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3ft mattresses start from ? 9, 4ft 6” mattresses start from ? 9 Be confident in what you buy. This pine furniture range is not imported flat pack with plastic or metal runners. It is manufactured in England using 19mm thick timbers throughout. Drawer boxes are of solid construction with dove tailed joints, not dowled, like some others. Take advantage of this genuine sale offer for stock off the floor and orders placed this week. NB. Prices for this unique range of furniture cannot be beaten CHECKLIST CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY. Oh hey there, friends:P Hope you are all enjoying your day today, regardless of what you celebrate:) Want to see more TAP. SporadicWriter's Personal YouTube Channel: SporadicWriter's IG: Cinement's Personal YouTube Channel: Cinement's IG: TAP's Facebook (We rarely use this): We don't own anything Shingeki no Kyojin. Music: Jingle Bells 7 by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( ) Artist: FairyTale Waltz by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( ) Source: Artist. If 'gaudy', 'melodramatic', and 'cheese filled' are some of the adjectives you would use to describe this MV you would be absolutely right. Special thanks to Kate and Darien who were a really hard working and kick ass Ciel and Sebastian duo. Also special thanks to all the cosplayers who showed up to my group shoot on the fly, and gave it their all when they had NO idea what we had in store for them. Love this community's passion and DEAD'ication HA HA HA! ---Halloween jokes. Frozen Parody FRIEND ZONE - Your Favorite Martian Fergie - Glamorous ft. In an alternate universe, where Ciel was only two, or three, when his parents died, a sassy Sebastian reluctantly offers to take care of him. This video sort of starts in the past and gradually switches to present day, where Sebastian and Ciel are more open about their feelings for one another.

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Maar ik dek mezelf alvast in voor dat men komt met je kijkt naar kinder films;). Verwacht geen fantastisch acteerwerk of een diepgaand verhaal, gewoon botte actie met heel veel headshots. ja, nou dit dus. In meerdere opzichten een no-brainer. En in andere niet. Het is in feite een showcase van wat het stuntteam van The Matrix kan doen als je hun volledige vrijheid geeft. Alleen al om het ontdekken van deze tropes is het een genot om naar te kijken. Voordat je Wick ook maar iemand ziet doodmaken, weet je dat hij badass is. Verder wel ok. Overigens leuk om Michael Shannon ( ) en Shea Whigham ( ) weer samen te zien buiten Boardwalk Empire. Met aardige beelden en genoeg actie is het al met al niet slecht wat ze met het (zo te zien) extreem lage budget hebben gedaan. Maar er zitten een paar prachtig gefilmde scenes in. Soms is het tenenkrommend slecht, soms hilarisch en soms briljant. Met een fantastisch passende soundtrack en een perfecte introductie. Mama. Ik kan van je post ook geen soep maken, want je piccie doet het niet. Natuurlijk is het allemaal onzin maar dat hoort juist. Heb ik nog niet gezien, wel goeie dingen over gehoord. The Ten Commandments (1956) ( ) moet ik ook nog eens kijken. Keek het als kind heel veel zonder te weten dat het uberhaupt een religieus verhaal was.

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And we all know that ROI is not an easy one to prove anyway. Essentially, data automation is all about using processes that help collect, store and analyse data with little to no manual effort at all. Companies (yours too probably) pull data from a multitude of sources. To really derive knowledge from your data, you need to be able to collect it quickly and in near-real time, more or less as it is being generated. You also need to be gathering your data in its entirety, yet you need to make sure you are doing that in a smart way. Break it down into individual datasets such as customer information, sales data, financial data, etc. and merge them one at a time,”. The idea behind predictive analytics is to leverage the data you have to foresee possible challenges or problems. On the one hand, data automation is great to facilitate and improve processes within your company. Problems can be solved ahead of time simply because you had a way to detect them. It can help you understand what your customers want now and what they might want in the future. A tool that automatically detects patterns in your data and draws comparisons between them (also over time) is an asset that can set you apart from the competition. For one, you need to decide what you want exactly you want from your ETL tool, how often you will be using it and if you can afford it. After all, ETL is supposed to save you work, not add more to the already busy schedule you have. It is all about data privacy these days and you want to play by the rules. They are often more complex and have integrated APIs to support a more diverse set of data sources. Big data comes from different sources, in different formats and is often scattered and messy. And the more sources you have, the more difficult it will be to integrate them all, the more external parties you will be working with. It is also about simplifying the processes of collecting, cleaning and transforming that data, so you can have more time to spend on making actual decisions based on it. But here’s the thing: The more external parties you work with, the more (and different) input you will be getting.

