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He said that he’s been filming GOT, then also said he is looking at another series to take him through to March. I hope this doesn’t mean we lose our beloved Dolorous Edd early in S7. I really love his character, but after reading that he’s moving on to another series AND it should take him into March I worry that he won’t be filming over the winter like so many other actors. Oh man now I have the feeling that the wall will indeed come down this season and that’s what Maise’s “holy balls” comment meant. There is something from one of Bran’s visions that we haven’t seen happen yet and I will find the clip and time so someone else can look too because it’s been really eating at me. It is the NK approaching what looks like a pile of broken ice and his reflection and you can see a crazy colored sky reflecting off the ice as well (much like the color of the sky in scene where the NK turned the baby). And you hear Bran say “He saw us! Now, the scream he did and the line was much like he said when the NK touched him in the vision last season. Only it was “us” in the S4E2 vision not “me” and I know we haven’t seen that particular visual play out in the show either. Please take a look and let me know what you think as I have not seen anyone talk about this at all. And there was also that weird shot of the sun rising in the west and setting in the east. It must be a clue to some major twist, IMO, not only the Wall going down, which looks pretty much inevitable from the viewers’ POV. And it’s very interesting that Bran says “He saw US”, not “ME”. What if she’s mean to bring life in the land of death. Just like she turn her back on khal Drogo and Rhaego in the HOTU when she heard her dragons cry. Anyway, here is the link and start watching at 4:04 and you will see it. There is definitely something to it in my mind anyway lol. So Bran and Meera go there and set up shop (unpopular idea I know but that’s WHY I like it because it isn’t obvious or anywhere near what we want him to do). The NK uses his Bran-dar and finds him and then we get that scene. I am really full of unexplained tidbits and clips today but this plays into my theory on that.

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Anyway, posts like yours and mine could also be considered spoilery in a way as some people might now have unrealistic expectations because of them. I can't wait to discuss this episode when it finally airs. I believe the show completely lived up to it's potential with this episode. There's no way any fan of the show could be disappointed on any level. Its absolute edge-of -your- seat thriller that might keep me from falling right away had I saw it Sunday night. R38 I can just imagine Tom Hopper looking at Google Trends of his name searches and shaking his head, thinking that this half-joke role in three episodes of GoT has given him more exposure than years of Black Sails. But such is the way of BIG television; even throwaway roles receive heaps of attention. So I am going to ask everyone to please, be a dear, and confine discussions of spoilers to the spoiler thread. Some of us do like to spend our Sunday evenings being surprised. But Tom Hopper comes across as more likeable so I'm kinda glad they did it as well. I also kinda want to take turns dicking and getting dicked by these two Dickons at Horn Hill, preferably at the same time. Gods, the menservants at Horn Hill must all be so sore by now. Not a spoiler by any means but it needs to be seen on the biggest TV possible. And your skin will break out in greyscale, you'll run a fever, you'll uncontrollably piss the bed, and have nightmares of your mother beating you with a baseball bat. I hope, as these symptoms assert themselves you will report back here to keep us apprised of your progress. R49 It's odd how they changed Dickon's personality as well when they recast him. He seemed so brash during that dinner scene at Horn Hill. I'll take nothing less than non-stop carnage of our favourite characters. Any lingering on the road will lead to death by Dragon roasting or Dothraki. Dany and Tyrion and Varys Missandei Ellaria, Olenna, etc.

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During the scene with the book, she has the lighter fluid in her hand and I fully expected her to end up pouring it on herself or her husband. It was just supposed to be silence, but the test audience was so confused by the scene that they had to dub some dialogue to basically explain (dumb-down) what was going on for the final product. Sorry you have to use your brain I know this generation doesn't like to do that. It has some brilliant suspense and psychological scenes and the entire movies has a creepy, unconfortable vibe about it. Plus, the plot depth and easter eggs are fantastic. I almost shat in my pants due to laughing instead of being scared. Especially when the mom just flew into the tree house, yet Peter followed her to see himself getting worshipped for no fucking reason. The only thing I kept watching this garbage because I wanted to know what happened at the end, and it turns out I wasted 2 hours just to see a boy getting worshipped. Also please do shine a light on us peasants and share some good recent horror movies. Just because I didn't understood the movie doesn't I'm to blame. Get Out, A Quiet Place, and Happy Death Day are great horror movies. A quiet place is fun but has a lot of cliches and even some plotholes. I enjoyed it but that is one of your three examples of good horror movies. Who exactly did? Your biased information, or the people who actually laughed at how bad the movie is. I didn't heard her saying that because I leaved as soon as I've seen him getting worshipped. Not everyone, but I believe a big number did the same as I did. This wasn't horror at all, but more like terrifying comedy. Stop sucking its dick because the bias within you is obvious. No, but yet again, this isn't near to a good horror movie.

