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Littlefinger took them to her while she was in Renly's camp. Since she hightailed it out of there with Brianne when Renly got killed without any luggage, I'm assuming she left them behind. The camp was taken over by Stannis and it's highly unlikely that anyone would have known what they were. And on the off chance she did manage to take them with her, they'd have been lost at the Twins. Unless she stashed them at Riverrun, in which case they'd now be in the possession of the Lannisters. In the books: I think, in the TV timeline at least, it's implied that the remains made their way into the Winterfell crypt. There was a really nice mix of tension and release throughout the episode. I was genuinely afraid for some of the characters during the whole thing. My only real complaint was that Rickon should have zig-zagged, like some others have said. My reaction to the last five minutes of the episode. Telling anyone that there was a secret army on the way could risk that? Possibly. If true it would still be a super cold move to effectively use Jon as bait to draw Ramsay in so the Knights of the Vale could win the day. They certainly may have attacked regardless because Dany is a threat to them and their way of life so I can't pin all the blame on Tyrion, but I can see how one follows the other. Didn't Sansa visit her father's tomb, in the crypt, right before Littlefinger left her to marry Ramsay. And what about Robb's decree in which he's legitimizing Jon as a Stark an is naming him as his heir. I know it definitely happened in the books (and wasn't a Mormont witness to that? . I think Robb at least talked about it in the series (and Catelyn wasn't happy about it) but I seem to remember him sending a letter. At the time Robb wrote it (presumably) Jon was in the Night's Watch which meant he could not become the heir of Winterfell but now, Jon's watch has ended.

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Complete union was achieved with full range of movement except loss of few degrees of extension of elbow and thumb. This case is reported to show a good outcome following successful incorporation of an extruded segment of radius in an open fracture. In the literature, it has been suggested that other options are needed, such as use of preoperative radiographs on fractures of the distal radius subjected to traction, with stratification by the evaluators. The aim was to demonstrate which classification systems present better statistical reliability. Results In the Universal classification, the results from the third-year resident group (R3) and from the group of more experienced evaluators (Staff) presented excellent correlation, with a statistically significant p-value (pA fractures of the distal extremity of the radius. Restoration of volar tilt by using visual estimation and the 'lift' technique has previously been described. The aim of our study was to describe a mathematical technique for accurately restoring the volar tilt of the distal radius to acceptable anatomic values. A retrospective review of cases performed using the trigonometry-integrated ' lift' technique (TILT) was performed. This technique uses the pre-operative volar tilt angle as well as the dimensions of the implant to calculate the 'lift' required to restore volar tilt. Intra-operative angles were measured using a marked transparency overlay on fluoroscopic images. Pre-operative and post-operative volar tilt were measured and analysed. Twenty-seven fractures were included in the study, with 20 being classified as Arbeitsgemeinschaft fA? Osteosynthesefragen (AO) C-type. This pragmatic, multicentre randomised comparative effectiveness trial aims to determine whether plating leads to better pain and function and is more cost-effective than closed reduction and casting of displaced distal radius fractures in adults aged 60 years and older. Results will be incorporated in clinical recommendations and practice guidelines produced by. The aims of the study were to assess the change in magnitude and location of the radial bow in radius and ulna shaft fractures treated with intramedullary square nails and to assess the impact of this change on functional outcome, patient reported disability and the range of motion of the forearm. We measured the magnitude of radial bow and its location in the operated extremity and compared it to the uninjured side in 32 adult patients treated with intramedullary square nailing for radius and ulna shaft fractures at our institute. The mean loss of magnitude of maximum radial bow was 2. 8 mm which was statistically significant by both student-T test and Mann-Whitney U test with p value less than 0. 1.

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Othertimes the disadvantage of wrestling leftie when I am a rightie was completely outdone by the fact that the opponent, despite dominating me just moments before, has no idea how to defend properly from the new angle. The advantage may or may not last long, but even a small opening can change the course of a match. Or basically the real advantage comes from taking advantage of a weakness in your opponent more than an 'innate' advantage. And this is why coaches and trainers teach both ways. Being able to switch it up is a very valuable skill to have. Though honestly ambidextrous folks still have offhand weakness don't they. It isn't as noticeable, but I am pretty sure ambidextrous folks still tend to favor one over the other. Though that is more due to training, experience, practice, and habit than biology. Might be wrong though, isn't like I know hundreds of such folk. People that fight will usually spar with orthodox fighters because they are common. Southpaws will also spar with orthodox, so it comes down to experience. A southpaw will always have more experience fighting an orthodox than the other way around. I've always noticed that it's sort of advantageous for one-handed and two-handed sword fighting and especially in dagger fights, but it's a nightmare as soon as shields are involved. Since yours and your opponents shields are on the same side, they are basically useless. In 1v1 combat you use your shield to create openings in the opponents defense, but when you're left-handed the classic techniques don't work. I've found that stabbing is the most effective in this scenario, but it was often not allowed due to safety concerns. There blade is against your open side rather then your shield. Granted from the outside looking in this seem fair because the righties have the same advantage. But a right has no practice against this but a lefties every fight is like this so they have a large upper hand in combat. This is coming from my personal experience in the SCA.

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