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Of course you have to know the technical detail to see that the narrative is false. It’s true that they came about through a large injection of resource, but only when the goal was tangibly within reach. All that is now required is the final assault in its walls. Teaching on summer schools is a great pleasure, and one reason for this is that you are not teaching to a specific measurable. There are often cultural references in the film that entertain adults: very often they use famous actors for voice characterization, but these actors are unknown to the children. Children and adults perceive different things in the movie because it gives them different things. You don’t know exactly what is in the mind of your students when they start, what their background is and what will inspire them. When you write an exam you are tasked with testing exactly what is in their mind at the end. On a university course an exam is needed for accountability. It is not part of the process of learning, it is merely a stamp of authenticity demanded by society to quantify the capabilities of the university and the student. You aren’t able to speak on different levels, and you aren’t able to incorporate a diversity of different backgrounds. When measuring outcome, it is not possible to set individualised exams that test the outcome for each student. If a module does work on multiple levels, it still can’t be assessed that way. You will have to define how the module will be assessed, i. . did the monkey have a funny voice. It seems that the process of measurement therefore necessarily effects the state of the system. Our accountability is the success and reputation of the school. This is a lot more pleasant teaching experience than to a specified set syllabus. Of course, whether it is any more effective overall is difficult to measure.

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The thought had occurred to him at one time that inside might be better. But after about ten minutes of that little exercise in the stuffy gym, he had not only decided the machine wasn’t clocking his rate accurately, but that there was no way to clear his mind while thinking about that little band going around and around under his feet. After that day, he had vowed to only run outside, if he could help it. There was more paperwork to fill out than there were X-files to investigate, and Mulder had become restless. The latest game in the office was to find the pencils with particularly squishy erasers, toss them into the ceiling, and then try to toss those super-sharp mechanical pencils into the squishy erasers. It was beautiful—a cool morning, the sun comfortably hidden behind the slight cloud cover, a gentle breeze licking the sweat from his face and neck. Then, in true Monday fashion, Mulder experienced a ten minute downpour, followed by more sprinkling, then nothing. And of course, seconds after he entered the house, it stopped. He slipped his shoes off his feet and noticed the squeak of his soaked socks on their hardwood floor. Scully was in the kitchen, still in her pajamas, sipping coffee and watching the TV. He tossed the sweatshirt into the washer, and then pulled off his Under Armor shirt as well. He tossed it into the washer and grabbed a clean towel from the pile on top of the dryer. He dried himself off slightly before dropping the towel into the washer also. Then he entered the kitchen, wearing only his still-soaked sweat pants. Mulder wondered what was so interesting. “All the towels are dirty. Don’t you remember? We used them to stop the leak. . What started as a little drip turned into a stream of brown water.

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Have stayed here before, I think this is the best in town. Rooms showing more wear now, linens very tired and dingy. Staff quite accommodating and friendly. Busy. Read more Date of stay: May 2014 Helpful Repost Share Follow JulesWest wrote a review Oct 2014 10 contributions 10 helpful votes Very Nice I usually stay at Hilton hotels but there were not available in the area. This hotel is very clean and the rooms are super nice and comfortable. A TripAdvisor Member posted a photo Feb 2015 Lounge chair and ottoman A TripAdvisor Member posted a photo Feb 2015 If you don't like FIRM pillows you have two SOFT pillows to choose from A TripAdvisor Member posted a photo Feb 2015 Business Desk Previous Next 1 2 3 4 A TripAdvisor Member asked a question Mar 2015 This Holiday Inn doesn't seem to honor AAA in giving a discount. A TripAdvisor Member asked a question Oct 2014 When was the hotel built. When he joined NBC's Late Night in 1993, replacing David Letterman, he had virtually no on-air experience. He did, however, have comedy-writing chops: O'Brien edited the humor magazine The Harvard Lampoon as a student, then wrote for Saturday Night Live and was a writer and producer for The Simpsons. Although it took him a while to get comfortable in front of the camera — many critics initially gave him bad reviews — he eventually did so well on Late Night that he became the host of The Tonight Show in 2009, after Jay Leno's ill-fated move to prime time. But that arrangement was short-lived: Leno's show was canceled, the host moved back to Tonight, and O'Brien eventually landed at TBS in the 11 p. . slot. O'Brien spoke with Fresh Air 's Terry Gross in 2003, a few days before a special broadcast celebrating his 10th anniversary at Late Night. I always knew that it was going to be an uphill climb to replace Letterman from complete obscurity with no experience, but I think I had to go through it to know exactly what a titanic effort that was going to be. The repression is all there. It's real. It fuels the depression and the self-hate. And it's the best training I think a talk-show host can have because I love to listen to what is going on on the show and then respond in the moment.