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It all ends with Little finger putting on a pathetic display, and all this set up for his character was for nothing. In the end he became irrelevant, but of course the writers HAD to come up with a way for him to go out. Moving on, let's address another sub-plot: The Jon-Dany romance. This was a romance that was shipped from the moment we saw them, and so many fan theories led to it happening. This is party due to less screen time, but we never really saw them fall in love. It felt extremely forced, and we only got hints of it when their aides told them they were staring at the other. Next up, they're basically wanting to bang each other in episode six, and here it happens, only it's weird. Not because of the incest thing (I'll get to that in a minute), but just how it happens. Jon just appears at her door and boom they have sex. Given how little build up we've scene between them, you'd think a little chat before hand would be prudent to give it some life, but nah let's show them bang. But wait, there's more: It's only for 20 seconds then cut away, and its more censored a PG-13 movie. Since when was Game of Thrones shy of showing sexual content. I'm not arguing for a porn scene but for real this is GoT, we don't need to be hidden from the dangers of fornication. Finally, I just want to point out that Grey worm and Missandei, who had the most pointless romance in the show, has 5 minutes of screen time for their love scene while Jon and Dany, the most important arguably, get's less than a minute.

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Mature. (Eagle Ridge, Clearbrook ) The Judas Project Mature. (Capitol, Esplanade, Richmond Centre, Station Square, Eagle Ridge, Willowbrook) Jurassic Park Still stompin' along. You mean you haven't seen it yet? 14 years. (Park Royal, Plaza) The Little Rascals Those Hal Roach shorties have been lifted wholesale and transplanted to modern L. Eagle Ridge, Guildford, Willowbrook, Caprice Delta, Hams Road Cinemas) Terminal Velocity When it rockets along this is almost as much fun as Speed, but even Charlie Sheen's constant quips can't keep it in the air all the time. 14 years. (Capitol, Richmond Centre, Station Square, Eagle Ridge, Guildford, Willowbrook) Time Cop Jean-Claude Van Damme and Vancouver co-star in a passable sci-fi thriller where the special effects are stretched thin. Hollywood, Ridge, Vogue) Wagons East It's sad to wutch John Candy flounder in a bad film that proved to be his last. Mature. ( New West Cinema) When a Man Loves a Woman Meg Ryan is too rich and too beautiful to be believable as a drunk who bottoms out, then bounces back to discover that her marnage (to Andy Garcia) has senous flaws. One-liners and excellent art direction give the film its few good moments. Mature, (Hill-crest, double-billed with Time Cop, Caprice H Case of Tomei-n poisoning If If One of director Norman.

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(kinda like seeing John Wayne speak Turkish). But ofcourse that changed after I continued watching other Korean films. But back to 301, 302: A very well written and directed film. Pay attention to the lighting and set decor as it really adds to the story. I enjoyed this film very much and it really helped me because I was trying to lose some weight around that time and after seeing this film I did not have to worry about my appetite anymore. He did a great job. The film was edited very wisely making certain scenes much more effective. A Grade A composer (Charles Bernstein) for a low budget film is surprising and Bernstein's score complements the film oh so nicely. Also pay attention to the art director's work especially for the scenes in the basement and the attic. Some actors were pretty lame while some others were pretty good. Watching a movie on a big screen we get used to seeing larger than life images and situations. This movie brings all those back down to a level where you can relate to. So much is going on in this film, yet the presentation is so subtle that the 3 hours is barely enough to see what exactly is unfolding infront of your eyes. The characters are NOT representations of certain archetypes defined by a character phrase.

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That’s why so many previous-generation Mac Pro towers are still in use today (and highly demanded on eBay), which all have components that are at least seven years old: Apple hasn’t made a Mac Pro since then that has addressed their owners’ needs. You can’t do that with a minimalist industrial-design indulgence like the 2013 Mac Pro. Though the initial incarnation of the Apple Watch featured a somewhat clunky design with respect to software, Apple over the years has improved upon the original design tremendously. The 2018 release of watchOS 5 in particular introduced a number of compelling UI changes that improved overall functionality and usability. Though the software Apple releases doesn’t frequently align with concept designs — no matter how intriguing they appear to be — Birchler’s concepts present a number of interesting ideas that are certainly worth taking a look at. The 44mm model especially has more room than ever, and those pixels could more effectively be used to show full previews of your recently used apps and let you get into them with bigger touch targets. . You can check out the full array of his concepts over here. In 2019, of the best smartwatches out there, some are very much more useful, and more stylish, than others. Whether it's on-wrist payments or reliable fitness tracking you're interested in, you need to choose carefully because it's no longer as simple as picking between the fourth iteration of the Apple Watch versus Google's increasingly fine-tuned Wear OS cohort. Here are our top picks for the smartwatches you can buy right now. First, your choice is likely to be dictated by which smartphone you currently have. If you have an iPhone, you'll likely go for an Apple Watch but be aware there are a lot of other iPhone-friendly options. And if you have an Android, similarly it's not just Wear OS for you, though Google's platforms do work pretty seamlessly together.

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Sadly, he passed away in 2011 and I think at that point, the idea of the project was a preservation of the identity of Newtown. The infamous Julio from the Caramba hat shop also gets a mention. He is an eccentric bohemian artist type, the photographer explains. Hes got a lot of stories to tell and is very funny. I would recommend having a chat with him if you get the opportunity. Hell probably serenade you with a fl amenco guitar cover while guessing the size of your head. Shopkeepers Of Newtown Running off to join the circus has been the dream of ambitious children for centuries. The allure of travelling the world, of living within the exaggerated, grease-painted magic of the Big Top, standing astride galloping costumed horses, somersaulting high in the air hell, I still want to run away and join the circus. As artistic director of Cirque du Soleils Totem, Neelanthi Vadivel knows fi rst-hand the dedication, work, and inspiration necessary to keep these shows enthralling. Cirque has always been very innovative, in that they present traditional circus acts in a very experimental format, Vadivel says. She has a wonderfully expressive voice and her speech is swift, words tumbling over each other. They create these beautiful themes and ideas so that you can inhabit this amazing space and present these incredible feats of acrobatics within that bubble, that world. Each show is generally created around two years in advance, when discussions fi rst start. Composers, choreographers, directors, acrobatic designers all these very innovative people brainstorm for a few months until they hatch out a kind of skeleton of what theyd like to do.