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Neo-Brutalism all shuttering under a metallic detritus overloaded like. Friends, the new supergroup from Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney), Peter. Buck (R. . . , Kurt Bloch (The Fastbacks), Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh. Fellows, The Minus 5) and Bill Rieflin (King Crimson). Whittaker (bass). It will be their first release on the R'COUP'D. Recorded in seventeen days at Hollywood's legendary Sound Factory. Hard Believer is shot through with rawness and controlled aggression. Harvey, Warpaint), it's his most ambitious release to date. Journal, Rolling Stone, Billboard and Stereogum, performed on Letterman.

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- Earl Summerfield That very nearly explain the messed up life of Earl. This guy reminded me of so many real cases I've read about pre-teens being. This guy reminded me of so many real cases I've read about pre-teens being psycho. At least Pinky and the Brain were cute even though they wanted to dominate the world. Jocelyn was the other half that gave some security to patients at the asylum. Good to know not everyone working there were loony. I was shocked to find out the college was there when the asylum was in use. I thought the college was built when the asylum was closed. I can't imagine going to school across the street from an asylum. Lets face it, asylum was not scary for its occupants but for the creepy doctors. They had one target and they wanted answers for it. The second and third book were harder for me to finish. The trio were at odd, it's like there were three different route and as a reader, I wanted to root for them all and yet I had to choose.


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'nough said. Ale burton a depp, boy, tohle uz tu bylo fakt mockrat. I kdyz posledni dil byl docela o nicem - mit dve naprosto nesouvisejici dejovy linie v jendom dilu, z nichz ani jedna neni napinava nebo chytlava, je fakt trapny. Prvni me moc nebavil, pac zatimco Nathal byl takovej roztomilej troll, ten novej typek je proste curak, a jeste dost nezajimavej na to, aby tam byl dvakrat. Rebeka je velmi hezky vykreslena ve sve rozporuplnosti tisic let stare, ale porad sotva ne-teenagerky. Ta dynamika Damon-Elena je taky udelana hezky. Ale. Katherine mi prisla padla na hlavu. Jak tak jak byla podana, tak z logiky veci - viz dale. Ze to nedocvaklo Stephanovi bych jeste sezral, ze to nedoslo Katherine ktera stravila 450 let tim, ze utikala o zivot a denodenne vyhodnocovala rizika, to je proste blbost. Technicky to neni tak hroznej bug, v jinejch serialech je hromada horsich, ale vuci zbytku VD to na me proste pusobi divne. Tri serie sleduje clovek zajimavej pribeh s plynulou dynamikou mezi postavami a pak switch, reset vsech socialnich vazeb a charakteroveho vyvoje - wtf. V realnem svete by takovehle informace byly na netu do dvou dnu od verejneho vystoupeni upiru.