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With honesty, humour and warmth, this new film captures a remarkably candid Numan recounting his journey and navigating a return to the stage and his recording studio, while the public and press awaits a new album. As the drive to make music propels him afresh, a heartwarming story and a man far more human than his image would suggest, emerges. Following his standout set at Glastonbury Festival earlier his year, Porter is playing two already sold-out shows in Australia this September. Tonight however, he will be live In Conversation with Groovescooter 's Paris Pompor talking about everything from music, the art of songwriting and his creative inspirations, to growing up in Bakersfield with seven siblings and a mother who instilled in him strong ideas of social justice. During this free, intimate night you can also ask Gregory Porter your own question by RSVPing to be in the audience using the 'register' button above. e. He was also one of the early champions of dance and electronic music in Australia both on-air and in clubs. Tim will be talking about his career, motivations, the inspirational people he has met and interviewed, and of course his more recent rise as a talented photographer. He will also take us back to a pre- Lockout Law Sydney of the '80s, when pre-dawns didn't find him on the streets taking photographs as they do these days, but rather stumbling out of now-defunct clubs following his nightly DJ sets. A recent portrait of Tim done for for the 2016 Archibald Prize by Sydney artist Adrian Elmer, will also be on display at this event. Now Tim presents a specially selected collection of signed, one-off original prints displaying the breadth of his styles at Folonomo Gallery in Surry Hills, co-curated by Artemis Projects.

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All the battles before season 7 were better than the latest ones. Just been going off things I've read that have suggested there could be a year break until the final season. Was around the same time the talk of this season and next being shorter in episodes. What have they done, train her for 5 seasons just to kill LF and Cersei. That could just invite the guard(s) curiosity to look, for all they know it's weapons to attack them with. Sigh. Nothing might come of it but little details like that should matter. I'm pretty sure she's one of the chosen who will most probably live to the end of the series. Sansa is only good cos LF wants her bad otherwise she couldnt get Winterfell back herself. Best chance was to fight them at the Wall to keep them on the right side of the wall. You can just feel things are winding up a bit too touchy feely.

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The face is old, pale, shrunken, and wrinkled with white eyes. The door glows. When someone approaches the Black Gate, the eyes open. They are white and blind, and then the door asks, “Who are you? A man of the Night’s Watch must repeat a part of his vow, “I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers. I am the shield that guards the realms of men. The door will open then, saying, “Then pass. The door’s lips open wider and wider still until nothing remains but a great gaping mouth in a ring of wrinkles. ( source ) The Nightfort is also the oldest of the Wall castles, parts of which could possibly date back to the creation of the Wall. It’s also the largest and, quite frankly, the spookiest, with.

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One of the greatest love-at-first-sight scenes ever: Romeo and Juliet (1996). But First: What We Mean When We Talk About Love Themes Love themes arose in the latter half of the 20th century, original songs that were written for (and inspired by) the movies to which they were attached. Sure, they might have started as marketing endeavors (“See the film that inspired the hit song! “Buy the soundtrack from the hit movie! ), but the best love themes made their movies better—echoing and anchoring the powerful feelings on screen. The Rules For our purposes, a love theme must have words; otherwise it’s part of the score. Musicals don’t count. (Thus, no West Side Story in this list. The song must be written for the movie. (Thus, no “I Will Always Love You. I know it’s brilliant, I know it’s perfect for The Bodyguard, I know it’s on the most popular movie soundtrack of all time.

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Damn you George R. . Martin! Don't do movies, finish the damn next book. Game of Thrones on HBO is a TV adaption of George R. . Martin's books. Costumes, scenes, actors, everything is done as it should be. Actors. For me the biggest surprise of the series I figure Daenerys Targaryen. Emilia Clarke actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen is more beautiful.

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First tab is dedicated to ongoing ones, it means the ones we are currently editing right now, the second one (the bigger one) is composed by all the projects online here (the completed). Our filtering technology ensures that only latest bl drama cd files are listed. Due to the way Steam handles videos, the subtitled Drama CD is only available for streaming. She works as a reporter and is very enthusiastic about her work. Ban Ji Yeon (Uhm Jung Hwa) is a single 33-year-old woman. But at some point they realize their dates are getting a little repetitive and start to worry. Girl Friends Drama CD (? D) Is an audio drama done on the Girl Friends Manga. Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari - Miyasaka Haruki. Follow this blog! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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And if Arya wasn’t dangerous enough already (I have no doubt that Cersei would be dead at Arya’s hand by the end of the season if she hadn’t decided to return to Winterfell), she’s now armed with Valyrian steel. Podrick summed this feeling up well during the scene where he and Brienne watched the Stark children walking through Winterfell together. I liked that Davos tried (and failed) to excuse himself. Worth a shot. And Varys (who is as much to blame as Tyrion due to the complete failure of his intelligence service—though neither anticipated that Euron apparently discovered the secret to lightspeed during his previous voyages) was smart enough to keep his mouth shut and let Tyrion take the heat. Not only do we see Arya’s fully-formed swordfighting skills (the move where she blocked Brienne’s attack, unsheathed her dagger and swapped it to her other hand when Brienne went for her hand was really fluid), but I also loved the reactions of everyone else. Podrick seemed to be developing a crush on Arya in real time. Sansa realized that the rest of her siblings are effectively superheroes. But not this one. And that’s because the Field of Fire 2. is up there with the best battle scenes the show has done.