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Kaiser is friends with a friend of mine, producer Allan Caggiano and the aforementioned Lee Martin. Kaiser also knows Andrew Dawe Collins, another Michigan indie regular, who is friends like many of my own friends with Andrew McKenzie, writer of Ed Harris' Sweet Vengeance. Dawe Collins also knows Colin Maguire, whom I know through Frank Henenlotter and Graham Masterton. Dawe Collins has been in the Route with Kill the Irishman's Jimmy Doom and Jason Roth's friend Melissa O'Brien and the international coproduction Train Station with the BBC Tracy Beaker series' Connor Byrne and Deceitful - with Rose Ann Nepa and MMA fighter Harley Wallen, a friend of my friend Stephen Nagy. Collins is also in Pitchfork - with Rock of Ages' Celina Beach and Nicole Dambro, a star of the films of Scorpion actor Matty Castano, a friend of Dreadcentral regular Daniel Emery Taylor. Charley's films have featured the likes of Christine Marie (of. She was also in Mary's Buttons with IFC Proxy's Erika Hoveland, Machine GunPreacher's Mandalyn Carlson and dreadcentral's Jordon Hodges and something called I Declare War. Necroland's Dominic Nepa (some relation I presume) was also in Buffalo (. ffalo. tml ), A Girl Like Her ( ) and Telepathic Telephones alongside Rose Ann Nepa and another Batman vs Superman actor, Henry Frost III (also in the rape drama Bianca with Shane Lloyd of Christopher Lloyd's Pirate Code). Doyle has also been in Dayplanner of the Dead with Fangoria starlet Lauren Mae Shafer, from John J Wiesnewski, director of Melissa O'Brien's Vengeance. Rubin appeared in West Bloomfield with Nancy Lynette Parker of Cary Elwes' A Haunting in Cawdor, Doris Roberts vehicle Margarine Wars, the Key with Christine Marie, Iron Man's Ari Rufino and Mark Boyd (Drew Barrymore's Whip It), the aforementioned 13th Sign with Brad Burkhardt, the DUFF's JJ Green, Zombie Horde's Alicia Clark and April Washko (. Parricidal featured Benn Perry's pal Tiffany Burns (Batman vs Superman, Eric Roberts' American Sharia, Kevin Sorbo's Rodeo Girl, Jean Marc Barr's Grain) and Ryan Ivar Klann.

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So, our Christmas review show will feature a trio of Krampus films, and, no, not the good one. If you want to talk about what YOU’VE been watching, hop over to our Facebook page here and join the conversation. See you next week with a brand new episode of Hero Hero Ghost Show. Once a month, we at Devour will invite you to our aural theater, a trip through a movie that has reached classic status, whether it deserves it or not. Two decades have passed since our first film was released, and I am admittedly in the tank for Phantoms. Join me as we let the film unfold before our ears and have a little fun along the way. We’re in the doldrums between Halloween and Christmas and that means we’re talking dressing options and side dishes before diving into the horror. We rank the nature run amok films Orca, Grizzly, Prophecy, The Birds, Kingdom of the Spiders and Day of the Animals from best to worst, then talk some new viewings. After that, it’s a look at the unsettling Killing of a Sacred Deer as the listener requested film and Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria remake. With that in mind, we have a bevy of reviews, most of which are based around the idea of airborne horror. We also ask the question, why do we do this to ourselves. It’s been a rough and tumble October, but here we are, with lots of reviews done and a fresh episode of Devour every week, even if it’s just your old pal Bo. Here’s the last 7, leading up to a big recommendation if you’re looking for that special movie to watch on Halloween night.


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JS. Na Wawelu pojawia sie sledczy i miedzynarodowa ekipa bieglych. Jak podaje Newsweek, w ekshumacji maja wziac udzial proboszcz katedry na Wawelu ksiadz Zdzislaw Sochacki razem z ksiedzem profesorem Jackiem Urbanem. Jako ze pogrzeb pary prezydenckiej odbyl sie 18 kwietnia 2010 r. Sam prezydent Andrzej Duda w rozmowie z Polska Agencja Prasowa prosi rodziny ofiar smolenskiej katastrofy o wyrozumialosc dla dzialan prokuratury. Oznacza to, ze ekshumacje mialyby dotyczyc cial 83 ofiar tej katastrofy. Jednak nie wszystkie rodziny ofiar zgadzaja sie na ekshumacje. Poczatkowo cala procedura eks - humacji miala sie odbywac wedlug alfabetu. W pomoc protestujacym zaangazowal sie rzecznik praw obywatelskich Adam Bodnar. Dwukrotnie zwracal sie w tej sprawie do zastepcy prokuratora generalnego Marka Pasionka. Stanowisko Prokuratury Krajowej bylo jednoznaczne: nie ma prawnej mozliwosci zlozenia zazalen. Ze stanowiskiem prokuratury nie zgadza sie Pawel Deresz, wdowiec po Jolancie Szymanek-Deresz. Jak tylko dowiedzialem sie o ekshumacjach, powiedzialem dwa zdania.

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Liam wakes from a car crash with no memory of who he is. As he makes his way into town to look for help, he finds only dead bodies, all with strange pale eyes. Liam’s first assessment is that a virus is present in the air and starts taking every precaution. Then he meets Jane with whom he seems to have some sort of bizarre connection. However neither is prepared for the terrifying and appalling truth that binds them together. But when their robbery attempt goes crazily wrong, she shows her true, off-kilter colours to her beloved, complicating both their relationship and Chip’s own upstanding sense of morality. With: Stephen Dorff, Lili Taylor, Nicole Andrews, Sam Strike, Sam Coleman. USA 2017. 90 mins Want to know the shocking incidents, twisted psychology and outrageous bloodshed that led up to THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, the classic 1974 horror. Well, if your nerves can stand it, directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, the duo who helmed the extreme French masterpiece INSIDE, will take you on one of the most terrifying experiences of your life in this stunning prequel. Four teenage patients escape from a mental institution, kidnap a nurse and take her on a road trip to hell. A group of teens on a weekend getaway at a secluded cabin in the woods soon find themselves fighting off a serious threat to their lives. Not only that they must save their hard-partying, drunk and stoned parents from a predatory neighbour who is hellbent on feeding them all to her undead family.

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Bring on S8, S7 is done, we know what will happen from the Leaked Scripts last year. The White Walkers are far too easy to kill, not a real threat. on was able to kill 2 so far and the WW are supposed to have far superior fighting skills. hy do the WW not have armor able to protect them from blows from weapons. Even Valryian steel swords cannot through cut human armour like that if made well. Benjen Stark ( masquerading as Coldhands minus his Elk) and Jon could have easily ridden off together on his horse because it is a supernatural beast and could carry two of them easily. Please please please upload soon:) Ogie Cruz Tahun Yang lalu Narrator speaks so freakin fast its like he's being huntdown by white walkers. Debbie Guy Tahun Yang lalu there funny there if no episode 7. It is exhausting though and feels swiftly rushed to conclusion. Tanvir Alif Tahun Yang lalu Send me the link of the leaked episodes of season 8 and the 7th ep of season 7. Katarina Aguilar Tahun Yang lalu Cant wait for Jon to swear fealty to Dany in front of all the lords and ladies of Westeros and basically give Cersei the finger. DJ GaFFLe Tahun Yang lalu Cercei's baby-to-be is actually Euron's. Harry Brown Tahun Yang lalu Good job but since English is your 2nd language, try talking slower next time.

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