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Dorne and Olenna Tyrell do not appear but are mentioned. Yara and Theon, despite being part of Daenerys's faction now, also do not appear, but are mentioned. The Daenerys storyline actually only briefly appears at the end of the episode with hardly any dialogue, as a lead-in to when it will be given focus in the next episode. According to Nielsen figures, about 10. million people watched it live on the HBO TV channel, while the rest watched it over streaming services or on DVR. This surpasses the previous series-high record set by the Season 6 finale, which was watched by 8. 9 million people on HBO's TV channel. This was strongly implied but not yet confirmed in the current books, which do show that the White Walkers can resurrect seemingly any once-living creature into a wight: at the Battle of the Fist of the First Men (off-screen in the TV series), the Night's Watch was attacked by a huge wight- snow bear. Both the books and TV show, however, have shown the White Walkers resurrecting non-humans, in the form of their undead wight- Horses. Apparently, he finished his footage before production ended, around the same time.

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BSG was a show that just meandered around because the writers actually had no plan of where they wanted to go or how to get there. The last half-season was written after the writer's strike ended and was pushed several months because of it. So there's really no excuse for it being slap-dash other than the writers just didn't know what they wanted to do and they lied about having a Plan. Remembering what Adama said in the pilot, talk about life imitating art. But yeah, I'm seriously thinking GoT is plagued by a somewhat similar issue. The showrunners know the vague direction the show was going the whole time, but getting it there after book divergence proved difficult without either some breathing room or rushing. Wonder if JMS could have helped GRRM and HBO setting out a better story structure. I assume you lost them in a freak masturbation accident — how are you able to post. Anyway, your bravery and courage in the face (sorry no pun intended) of such adversity is admirable. The real answer is that I've decided to consume this story via the medium in which it's quite obviously best-in-class.


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“I have lived in Al-Wafa hospital for about a year and a half,” said the husband, who is unemployed. “My only home is Al-Wafa since it’s able to provide and take care of me. The Syrians scrape by with menial jobs and occasional donations from local charities. Hamedo, the chef, is full of nostalgia, spending time daily flipping through pictures from his life in Aleppo, where he ran a restaurant called Cafe D’alep. He pointed to a photo of a blond woman. “This was my girlfriend. He enjoyed some initial success in Gaza, opening a restaurant that enjoyed early popularity, but ultimately went out of business because of the weak economy, constant power outages and shortages of cooking gas. He has since married a local woman and last month, they had their first child, a girl. “We just need to get the basics secured in our stay here,” he said. Often, when holidaying in a popular tourist destination, it can be hard to avoid busy crowds, scams and dodgy food.


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f she can get herself the right mask, I can't see that it would be too problematic for her. I mean, she only has to get the right handmaid's face and eventually she'll be in a position to kill Cersei. Plus, she knows how to make poison's or has brought a stash with her. And so it's probably just as well she didn't go to KL straight away or she would have taken out probably Cersei and Jaime by now. I thought so too. Just the right amount of awkwardness that aligns with how they left off previously, but yet glad to see each other. I'll be interested to see how their relationship progresses. I've always hated the idea of her being the one to take her out. I love Arya, but she has very little history with Cersei, and the history she does have is simply being in the same room as her for a couple of scenes way back in season 1. It should be Jaime, Tyrion or Sansa, but will most likely be Jaime.


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SCDF received an alert about the incident at around 7 pm and by using a tool to pry open the doors of the car, which was standing at Block 138A Toa Payoh Lorong 1, officials succeed to rescue the three-year-old boy. As soon as the man came out of the car, the infant accidentally locked the car by pressing the button on the keys. The father had to console him from outside till the rescue team reached to the spot. Reports stated that a witness of this incident said the father of the child first wanted to get the help of a locksmith, but he decided to inform SCDF. On March 14, in a similar incident in Malaysia, a two-year-old child from the Malaysian town Port Dickson died after the mother left her inside the car for several hours. The mother of the child, Hasmah Masroh, drove her to Proton Saga and brought the infant to a local college, which is her workplace. After parking the car, she left her daughter inside the car and rushed inside. She realised it after four hours but could not rescue her daughter from death. A new app, QuakeAlert, developed by Early Warning Labs, is promising to give a vital heads-up on incoming tremors, and in future it could mean getting through natural disasters unscathed. The goal is to translate existing data sources monitoring the geological behavior of the Earth into actionable, easily understood messages that can be delivered quickly on a smartphone.


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HANK: Both your novels, particularly HITS, occur with what seems like a very complex political backdrop. Obviously you learned a lot from being in Iraq, but then extrapolated from there into your near-future scenario. PETE: The series as a whole actually got its start when I wrote down a backstory for a science fiction story (which I might get back to one of these years) in between missions in Iraq in ’07. A good chunk of the chaos revolved around a global war with Islamism. What was going to be science fiction about the story as originally conceived. PETE: The original story I was working on was completely separate. The roots of the American Praetorians series began as a way to map how we got from here to the future interstellar war I was gearing up to write about. Over time, I started thinking that I could tell stories set in that background. My first attempt at getting into it was going to be an Anabasis-style tale about a Marine Special Operations Team trying to escape from Afghanistan with some Polish GROM guys when everything goes completely to hell. It was ambitious as hell, and never really went anywhere.


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