shown positive impacts might lead us to expect even bigger impacts in countries where fewer resources are currently spent on students. The marginal value of an additional dollar (or shilling or peso) may be higher when students have very few resources to begin with. On the other hand, if resources intended for education are less likely to reach the schools in countries with weaker institutions, then there could be a smaller impact.