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We follow the zombie's daily routines with minor changes each day until tragedy happens and everything is turned upside down. This is one of the best zombie movies that I have ever seen. In return, a guy named Chord, posing as Jill's campaign manager, helps Nick to follow in the footsteps of the actress from his own computer. I really enjoyed the movie until the ending, when it tried to get to smart and have a clever twist. The characters in this movie communicates mainly through the use of chats through the computer, so if you know that you do not like that kind of setup, you will not have the patience to sit through this entire movie. This movie kept me interested and Elijah Wood did a really good job, playing the maincharacter. But what exactly do we accept? In Faust 2. we meet five individuals who unknowingly enters into a pact with unknown forces and whose lives are brought to a brutal turn when they use the mystical applications to achieve what they want - but instead get what they deserve. As the applications spread the pieces fall into place and a digital pandemic takes shape. I really liked the fourth, third and the second story. The fifth and first one did not interest me as much as the others and that is why I am giving Fuast 2.


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