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The Brotherhood, the Hound, Gendry, Tormund, and Jon FTW. Arya's gonna be the last one standing, hope she slits Littlefinger's throat. Yet Littlefinger will trick here once to her doom in 15 minutes of one show. I think the families r starting to grt fed uo with eachother. I think its gonna be an inside battle in the last great houses. Ending with jaimie. Arya and jon (lanister. Stark. Taerg). He didn't catch on, but key plot point in the interaction between him and Gilly in their room. She comments on Rhaegar's annulment with his wife and marrying in secret in Dorne. I think this secret marriage was to Leihanna (Jon's mother) and that would make him the rightful ruler above Denerys. Ending with jaimie. Arya and jon (lanister. Stark. Taerg) Click to expand. Rhaegar was Dany and Visery's older brother, they were both at Dragonstone when King's Landing fell to Robert Baratheon. Samwell took a few books with him when he left the Citadel. resumably one of them is the one that documents the annulment and remarriage.

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There are plenty of quality and cheap eating places within a few hundred metres. The Alcazar is a walk there and a bus or a taxi back. It was raining and we cought a taxi back today it was seven euros. Because of the maze of one way streets a trip by car is further than one on foot. I hope to stay here again in the future and I don’t think there is a better recommendation than that, Philip. The apartment was within easy walking distance of all central Seville sites, and many that were a little further away. Taxis were cheap for more out of the way places, but there were also buses. The apartment was one of the best we've stayed in anywhere. Very comfortable and roomy for four or five people (we were two couples) with everything you could want for everyday use and lots of local and other practical information. Salvador and his wife has also left fruit, coffee, milk, water and so on for us which is always helpful. They met our taxi from the train station (we'd travelled from Malaga) when we arrived near the apartment and took us to the lovely block with its beautiful tiled courtyard. Even if you don't think you'll do any washing and need to use the clotheslines on the roof, it's worth going up there. It also operates as a tapas bar cooking a range of dishes including fresh seafood and meat to eat on the outside tables many lunchtimes and evenings. You can buy beer and wine too, and for a reduced price of 4 Euros get a tapas together with a beer or wine, or tapas for 3 Euros and buy a bottle separately. There's a great bakers nearby, Alfonso's - the bread and pastries are lovely - and a good supermarket just up right up Calle Feria. Plenty of places to eat within three or four minutes walk. Bar Sacramento - looks like a cafe inside - was cheap and cheerful with very nice food and wine. Book online for the big tourist draws like the Alcazar or the Cathedral. With no up-front fees and no contract, you keep more for yourself.


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Despite his pragmatic stance, the people(including his own guards) clearly wanted war. He also underestimated Ellaria and the SS and gave them a chance too many. And Nym and Obara in KL falls in line with certain book theories. I personally thought she’d be the one to make it to KL, with her history with Bronn and all. Nevertheless, really intrigued by Dorne this season as we dont seem to know anything unlike the Northern storyline with all the leaks and trailers. Also, really like the Sand Snakes’ hot-headed reckless badassery mixed with playful sibling rivalry. It is natural that if you were following coverage closely you should be let down. Of course, if u think it was terrible television you’re entitled to your opinion. Lmfoa. At least initially with things that weren’t bad at all. Especially when the criticism isn’t really matching the quality of the show. After all, they all died in connection to Mel in some way, except for Robert. The whole opening sequence at the Wall was amazing. The dawning horror on Davos’ face when he comes outside to investigate Ghost’s howls was spine tingling. My partner fist-pumped when she and Pod came pounding around the corner to the rescue. She and Carice really knocked it out of the park tonight. The way she looked at Jon Snow; you could see the last piece of her faith dying. Losing My Religion stuck in anyone else’s head right now. Personally I hate the dude, and it gave me a good laugh.


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Portrait of Freud's first wife, Kitty Garman, the daughter of Jacob Epstein and Kathleen Garman. Does anyone else remember the story about that poor lesbian who came out to her mother and her mother cried and said “it’s all that damn Keira Knightley’s fault, I knew I shouldn’t have let you watch pride and prejudice as a child” because I’m really feeling that now. What do you think of the new POTC? Double Tap and Tag someone who needs to know this. I fucking knew it. Why are you even wasting my time. I mean she aigh. ah. Not my type. I'm going to the kitchen baby, want some sparkling water. Seperti disampaikan Hollywood Life, penampakan Orlando Bloom di Pirates of the Caribbean 5 terlihat melalui trailer Super Bowl. Dari situ, diketahui bahwa Will Turner selama ini tengah berada di lautan untuk waktu yang sangat lama. Karakter Jack Sparrow yang dimainkan Johnny Depp juga turut kembali diperlihatkan di dalam trailer ini. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales akan tiba di bioskop pada 6 Mei 2017. Starring: Will Smith, Keira Knightley, and Kate Winslet. Johnny Depp just kinda went with this and no one stopped him, so the reactions’ on the other actors’ faces are their actual reactions to Depp’s shenanigans. D. Totally unlimited copper broadband speeds up to 17Mbps with no download usage restrictions. TalkTalk phone line rental together with pay as you go phone calls to UK landlines in accordance with TalkTalk’s latest call tariff.


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It’s somewhat of an admission that this franchise is on its last gasp. A spot-on review of Zack Snyder’s abysmal 2016 team-up between the two iconic superheroes. Like his spiritual forefather Michael Bay, Snyder is a visionary action filmmaker who conceives blockbusters with an utterly original aesthetic and sensibility. The culture has already properly roasted Dawn of Justice ’s stupid Martha business, but we’ve yet to fully absorb how much this film tarnished the legacy of Christopher Nolan’s Batman. His Dark Knight was a powerfully conflicted, reluctant hero. By comparison, Sad Affleck was just a dude encased in a metal suit. A movie that’s willing to go into the darkest place of Batman, but with the pain, danger, and righteous fury of Catwoman, might have some legs in the current nightmare-scape in which we live. Still, overcoming the stigma of this DOA Halle Berry vehicle might be too tough to accomplish even 15 years later. The problem with Catwoman is that it never thinks about its character any further than “Halle Berry in a catsuit,” and while that might have its implicit appeal, Berry and the rest of the cast (particularly Sharon Stone as the villain) simply flail about. Indeed, the two-time Oscar winner’s worst qualities are on display here — chief among them, the off-putting glib attitude meant to convey cheekiness. Robbie has a ball letting loose as Harley Quinn, but Jared Leto’s monstrously irritating performance as the Joker strips away whatever meager merits Suicide Squad has. Turns out, End of Watch director David Ayer’s cynical brand of big-budget loud and stupid is just about as noxious as Snyder’s. You could maybe do a dark version of Jonah Hex in the Sin City style, and if allowed to go truly R-rated (like it might be today), you could perhaps have a supernatural Deadwood. Instead, you have this compromised, cobbled-together mishmash. Two positives: (1) the grinding, apocalyptic score from death-metal band Mastodon; (2) wow, that cast. Seriously, look at the actors in this movie: Brolin, John Malkovich, Will Arnett, Wes Bentley, Michael Shannon, and Michael Fassbender. (Oh, and also Megan Fox. . It’s a shame she has this movie surrounding her, which takes everything you liked about the first two Superman movies and runs it through a washing machine so many times that the S looks rinsed and beige.