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People with low blood sugar get a little weird sometimes. Plus she appears to have a great deal of reverence for fire and dragons. I have the impression that she worships R’hllor ( as seems to be popular in Asshai) but perhaps isn’t an indoctrinated priestess. I have my suspicions that she may be an agent working for the Church of R’hllor though as she was very quick to search Dany out after the dragon’s were born. Hopefully we will find out in the books but I fear the show is done with her. IMO, this is aggressive communication, and not what I would use in my day to day with co-workers or family. When I read these types of things, I think “well, we’re not all expert at non-aggressive communication”, and I don’t really mind. I get angry seeing someone being treated with outright hostility and being ganged up on. I start to loose respect for the posters engaging in that behavior, and I stop taking anything they say seriously, about Sean C. The name-calling, triangulating, and attacking someone’s character can continue, of course. But I, and others, are pointing out that we don’t like it, and giving people fair chance to dialogue and debate in a way they are listened to and taken seriously.

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The Warrens later got involved and contradicted this, saying the girl had died in a motorcycle accident outside the apartment building. Before the doll was given to the Warrens, it apparently attacked a friend of the owners by, in one instance, strangling him until he blacked out and another time giving him claw-like scratches that healed in two days. The Warrens recount that messages like “help us” would appear on parchment paper in childlike writing around the owners' home, and claim that Annabelle took the life of one person: a young man who visited their museum years later and got into a fatal motorcycle accident after taunting the doll. The main difference: The doll was never really possessed on the hunt for a soul, and no one sacrificed themselves. Plus, honestly it's kind of hard to be creeped out by a doll that is made of cotton, and responsible for a couple of scratches. While Aunt Ruth is considered cool, and her home is the neighbourhood hangout, Megan's life there isn't good. The boys subject Megan to tickling and groping, and Aunt Ruth punishes Susan for this. Megan reports it to the police and Ruth then locks her in the basement, tying her to the support beams by her wrists. She places Megan on a pile of books, and removes one book at a time when Megan doesn’t confess. She then lets one of the boys cut her clothes off and leaves her to hang there overnight. David, who is sleeping over, sneaks her a knife and leaves the basement unlocked so she can escape, but Megan gets caught when trying to also sneak Susan out.


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The guys discuss how Millennials are the reason why Trump (Forty-Five) was elected president. Influencers are now leading major decisions that affect our culture as Americans. We talk music, hockey, beer, and some funny alternative names for the band. In our family, we track our net worth consistently. Doing so allows us to understand how our wealth is growing. We’ll explain how you can add up your own assets and liabilities in order to tell a story of your personal finances. Download the Pure app today and have fun, casual sex tonight. Donna Jackson, Brock Malone and Alex “Chili Dog” Peterson wake up and deal with the aftermath of the supernatural night before. What clues do the three misfit investigators uncover. Find out in this installment of our Call of Cthulhu Actual Play. Ben teaches the guys about what a planchette is and the importance of a good enema.


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It’s as if music possesses a sensory gravity that draws together disparate images, scenes, people and places. A deftly scored experience feels less a sequence of individual events and more like a cohesive, unified work. Consequently, the notion of story has been stretched to its semantic limits. Others have adopted related verbal identifiers, but haven't updated their processes, because they think such phrases are simply new ways to give the same old thing a modern twist. Unlike most commercial composition, the aim is not to support narrative, but to convey a message. A custom ringtone signals someone you know requests your attention. And a deceptively simple melodic logo has unzipped itself inside your brain. You can't really sing it, but its construction suggests it's bursting with symbolic data. Ironically, branded sound is designed to influence behavior and drive action from a potentially distracted audience, while an action score is composed to delight a passive, receptive audience. Lacking these skills, we risk conceptual dissonance when our goal is immediate comprehension. Sometimes, in the case of a consumer touch point, we only have seconds to do this.


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The special qualities of the game that make it so great are a big reason why the run is so entertaining. The interactions between Ryo and the others becomes quite funny. There's a neat way of going out of bounds that let's us skip multiple things. The bus-riding sessions are perfect for donations, and talk with the couch and host. It's a great run of a legendary game, and I promise to deliver a stellar performance. This game has witty dialogue and has a very magical charm. HP3 also includes lag jumps which we use to skip sections, and optimized movement, speedtech, and spelltech culminate in the final exams, making this speedrun more technical than one would expect. Numerous DOS games have been run at past GDQs and I believe this one also deserves to be featured. Part 1 is the part released on shareware while the Full Game features all 3 parts. It is set in a Lovecraftian-inspired universe where you fight through hordes of cultists, monsters, undead, aliens, and undead aliens. I am submitting potential runs for 3 of the 10 characters, but it is very possible to have a donation incentive to have donors bid for which character I play.


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Grown, they are death and devastation, a flaming sword above the world. The blood of the First Men still flows in the veins of the Starks, and we hold to the belief that the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. If you would take a man's life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. When that day comes, you must take no pleasure in the task, but neither must you look away. It's a pretty good point that I hadn't thought of before. Why would he spend so much time with those people if they aren't extremely important going forward. On a podcast yesterday, Preston Jacobs (love me some Preston! mentioned that he finds it strange that people consider Dorne and The Iron Born as distractions from the main story considering they have been George's focus for two books and 15 years. Why would he spend so much time with those people if they aren't extremely important going forward? Theon comprises the majority of the content from those two groups and he's been around since the first book and is deeply tied to the whole Northern storyline. The Iron Born and Dorne are actually fairly small parts of those two books and it's pretty clear that GRRM doesn't have a good grasp of the series' structure anyway.


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The cash repatriation will probably lead to a return of funds to shareholders via a share buyback, Kramer added. Because of the reporting periods it uses, Cisco won't get the “full benefit” of the Trump tax plan until the 2019 financial year, beginning in July. Its estimated non-GAAP effective tax rate will go from 21 percent in 2018 to 20 percent in 2019. Security bug fix stops mail app from forwarding attachments. Once the buggy patch, released January 9, is installed, Outlook 2016 will drop attachments from forwarded plain-text messages. This affects the Microsoft Installer (MSI) version of Outlook, but not the click-to-run versions (like those in Office and Office 365). The patch is supposed to prevent dodgy Office documents from executing malicious code when opened. Alternatively, you could just check by trying to forward a plain-text email with an attachment. Shortly after the security patch was released, IT admins began reporting that file attachments were getting cut out of messages when forwarded to others. Users also noted that the attachments were dropped in both the sent email and the copy saved to the sent folder. Microsoft this week released a fix to address this attachment-gobbling bug, but says the update won't be rolled out to all users until next month's Patch Tuesday release on February 13.