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This will focus on studies in Eurasia, Africa, and the Americas, on comparative and historical methods, and on fields ranging from mobility and refugee studies to the anthropology of art and of the environment, and medical anthropology. Contributors will include several mid-career scholars as well as Ayse Caglar, Thomas Fillitz, Andre Gingrich, and Peter Schweitzer. It offers an opportunity for anthropologists from throughout the Midwest, from institutions large and small, to meet, talk, and network in a welcoming and professional environment. The 2016 Distinguished Lecture will be given by Dr. Fred Smith. And a second special plenary address will be given by Dr. Richard Lee. If your abstract is not accepted, you can ask for a refund of your registration fee. Click on “register” under Central States Anthropological Society (CSAS) 2017 Spring Conference. AAA members should login to their account; non-AAA members should create a temporary account. Once you complete item 3, “Select Meeting,” the registration categories will appear. THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS December 15, 2016. The deadline for applications to be received is Friday December 16, 2016. The retreat is planned for June 26-28, 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland. Typical applications of mixed methods in the health sciences involve adding qualitative interviews to follow up on the outcomes of intervention trials, gathering both quantitative and qualitative data to assess patient reactions to a program implemented in a community health setting, or using qualitative data to explain the mechanism of a study correlating behavioral and social factors to specific health outcomes. We would be grateful if you could share the information about the Forum with your professional networks. We welcome submissions on the topic of the future as they relate to. We welcome submission on the topic of community building for disability, Deafhood, and madness as they relate to. There will be 3-4 papers per session and each paper will be 15-20 minutes in length, depending upon the number of papers within the session.

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A sighting of the controversial Bigfoot was reported in North Carolinas McDowell County, Jobs; Moonlighting; Game warden fires shot to free bucks locked by. Jobs; Intranet; Contact Us; Combination Fire and Game Wardens are given the choice of working for After being known as the North Carolina Division of Forest. Tue 822 1pm 3pm 1418 Armory Dr, Charlotte, NC, USA 1418 Armory Dr, Charlotte, NC, USA Mecklenburg County Center 3 days away Extension Jobs 18 New Arkansas Wildlife Officers On The Job. Murphy has been named North Carolinas Wildlife a Game Warden. After spending 18 years in the racing game, Cisco Estrada decided to shift his attention toward custom car shows. The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) has seven openings for entry level game wardens, most of which are in rural Nevada duty stations. Clearly it can be a challenge to land a game warden job, North Carolina, and South Dakota game wardens. Several factors contribute to the dangers encountered by wildlife law enforcement officers. The job of game warden can be characterized as a solitary one, given that. A game wardens job runs much deeper than writing tickets or taking someone to jail. It is about promoting our natural resources and providing opportunities for. The job of Fish and Game Warden may appeal to those who enjoy activities that include practical, handson problems and solutions. The state's job is to protect them, Triangle Of North Carolina Tractor Game Wardens and Property Rights In certain jurisdictions, fish and game wardens are called wildlife officers, conservation officers or gamekeepers. Fish and Game Warden Job Duties As of Sep 2017, the average pay for a Dental Hygienist in Charlotte, NC is 31. Get Chatham County Game Warden Reviews in Siler City, NC. View Reputation and Feedback for Chatham County Game Warden Explore fish and game warden degrees and programs for fish and game NC) The Master of Related Jobs. Official site provides news, online services, departments, ordinances, and employment opportunities. Game Warden Watts called the hunter and met with all the individuals on the neighboring Jobs Today Southeast Texas. The average annual salary for Fish And Game Wardens in Anchorage, AK is 62, 595.

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His pursuers are once again Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Jack Crawford (Lawrence Fishburne) as they attempt to track down a number of serial-killers all knocking about the United States of Annihilation. Mikkelsen as Lecter is a delight as he kills and grills his victims with epicurean aplomb. If you like gory imagery, psychological mind games and gothic narrative then this is the show for you. Mikkelsen excels as usual as he can convey a moment of pure evil and black humour with a single look or gesture. He’s also no stranger to cannibalistic characters having played a sympathetic yet murderous meat-man in the Danish black comedy Green Butchers (2003). Mikkelsen is a well-respected Primary teacher in a middle-class Danish village. Following a seemingly innocuous incident with a young girl he is suddenly accused of being a paedophile. The matter escalates and escalates as he is shunned by those around him and he becomes isolated while protesting his innocence. Mikkelsen is incredible as this tortured pariah who is terrorized by the equivalent of villagers with torches and pitchforks pursuing a monstrous Frankenstein creation to its doom. The genius of this challenging film is creating an antagonist out of a kindergarten child’s blurred memory subsequently fuelled by fervent and fundamentalist mob rule. It’s arguably Mikkelsen’s finest performance; full of nuance and pathos as his character Lucas suffers a kind of modern day Kafkaesque ordeal. Deservedly he won Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival. He certainly made an impact because when Refn made a sequel he put forth Tonny as the main character of the story. Pusher II is even more relentlessly grim than the original featuring all manner of dumb, lower-class hoods trying to scrape gold from Copenhagen streets paved mainly with smack and dog-shit. It’s an unglamorous and honest realisation of criminal-life with a lot in common with Scorcese’s Mean Streets (1973), as low-level pushers fuck one another over on a regular basis. Tonny’s portrayed like a blind dumb bear chained to a metal stake swiping at those around him as he attempts to find the means to escape or redemption only to realise he’s all alone in the dark. Never has there been so much sympathy for a movie thug like Tonny as Mikkelsen extracts every bit of humanity he can from the poor beast. As a kid TV shows were an event and something to look forward to and plan an evening’s routine around. British shows from my youth that I loved were: The Comic Strip, The Young Ones, The Singing Detective, Fawlty Towers, BlackAdder, Edge of Darkness, Play for Today, Pennies From Heaven, Doctor Who, Only Fools and Horses, Monty Python, Boys From The Blackstuff, Dad’s Army, Steptoe and Son, Prime Suspect, Spitting Image and many more.

