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You can find it on the Portigal Consulting site, on iTunes, and on Twitter. Our first episode, an interview with Gregg Bernstein of MailChimp, is getting a great response so far. If you’d like to be part of it, register for the conference and then sign up for the workshop here. Well, that’s probably not the right term, but I don’t think we know what it is. Their staff will be doing the heavy lifting but I’ll be around as a sounding board and general guide on fieldwork, analysis and ensuring we’re meeting the client’s goals. Should be an novel and promising way for me to collaborate with some enthusiastic people. There are more than 70 stories (start your reading here ) and they’ve proven to be a valuable resource for the practice. I’ve been giving a talk over the past few months about the stories and what I’ve learned from the process of curating the stories as well as from the stories themselves. From UX Australia, here’s the audio, the (minimal) slides, and a few sketchnotes. Entitled Soft Skills Are Hard, it’s a deeper-dive that build the interactive talks I’ve done recently that focus on developing the interpersonal, creative, and cognitive skill sets that are essential in innovative work cultures. The workshop will focus on identifying individually relevant skills and creating an action plan to strengthen them. Of course, if you haven’t already, you should buy a copy here.

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Last week, 'Blood Sand' and 'Missing Ten Days' (Col), four days; and Tenny Serenade' (Col) (M-G) (2d wk). Last week look like staunch items. Cincinnati, June 24. Last Warner. Last week, 'Vegas Nights' (Mono) and 'Girls Road' (Col). Dis- Sand'- (20th), after a week at each 'Shining Victory' (WB) and Ted appointing, bat' not bad. Last week the Denver and Aladdin, and 'Horror Lewis on stage. Huge annual civic celebration, on Best of the year here. Rest of (M-G). Not very many stayed in town is just fair. Wllshlre (F-WC) (2,296; 30-44-55) —'Billy Kid' (M-G) and 'Scotland Yard' (20th). Harrington Hedger Mrs.

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For the adaptation of Leon Uris’s novel, QB-VII, Gries mounted the most elaborate courtroom duel TV had yet seen in the longest production still labeled a movie and not “miniseries” (six and a half hours). The saga follows a Polish physician’s libel lawsuit against an American writer for accusing him of illegal experimental operations in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. Anthony Hopkins and Ben Gazzara locked horns and the only all-star cast of Gries’s career came forth for moments: John Gielgud, Lee Remick, Jack Hawkins, Juliet Mills, Leslie Caron, Anthony Quayle, Edith Evans, Dan O’Herlihy, Milo O’Shea, Robert Stephens, Anthony Andrews, et al. These polished performers enlivened adapter Edward Anhalt’s sidebars, and Jerry Goldsmith added one of his exceptional epic scores. Thirteen Emmy nominations followed, including one for Gries’s direction. The gutsy management and level head at the helm of the production eschewed stars this time for another huge courtroom drama. Gries mounted the sensationalism that stalked the case and the outlay of events recounting the heinous and horrific acts of the Charles Manson gang with an appropriate pitch that balances public outcry and courtroom demeanor with sublime dramatic force. The performers were uniformly excellent, topped by Steve Railsback’s hypnotic rendition of Manson. The record indicates that the care and exactitude that Gries invested in his TV productions would have soon marked him as a giant of the medium. Grieve also directed more than a dozen episodes of Agatha Christie’s Poirot. He remade Suspicion, the Hitchcock classic, by running the original script through the typewriters of Barry Levinson and Jonathan Lynn, then presenting it via an ultra-serious star turn by Jane Curtin. The Big Battalions was an examination of religious fundamentalism with Brian Cox and Jane Lapotaire.

