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This post from GK is actually the first thing I thought of when I saw the article: I think the fans have basically guessed all the big plot points he intended to use because it took so damn long. While we can't make any specific plot conclusions about the books from the events of the show, I think it's safe to assume that characters that are either excluded or killed early in the show won't be major players in the books' endgame. But as GK's post says, and as I've gathered from this newest GRRM interview, the worry is that GRRM is now trying to change things about whatever end-game he had planned so as to diverge from the show. I don't think it's actually going to happen that way. But it also wouldn't be a shock to see some huge twist that changes the ending of the books, relative to what the show runners think they know about the end. Or if the show did spoil anything, it was by coincidence. It's now unclear how much of the endgame GRRM has just thought up. GRRM has already showna willingness to make giant changes to the story mid stream, expanding the series from 3 books to 6 to 7, completely scrapping the 5 year time jump. Even if a character doesn't play a giant role in the end game there still has to be a reason that in GRRMs version they are still alive. TOJ, etc) in order to give GRRM time to get TWOW done. I remember reading about that a couple of years ago.

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He said that today the State of Jammu and Kashmir has become part of the great historical step towards “One Nation, One Tax, One Market”. Ashok Khajuria, Vinay Gupta, Prem Gupta, Kuldeep Kandhari, Ramesh Sharma, Karan Sharma, Ajay Vaid, Ajay Pargal, Naresh Sharma, Vipan Sharma, Vikas Choudhary, Veenu Khanna, Jeet Angral, Vijay Sharma, Ankush Gupta, Sham Gupta, Harbans Choudhary, Veena Gupta, Ashok Singh were among the prominent persons present. Bharatiya Janata Party District Jammu workers were at Udhampur District as a Alp Vistarak with team of family Bharatiya Janata Party District Jammu workers were at Udhampur District as a Alp Vistarak with team of family people along with District President Baldev Singh Billawaria and today after working as a alp vistarak is Udhampur a warm welcome by workers of Jammu of Vistarak at BJP District head Quarter Pt. Baldev Singh Billawaria District President thanks to the workers of BJP Jammu District and said that all workers which working as a alp Vistarak return with a very good experience and peoples of the Udhampur District Chenani, Ram Nagar Constituency interact with the Vistarak and get a very food prepare and it was surprising that peoples of the remote and hilly areas are very much a were of schemes of center and state govt. This exercise of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay alp Vistark is a good step by center it will fire good result in people and organization also other a who speaking occasion. Ashok Khajuria, Vinay Gupta, Vikas Sharma, Harbans Choudhary, Kuldeep Kandhary, Anil Sharma, Vivek Sharma, Sandeep Chib, Satpal Choudhary, Pakha Chouhan, Rekha Mahajan. The celebrations were led by State Vice-Presidents Parmod Kapahi and Moti Koul and State General Secretary Harinder Gupta at the State headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. arinder Gupta, while speaking on the occasion, said that introduction of GST in the State will help in boosting the financial status of the State by increasing the revenues. He said that it will also benefit the trade and industry as well as the residents of the State particularly keeping in mind that this border State is a consumer state. He said that, BJP has fought very well for the introduction of GST in the State and in future also will keep fighting for bringing out the best of everything for the residents of this State. hile addressing the party activists, he also slammed the state Congress for playing double standards on the introduction and passage of GST in the state.

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. a longtime artist and illustrator, creates images for various book covers and educational, advertising, and corporate clients. His painting Boonton in Winter has been reproduced as a Christmas card, a postcard, and signed prints. Proceeds from sales help fund arts and cultural activities where David lives. The painting also was part of a group show at New York's Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration and was exhibited during the Christmas season at the Boonton Historical Society. StiU, for a guy who loves magazines as much as Carlson, it's the right job. He gets fifteen to twenty magazines a day, reads forty to fifty regularly, and skims hundreds. He stays away from commenting on magazine editors and business, focusing instead on content. And while he routinely alerts readers to important, sometimes moving stories they might otherwise miss, he more often than not highlights the offbeat and the humorous horror magazines. Harvard alumni personal ads, heavy metal mags, you name it. After BU, his Boston Herald-American days led to a brief freelance career and then a stint at People magazine before he moved to the Post magazine in 1986.


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By the time he was four and a half months old Eileen Blair speculated that he could take a prize as the largest miniature known to man, and his hair was resolutely black. Marx was a lively dog, fond of digging in the garden and finding bones that no eye could have seen for twenty years. He had a tendency to chew anything he could get access to; the legs of chairs and stools were particular favourites and more than one rug was consumed. When Orwell took him walking in the country lanes he would become bedraggled rummaging in the hedges and rolling in muddy puddles. When they got back home, he invariably rolled around on the cushions, coating them in mud as well. At one point the Blairs had to clip him to get all the mud off, but then he looked so unsymmetrical that he had to be shaved. One day he and Orwell came across a snake, about two and a half feet long, presumably an adder. Marx was interested at first, but after sniffing it became frightened and ran away. He keeps changing his mind about things and if you try to pin down his political ideology you can come up with at least three possible contenders. What is consistent is a forensic approach to material which exposes political tendencies and the viewpoints on social structure that are latent within them. You know what I mean: the mantra of Go to work, get married, have some kids, pay your taxes, pay your bills, watch your tv, follow fashion, act normal, obey the law and repeat after me: “I am free.