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Sting. Not knowing its source, the bridegroom at Cana praised the master of the banquet for having saved the best wine until last. The ancestors of the Georgian farmers and vintners we meet in Emily Railsback’s fascinating documentary Our Blood Is Wine have employed more traditional methods to create wines many imbibers consider to be miraculous. Accompanied by Chicago sommelier Jeremy Quinn, Railsback was afforded intimate access to rural family life in the Republic of Georgia as they explored the rebirth of 8,000-year-old winemaking traditions. The roots of Georgian viticulture have been traced back to 6000 BC, when farmers stored the fermented juice of the harvest in large clay vessels ( kvevris ) that are buried in the ground. When full, the vessels are topped with a wooden lid, covered and sealed with earth, until the wine is judged ready for drinking. The process endured until the formation of the Soviet Union, when communist officials decided that it was inefficient and could be improved by throwing all the different varieties of grapes into a big vat and adding sugar to hasten the fermentation. After the republic was established, Russia slapped an embargo on production and exports, while also accusing vintners of using counterfeit labels. Even so, some of the vintners managed to produce wine in clay pots for personal use. By using unobtrusive iPhone technology, Railsback records the voices and ancestral legacies of modern Georgians, with an eye out for varieties of grapes only grown and harvested in out-of-the way wine-growing regions (and forests). The revival received a boost when UNESCO added the ancient traditional Georgian winemaking method, using the kvevri jars, to its Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The DVD adds alternate scenes, traditional chants and songs, and a sketch and poster gallery. While it doesn’t necessarily improve on the original, Travis Zariwny’s film benefits from the inclusion of Lin Shaye, Robert Englund and rising scream queen, Gabrielle Haugh. On a snowy night in her grandmother’s sprawling mansion, teenager Alex (Haugh) and her best friend Miles (Grayson Gabriel) discover a mysterious box hidden away in the attic. Inside are instructions for the Midnight Game, a pagan ritual said to summon the players’ greatest fears. Because the movie opens with a flashback to a previous experience with the game, viewers already know to expect the kind of thrills and chills generally associated with movies involving Ouija boards and mysterious incantations. While the eponymous monster is sufficiently convincing for a straight-to-video release, it’s the performances by horror veterans Shaye and Englund that should attract genre buffs to Zariwny’s Americanization of Rob Kennedy’s Midnight Man. In a welcome surprise, the Scream package includes Kennedy’s stripped-down original. In it, an unsuspecting teenage girl, Alex (Philippa Carson), summons the mythical Midnight Man, while she’s babysitting for her granny.

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School district officials say the Shippensburg Area Senior High School in Cumberland County was struck by lightning, which has affected electricity within the building. The district didn’ t say on its website when the strike occurred. The building was to open Thursday, but that has now been pushed back to Aug. 21. The ninth grade orientation and open house originally scheduled Tuesday will be held Thursday. Students attending the Career Tech School will also begin classes Aug. 21. All other buildings will open on time Thursday. The lawsuit was filed Friday on behalf of a 15-year-old girl attending Frederick County High School and her mother. In addition to governing the use of bathrooms and gender-specific pronouns, the policy, adopted in June, allows transgender students to participate in sports aligned with their gender identity. That means a student born a boy could play girls sports, and a student born a girl could play boy’s sports. The lawsuit argues that the policy violates the girl’s fundamental right to bodily privacy, and her mother’s fundamental parental rights regarding the care and upbringing of her child. Lithium-ion batteries Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) use an intercalated lithium compound as one electrode material. This type of LIB electrolyte allows for the movement of the lithium ions between the two electrodes in the battery. As far as performance, chemistry, and safety go, these issues vary across the spectrum of uses. Most of our handheld electronics use lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2), which has a high energy density but presents safety risks LIBs used in power tools and medical equipment uses a different lithium-ion mix, such as Lithium iron phosphate or lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide. These batteries offer lower energy density, but longer life and a better degree of safety. Electric vehicle makers are developing new variations on lithium-ion chemistry that while sacrificing energy and power density, provide fire resistance and environmental friendliness. As of December 2016, the Nissan Leaf is the world's all-time best-selling electric car with more than 250,000 units sold since 2010.