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The fun is of course Rachael Sanders and Sillverlake icon Tony Soto. You know the world is screwy when season 2 queens are being more interesting than season 9. For those of you too young to know RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 was one of the meanest most cutthroat seasons in the entire franchise and we fucking LOVE it. Find out why Tyra Sanchez, Raven, Tatianna and the other one are back in the news. And of course we break down the latest episode of season 9. Also, for everyone wanting to know Listener Questions will be back after the finale, so keep sending them. Who knows more about their own fandoms? Who is capable of stealing the rings off the Pope's fingers. Who forgets everything he ever knew at the hint of a question mark. Each member brings a different perspective on each topic, opening up the podcast to be a forum for anyone to be involved in. We'll relish in that taste at the tip of your tongue, learn just how easy it is to get state laws changed, and find out how the 16th President of the United States really missed out on a dope-ass military strategy opportunity. She is the one who broke the story of last week's episode, the Beast of Bray Road, and has spent the last 26 years trying to get to the bottom of what those people saw back in 1989-1991.

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The last one of white satin panel of McNaughton wore a short frock of was trimmed in feathers. earls and diamonds hung in front, blue tissue with lace bands top and bottom. A Chinese costume was chic yellow chiffon trousers with a coat in pink feathers and silver. Hazel Green showed good taste in all weren't very pretty. One was of dark her gowns but that cannot be said of biue flowered chiffon with a narrow band of pink ribbon round the waist. Miss Moore (Henry and Moore) Miss Green first appears in green wore a good-looking white cloth suit sequins paneled down the front and The vest pockets and turned up hem foundation of green tissue caught were embroidered in orange and green. One thing about the Dave Marion show now playing the Columbia, it never is tiresome. The numbers are often and furious with the girls always well dressed. The clothes are; the same as seen earlier in the season. Her Elks costume still remains the most — came from Philadelphia one day last week with Lennle Blumberg, general manager for the Bhuberta in the Quaker City. Of a rich dark blue velvet over chiffon petticoats the velvet was caught up with blue feathers. The shoulders of black net ended at the waist line in a girdle of blue and mauve sequins.

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Jaqen probably doesn't care she is still Arya because she has high value targets that may coincide with the goals of the Faceless Men (and possibly the Iron Bank). All those fan theories about Arya was highly more interesting and wacky than the actual plot lol. Everyone's analysis about the shadow behind the waif being Syrio, turns out to be just a random extra, I couldnt stop laughing after that scene. But I feel like he hasn't really changed much from his near death experience. I know they say that he's a fighter and he'll always be a fighter. But I thought his mind frame would be altered by his experience. It just felt like he's picking up where he left off with not much character growth. Why would he pretty much sentence his own mother to death. Looks like Cersei will burn the city to the ground. And Jaime talking about how they would burn a city to ash for their loved ones. You never know when a skill like that could come in handy. I called it earlier when I said Arya was Arya and the waif was the waif.


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If you might be not sure about this, take into account getting an recognized studio, or even a yoga franchise. For improved or even worse, revenue is the lifeblood of just about every organization. To realize success, you will need to have a moderate cope with on finances. This indicates knowing how much you gain just about every thirty day period, how considerably you spend, how significantly you owe and how significantly is owed to you. It also means projecting this for the future year, and figuring out how the studio is likely to get paid this much income (how numerous learners you may need to have, non-public sessions, and so forth. This type of setting up is critical for achievement. This could possibly be a key personnel quitting, an IRS audit, a important unexpected expense, and so forth. And, as the proprietor, a lot of it will be your difficulty to deal with (until eventually you develop enough to employ the service of a manager, then someone else will fear for you). Most little enterprises undervalue their fees (and overestimate revenue) for the first number of yrs. It is rare that running any modest organization (at the very least to commence with) costs what you hope. Anything from having the floor polished to spending business enterprise taxes to shopping for a new mobile phone procedure. It all adds up.