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ORF offers a wide range of information, education, culture, science, sports and entertainment with movies and series. Contents are provided via 3 TV-channels and, 14 radio channels and internet. Whether independently or alongside large studios and TV broadcasters, O2's production reputation has led it to be named one of the most important Brazilian Production companies in the world. O2 has produced over 20 feature films, including Fernando Meirelles. O2 has also produced over 10 TV series like Happily Ever After, The Wise Ones, Vade Retro and Thirteen Days for Brazil top broadcaster Globo, Sons of Carnival, and three seasons of Destination and PSI for HBO. Edgar? Tales for FOX; two seasons of Lili the Ex for GNT, Rua Augusta for TNT and Friend for Rent for Universal. Due to the great receptivity of the public which guarantees the interest of exhibitors, Pandora Filmes was able to reassure its proposal as one of the most important gateways for films that once were very hard to gain access into the Brazilian market. The show was nominated for the EMMY KIDS AWARDS and BANFF and sold to other territories. Panoramica has also created and produced in 2013 and 2014 the Globosat Writing Development Program, which has trained more than 400 writers and professionals of the Brazilian TV industry. The project brought to Brazil important names of the American TV Series industry such as Martha Kauffman (Friends), Anthony Zuicker (CSI), Darren Starr (Sex and the City), Dan Halstead (Manage-ment), and the master of writing Robert Mckee with his world famous seminars STORY and GENRE. PARAMOUNT CHANNEL creates a contemporary and unique environment for audiences to celebrate film, documentaries and behind-the-scenes features. Viewers are given access to Paramount Pictures' vast library of beloved, award-winning films. PARAMOUNT CHANNEL is part of Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN), a division of Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIA, VIAB). Paramount controls a collection of some of the most powerful brands in filmed entertainment, including Paramount Pictures, Paramount Animation, Paramount Television, Paramount Players, MTV Films, and Nickelodeon Movies. PPC operations also include Paramount Home Media Distribution, Paramount Pictures International, Paramount Licensing Inc. and Paramount Studio Group. Amongst them, the youtube channel, the facebook page, its website (redetv. om.

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Econ. Persp. 191, 191 (2015) (Banks had incentives to announce biased interest rates, for two reasons. First, in times of economic stress, reporting a lower interest rate would signal that the bank is more creditworthy, all else equal. Del Missier has admitted that he instructed subordinates to submit artificially low USD LIBOR rates. Pls. Supp. Statement of Additional Jurisdictional Facts 182 26, ECF No. 1517 (citing Jill Treanor, Former Barclays executive insists Bob Diamond instructed him to cut Libor, The Guardian, July 16, 2012, theguardianbusiness2012jul16barclays-del-missier-bob-diamond-libor). First, the fantasy rates comment offers nothing more than market color. Second, the article on which plaintiffs rely makes clear that the direction to submit low LIBOR rates came from CEO Bob Diamond, not from Del Missier. Identidade. (In evidence to MPs following his resignation as chief operating officer of Barclays, Del Missier was adamant that Diamond instructed him to cut the Libor rate following a conversation with Paul Tucker, deputy governor of the Bank of England. Bondholder Pls. Supp. Mem. in Oppn 2-3, ECF No. 1499. This argument is beyond comprehension. Until the Supreme Court granted certiorari in June 2014, there simply was no Bondholder case: it had been dismissed in the district court and dismissed in the Second Circuit.