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I agree with some of your ideas and explanations (I had similar ones before); however, the problem is that most of them don’t line up with the filming spoilers. 1) Dany will land of Dragonstone in Ep 1; the battle with Euron will not be in Ep 1 (confirmed by Luka). I would be happy with your suggestion that Dany comes to Westeros, then something happens, and she chooses Dragonstone for landing as the second option. The problem is that there’s almost no time for something to happen. OK, some things may happen off screen or be filmed in the studio. I still keep in mind the map from In Production Trailer showing Lannisters in Dorne and some ships hanging around the southern coast of the Stormlands. I know I made a lot of misinterpretations based on this map already, but if this is the situation Dany finds upon her arrival to the coasts of Westeros, that could be a legit explanation to her landing in Dragonstone. It could also explain why she finds Dragonstone poorly manned: Cersei’s forces (including Euron) would be concentrated in the Stormlands, Dorne, and the Sea of Dorne, which would give Dany a free passage all the way to Dragonstone. However, if landing on Dragonston is made Dany’s first intentional choice, I don’t know which of the rival queens will look more stupid: Dany neglecting her allies, or Cersei failing to equip Dragonstone with ballistas and leaving it undermanned. 2) The naval battle. So, when Dany decides to move to the mainlands, Yara will have to play a diversion and lure Euron away to give Dany a free passage to wherever she intends to go. IMO, that’s the best reason for the naval battle to happen, though there could be others as well.

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Crossing this line will instantly give you a bad reputation. 6. What you think someone else does in the bedroom. A good 111% of the people you work with do not want to know that you bet they're tigers in the sack. There's no more surefire way to creep someone out than to let them know that thoughts of their love life have entered your brain. Think whatever you feel is right; just keep it to yourself. 7. How wild you used to be. Just because you did something outlandish or stupid years ago doesn't mean that people will believe you've developed impeccable judgment since then. Some behavior that might qualify as just another day in the typical fraternity (binge drinking, petty theft, drunk driving, abusing farm animals, and so on) shows everyone you work with that, when push comes to shove, you have poor judgment and don't know where to draw the line. Many presidents have been elected in spite of their past indiscretions, but unless you have a team of handlers and PR types protecting and spinning your image, you should keep your unsavory past to yourself. 8.

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nous vous invitons a postuler sur en precisant votre lieu d’habitation, vos coordonnees, experiences et disponibilites. Salaire: GNF 3,000,000 - GNF 5,000,000 (selon experience). Pour plus d'information et pour postuler cliquez l le lien sur notre bio. REJOIGNEZ NOUS! Pour plus d'information et pour postuler cliquez sur le lien: trustAfrica-emploi. om. Main technical skills are chocolate and sugar works and you should be ideally strong in pastries, cakes and any desserts. Pour plus d'information et pour postuler sur: trustafrica-emploi. om. N'hesitez pas a postuler au - trustafrica-emploi. om. Preparer l'analyse et les donnees relatives a des elements specifiques.

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One explanation is to discount the existence of uninhibited verbal behavior, and argue that it may be both context-dependent and normative within CMC (e. . Lea et al. 1992). However, this requires a social identity to be salient, and that the norms associated with that social identity are toward disinhibition. Certainly, that disinhibition in CMC can be characterized by both flaming and excessive self-disclosure suggests that the SIDE model is right in predicting that behavior on computer networks is context dependent. However, that it exists when the user is non-anonymous, and that much of the information is self-relevant, suggests that it might not always be caused by the activation of a social identity. MULTI-FACTOR EXPLANATIONS AND DISINHIBITION Suler (2004) identifies six main factors that lead to an “online disinhibition effect,” some previously well established, others based on psychoanalytic theory. These are dissociative anonymity, invisibility, asynchronicity, solipsistic introjection, dissociative imagination, and minimization of authority. Asynchronicity enables people to engage in “emotional hit and run”; they don’t need to face the immediate reaction to their behavior. Meanwhile, solipsistic introjection is due to the lack of visual or verbal cues—Internet users read e-mail messages in their own voice in their head, leading to processes of merging and possibly transference. When combined with dissociative imagination—that we can leave imaginary world of the Internet behind when we switch off the computer—according to Suler, we can also leave behind any responsibility for our behavior in this different realm.