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Uterine sections of 12H and 24H animals showed a well-developed stratum vasculare between inner and outer myometrial layers. The number of endometrial glands were decreased in 12H uteri, and recovered in 24H uteri compared to control. Numbers of convoluted tubule in distal region increased in 12H and 24H kidney samples. Liver specimens of 12H and 24H showed the increased number of fat containing vacuoles. In conclusion, our study demonstrated that HFCS treatment for 28 days could induce (1) changes in length of estrous cycle with extended estrous and diestrous stages, (2) altered ovarian and uterine histology, and (3) liver and renal lipid accumulation. These findings reveal the adverse effects of HFCS drinking on the reproductive function and lipid metabolism of female rats. The present study explored associations of dysregulation with weight-related variables among adolescent and young adult (AYA) females with severe obesity. Pearson and bivariate correlations were conducted and stratified by age group to analyze associations between dysregulation subscales (affective, behavioral, cognitive) and weight-related variables. Almost half of the sample endorsed extreme weight dissatisfaction. Dysregulation was associated with most weight-related attitudes and behaviors of interest in young adults but select patterns emerged for adolescents. Conclusions Higher levels of psychological dysregulation are associated with greater BMI, problematic eating patterns and behaviors, and body dissatisfaction in AYA females with severe obesity. These findings have implications for developing novel intervention strategies for severe obesity in AYAs that may. Thus, we investigated whether estradiol exerts its effects on cell proliferation in the dorsal and ventral dentate gyrus through GPER, using the GPER agonist, G1, and antagonist, G15. After 30 min, animals received an injection of bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) and were perfused 24 h later.

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It's not the same true immersion that I get from watching something in my own language. REC blows right past that, despite reading the dialogue I was immersed every shot. The tension and atmosphere is just so perfect you can't help it. REC doesn't do anything new but what it does, it does damn well. I haven't seen much of any Vincent Price movie so this was my first foray into the horror icon. I see why he was as popular as he was, he's a show just in himself. There is something oddly compelling and creepy about the man that keeps me glued to the screen. The rest of the movie was standard fare, weaving horror and whodunnit very well but the real attraction is Vincent Price and I can't wait to delve further into his filmography. First Impressions: The humor is spot on with exception of some that is lost in translation. As far as the horror goes it plays out mostly like episodes of tales from the crypt in cheesy fashion. Where the horror really hit's is in the characters odd quirks which are downright disturbing. I'm not sure how I feel about this show but I'm oddly compelled to watch it. Moby Dick mixed with jawsploitation is a potent mix. The acting is solid all across the board and even the captains cheesy Irish accent works.

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The second spirit happened to be related with my bffs friend. Who killed himself. S asked him questions such as where they went to college, what her dads nickname was,things like that. Occasionally, I will add a link, which may of particular interest to ghost lovers, to this area of the post. Also, please note that this list is updated frequently to reflect developments in the genre. Herein are the movies that most effectively creep-me-right-the-hell-out. I remember the sly little thrills that glimmer in the corners of these films far longer than I remember the pulse-pounding chases of other sub-genres. (I am particularly vulnerable to a figure glimpsed in a mirror, or skulking through the frame, or simply manifesting quietly behind the main action. I love the intimate scale of ghost stories. An entire tale can unfold in the space of a single room, on a single night, for a single person. I am addicted to the escalating sense of dread provided by these films and I’m eager to share the best of the best with you. It is also likely that you’ve seen many or most of the movies on the top 13 list. (Good ghost stories tend to do well at the box office. I expanded the selection of recommendations here so there is somewhere to go after you’ve seen the blockbusters.


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A cut then takes us to the outside of the block of new flats with the character leaving a new twin tower block, seemingly situated in the same desolate landscape. West Germany can build a new city but it hasn’t come to terms with the immediate past which lingers in the background. This sense that the history of Germany in the 1930s and 1940s must be explored and interrogated was central to the work of the new generation of filmmakers. My impression is that alongside Fassbinder with his trilogy of female-centred melodramas about German modern history from 1945, it was the female directors of New German Cinema who took the lead in investigating the personal stories of the women of the post-war period and their family roots under the Nazis. It’s difficult to find some of the DVDs, but I’m determined to try. The film was introduced by its co-director Joanna Kos-Krauze who revealed that the film took several years to put together and that both her cinematographer Krzysztof Ptak and her husband and co-director Krzysztof Krauze had died before the film was completed. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t quite rise to the challenge and my concentration floundered at some points. Nevertheless, I could see that this was a profoundly moving and hard-hitting account of events over twenty years ago that are still relevant today. Anna has become friendly, even intimate, with a family of middle-class Tutsis who are the victims of Hutu attacks in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. When the killing begins, Anna flees the country and manages to smuggle out the grown-up daughter of the family, Claudine (Eliane Umuhire). But when they arrive in Poland, both Anna and Claudine are traumatised by their experience and at first they can’t live together and Claudine opts for a hostel as she begins an application for asylum. This is far too close to the brutality meted out to Tutsis in Rwanda. Eventually she will arrive at Anna’s house and the two will agree a tentative truce before Claudine will argue to return to Rwanda to find members of her extended family (knowing this will affect her claim for refugee status in Poland). The aesthetic of the film includes use of soft focus and compositions which present disturbed images (shot through doorways or other obstacles which obscure the action).

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. Enquiries: Peter Glanville 01308 458283. Halls in aid of Lyme Regis Pantomime Society, 6. 0pm. Bridport: A Rockin' Dance Party featuring Earl Jackson. Lyme Regis: Family Quiz Night at The Ship Inn, Coombe. Street, from 7:30pm. Prizes, raffle, ? per person. Netherbury: Open Garden (Evening) at The Mill House. West Bay: RNLI Raft Race on the River Brit, from 7pm. Marshwood: Bargains in the barn sale of jumble, bric-. Bradpole: Kenny Baggs Disco Show at Bradpole Social. Each number in the grid represents a different letter of the.