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Here is the sad fact about editorials: not many people read them. Most people who read newspapers stick with the news they care about (and local news tends to be more important than national and international), sports, entertainment, lifestyle, business items. Editorials, most people would shrug their shoulders at. Editorials are important to the class of readers known as leaders, those folks who because of their business or government or social or political positions or activism are viewed as people who can help mold and influence opinions on a more personal level. Even with that, fewer and fewer newspapers have their own editorial voice. When I was a snot-nosed reporter at the Adrian Daily Telegram, our editor would slap an AP story into the editorial slot and that was that. Once we ran an AP story as our editorial assuring the world Congress would support a bill, and on the front page we had the AP story announcing Congress had defeated the bill. Oh well. One reason for fewer editorials is there are fewer people to write them, given how newspapers have been forced to slash staff. Plus there are more alternatives available to publish or link to. Were William Allen White alive today he’d probably turn his back on the Emporia Gazette and write up a blog instead. Editorials also in one way hearken to the ideal of a civil discussion, the ability to have a difference of opinion and try to respectfully convince people of one’s point of view.

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Taking a cue from Marina Abramovic (as well as performance and couples therapy), we tried an exercise where people gazed silently into the eyes of another person for 30 seconds. Which felt like an eternity, especially when done a second time. Everyone in the group was crazy brave and willing to try anything I asked of them, and even better was willing to really share honestly what these exercises revealed for them. Even that simple and silly activity produced a lot of powerful reflection. Konrad Sauer even shared some of his experience in a blog post. We were all strangers and the experience was amazing. After the exercise, we were asked to describe the experience. Some people paid attention to their breathing, the noises outside. But we all observed that we had made a much deeper connection to that person sitting across from us. Throughout the rest of the conference, whenever our eyes re-connected, it felt like seeing a very old friend again and there was a an immediate re-connection. That is how one of the other speakers described it and I think he was bang on. I’ve got two interesting prospective projects to plan for, including one collaboration with a thought leader I really admire but have never got to work with.


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But I feel like something you guys havent touched on is the fact that little finger, if true to his character, should have seen the fact that Sansa might have sided with Arya as a possible, I mean wasn't that his whole thing. He could see every possible scenario, why not the most obvious. It might have been her having an unwanted abortion. She ate some berries earlier that were obviously poisonous so she lost the child she was carrying from fucking Daario. We don't really have a good reason to believe that she can't bear children anymore, Mirri Maz Duur isn't really the most trustworthy character. I even liked the rushed final season especially the last 2 episodes. Remaking them like JJ Abrams is doing wasn't even considered instead of prequels back then. Requiere a longer delay in the exclusive patreon club. That's sound like petty bullshit, borderline predatory begging. Also Cersei is definitely not logical and is definitely a monster. I didn't used to like sansa but after this episode she seems better than arya. Ultimately Sansa was no different to Robb, they both followed the path their father set out for them.

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All sounds and voice recordings exchanged through mail. Synchronicity is the occurrence of two or more events that appear to be meaningfully related but not causally related. Originally issued as a bonus CD for the first 1000 copies of 'Were You Ever Bullied At School - Do You Want Revenge? (CSR27CD, 1999). That first edition sold out immediately and has not been available in any form for 12 years. For this event Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge, John Gosling (Zos Kia, Coil), Paul Reeson, and Alex Fergusson. For this event Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Mouse, Matthew Best. Burroughs in 1982. Originally issued on vinyl only in 1989 (in an edition of 5000 copies), rare tapes have been found to expand to a full double CD set, with updated sleeve notes and never before seen photos. Petersburg, Russia, October 13. 2004 and the Apelsin Club, Moscow, Russia, October 14. 2004.

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AFI inspired his vision and gave him the opportunity to make ERASERHEAD. I am forever grateful to AFI for inspiring David, who then gave me my career. Lynch called Dern his ? avorite actress in the world. Mel called me Jimmy Stewart from Mars, but he is the crazy one. It was my very good fortune that Mel had this insanity. Lynch then took questions from the graduating class instead of providing a traditional commencement address. When asked how he found his voice, Lynch responded, ? earning by doing is critical in the action and reaction. Lynch is known for his darker, dreamlike explorations of American life. Since then, the award-winning filmmaker has gained mainstream success and a reputation as an innovator with films including DUNE (1984), TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME (1992), LOST HIGHWAY (1997), THE STRAIGHT STORY (1999), MULHOLLAND DR. (2001) as well as the previously mentioned THE ELEPHANT MAN (1980), BLUE VELVET (1986), WILD AT HEART (1990) and INLAND EMPIRE (2006).