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Dr Singh also enquired from the people present there about the facilities being provided to them. MLA R S Pura Gagan Bhagat was also present in R S Pura and apprised the Deputy Chief Minister about the situation in wake of tension on International Border. Later Dr Singh visited GMC Jammu to enquire the health of those injured in a road mishap occurred on Saturday at Rampur in Billawar and directed the authorities to ensure proper medicare to the injured. Shamsher toured border area, listen grievances of people Member Parliament Rajya Sabha Shamsher Singh Manhas alongwith MLA Khour, Dr Krishan Lal visited various border villages and listened the grievances and problems being faced by the people of border area. He assured the people that BJP government at Centre and state is committed for the security, safety of the people. He said district administration has made adequate arrangements for the people of border people at safer p laces who have been shifted keeping in view the prevailing situation on IB and LoC. Member Parliament (RS) Shamsher Singh Manhas along with MLA Kour, Dr Krishan Lal visited Pallanwala, Panyali, Chak Malal, Jogma-Balto, Khada, Selawali, Choderwala, Panjtoot, Tangri and other areas of Khour block. He interacted with the people of different villages and listened their grievances and problems being faced by them. People of these villages also congratulated him and Prime Minister Narinder Modi and Defence Minister for their surgical strikes on terrorist camps running along LoC in POK. Manhas assured the people who have been evacuated from villages situated nearer to Line of Control that BJP government is ready to provide every essential commodity to the border people. He said people have been evacuated from LoC keeping in view the prevailing situation along IB and LoC for safety and security of own people as Indian Army and BSF is fully prepared to thwart the ill designs of enemy and anti-national elements. RS MP also visited the Govt Hr Sec School of Khour block and Radha Swami Ashram and enquired about the well beings of people shifted from LoC villages. He asked the concerned authorities and officials to provide adequate essential commodities to these evacuated people as BJP government at Centre and state is much concerned about their security and safety. On this occasion Karan Singh (State vice president BJP), SDM Khour Davinder Pal, SHO Khour R. Rakwal, Distt. President Manmohan Singh, Distt. Gen. Secy.

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ighting. He is The One and Only Poker Face actor, i though Sooooo many a handsome and charming actor that i had seen on drama before but he is deferen on his own way, that make he's special. And now he's on a new drama Beauty Inside hope it will be success, even though I'm just like a stuck with lee min ki and jung so min couple (their have a good chemistry). Hope i will see you and jung so min on next drama or you two together in a real life haha, i'll be waiting for that. I really ship him with seo hyunjin, they look really great together. The last drama i watched with him as an actor is Dalja's Spring until I discovered Because This is my First Life. I know it has been a long time but he's still good in acting and he just got more handsome. He also look good with anyone paired with him but I am hoping he ends up with Jung Somin in real life. I am looking forward for more drama with them together. I ship you with Jung so Min arghhhhhh cant help it but you two are so sweet together. I really love the chemistry between you and jung so min in because this is my first life. I hope there'll be season 2 haha because i want moreeeee skinship and romantic scenes. Praying for more dramas with Lee min ki as lead actor. Hi oppa ! hank you to your nice acting. really dont know you but. your good. ighting.

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tc. Seems some basic warfare strategy. In Season 5, she had to lock up her dragons because even she is their mother, they still governed by their basic instinct to eat and burn. Much like the Dothraki, she can do little to control their bloodlust. They are also flying around dragonstone on their own without any supervision. I'd say they were in a state of complete shock at actually seeing a dragon. And seeing a khalasar come riding through the flames to kill everyone who isn't being turned to ash probably had something to do with it, too. One minute they were totally surprised about how easily they took C Rock, due to no intel about it. ext thing they knew exactly where Jaime's army was and rushed there to fight. Also Varys probably still maintains his (highly inconceivable) spy network. So they knew when the Lannister army sacked Highgarden, and figured out the general marching route back to King's Landing. And maybe Varys has some spies in every village who supplied him with additional information. Once the Dothraki landed on the mainland, they would have sent out scouts to find the Lannister army. The teleport plot device in this show is so overused that is a meme now. That is a straight down trip to Eastwatch, where they are more likely to cross into Westeros. If they went to The Gorge, that would be the stupidest trip ever. Oh and that map is very helpful for someone like me who has not read any of the books. We all live in its shadow and almost none of us know it.


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He looked upon men with a big “? forming over his head. He must have misunderstood his existence, believing he was let out into the ring to play with his playmates, the bullfighters. Instead he was stabbed multiple times on the back of his neck and butchered to death. I wish there was something I could have done, sitting there filming his death. Except what can a single person do among hundreds of people, the young and the old cheering and fancying the “show”. I love this app and I hope you guys continue to improve this one and also make more tools for us fellow nerds. That said, please please please give us the ability to have sub-inventories; for example, I would like to be able to select the Explorer’s pack and change the inventory amount of each individual item, as well as adding or deleting items entirely within a sub-inventory. An added bonus would be backpacks having their own individual weight limits and auto-tracked weight of all it’s contents. I would love to be able to select my backpack’s inventory and change the number of rations or torches I’ve used and then, when I enter combat, removing the backpack and all of its contents would be as easy as deselecting the backpack sub-inventory. For survival campaigns this is an absolute necessity, and for any other campaign it adds an extra level of believability to the world and I’ve noticed it gets my players to care just a little bit more about their characters. Oh, and Mearls can thank dlg inventory for making the Goliath racial trait and the brawny feat relevant. Thank you so much for this app it’s made a huge difference in my games. However, there is a definitive flaw to this inventory interface. You can’t move, sort, nest, re-order, or transfer items! The big problem with this is that you can’t search through your loot and equipment as quickly and easily, and your sub-inventories can’t do you much good if you want to move items between them. I would love to have a “vault” or “coin purse” sub-inventory, but without easy transfer between them it is pretty much a manual and mathematical process to maintain. I also would love to have a weightless coinage feature, just so some groups can have that option if their house rules allow it.