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Nijar denied any improper behaviour and denounced the postgrad as mad and a liar. The postgrad then produced photos of all three of them in bed together. Nijar refused to resign and called on the assistance of the union to keep her in her job. Nijar’s male partner then arrived on University premises and told the postgrad to shut her mouth or he’d shut it for her. The Professor of Sociology was left to deal with this thug in order to protect students. Then Nijar and her partner managed to manipulate a few people into believing that they’d been mistreated by Bangor University, so those people began circulating rumours blaming innocent parties for the now unholy mess. Nijar and her partner were nuts and nasty, Roy King positively attracted such poisonous people and then departed for Cambridge, leaving Bangor to pick up the pieces in the face of a corrupt union rep who knew damn well that Nijar should have been dismissed on multiple grounds. Ralph Fevre left for dear old Cardiff, the former home of Howard Jones and Mark Drakeford. Ralph is now Professor of Social Sciences at Cardiff University. Ralph recently wrote a blog about bullying in the workplace and the need to value individuals. Some of Ralph’s former colleagues would I imagine be entertained by that blog, but then Cardiff University might have something to say to Ralph if he wrote a blog about how to behave like a total scumbag and bag a Chair at Cardiff. By the way Ralph, do you remember when I wrote that book proposal years ago and one of your mates recommended that I should send it to you in your capacity as the commissioning editor of the series. So weeks later I wrote to you again and it was a case of ooh dear, I forgot about your proposal and now the deadline’s gone. Ah well never mind Ralph, I was told that you were a cheating bastard who had done it deliberately because Cardiff didn’t want anything high quality coming out of early career researchers at Bangor. Fortunately University of Wales Press were sufficiently impressed that they offered me a contract anyway and they subsequently published my book outside of the series which you ensured only included volumes written by your mates or people working at Cardiff.


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1st Screening: Friday, January 23rd, 11:30 AM. MINUTES Sundance trailer from marc silver on Vimeo. 3 ? MINUTES ? Director: Marc Silver. An unarmed 17-year-old Jordan Russell Davis was shot at a Jacksonville gas station by Michael David Dunn in late 2012 and 3. Minutes explores the aftermath of the tragedy, the unseen effects of racism and the contradictions of the American criminal justice system. Most timely tale. U. . Documentary Competition. 1st Screening: Saturday, January 24th, 6 PM. Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Domhnall Gleeson, Emory Cohen, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent. The Nick Hornby-scripted tale takes place in 1950s Ireland where two men make tough decisions comprising duty and true love, and love of country. Premieres Section.


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When I was elected to this office, America imported 11 million barrels of oil a day. Through these and other steps, by a little more than a decade from now, we will have cut that by one third. And by doing so, we’re going to make our economy less vulnerable to wild swings in oil prices. We’re going to use cleaner sources of energy that don’t imperil our climate. And we’re going to spark new products and businesses all over the country by tapping America’s greatest renewable resource: our ingenuity. This week, we learned that the economy added 230,000 private sector jobs last month. That makes 1. million private sector jobs created in the last thirteen months. That’s a good sign. But we have to keep up the momentum, and transitioning to a clean energy economy will help us do that. It will ensure that the United States of America is home to the jobs and industries of tomorrow. Nothing will be agreed to until everything is agreed to. We can’t afford it when the costs to our economy, our country, and our planet are so high. Not when your generation needs us to get this right. It’s time to do what we can to secure our energy future.


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This was “Green Bay's first photoplay theater presenting entire programs of pictures only,” reported the Green Bay Press-Gazette some years later. The Post would become the Princess and then become the YWCA in 1916. Washington and continued there until burning to the ground in May 1920. The fire broke out at 9:35 p. . when film got stuck in the projector and burst into flames that quickly spread through the house. Three hundred people were inside the theater at the time, though all escaped without injury. In 1910, Goldman opened a second picture house, the Comet — named for Halley's Comet — at 310 N. Washington. In 1912, Goldman also opened the Colonial Theater, 106-108 N. Washington, which, according to the Press-Gazette, was “the first motion picture theater in northern Wisconsin” — suggesting a new-found sophistication for “moving pictures. In 1911, Goldman then opened the Gem Theater at 318-320 W. Washington and maintained a full symphony orchestra and played featured films of the era, such as “Birth of a Nation. It was then converted into a vaudeville and variety house, before returning to movies in 1923. In 1921, the Strand opened its doors on the site of the former Royal Theater and continued operations as the Time Theater, 1952-1961, before resuming as the Strand.


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Dystopian images abound, including Rubber Man arriving to taunt unassuming youngsters. Then the first footage of the Coven witches arrives, as well as old footage of returning Murder House characters Constance Langdon and Ben and Violet Harmon. Offering longer looks at the returning witches and new characters (including the comical duo of Grossman and Eichner), the most telling reveal from the trailer is a new world for those who survive the apocalypse that is run by Paulson's Venable. The Hollywood Reporter, LLC is a subsidiary of Prometheus Global Media, LLC. As usual, the season saw a huge amount of deaths, many in extremely disgusting and gruesome ways. As we near the end, Winter is dead following a stand-out performance by Billie Lourd this season, but the final showdown between Sarah Paulson's Ally and Evan Peters's Kai was definitely worth the wait, even if the final episode felt a little anticlimactic. Here's everything we learned from the final installment of Cult. 1) It's 2018 and Kai is in prison. The episode begins with a flash-forward to a maximum security prison in Jackson, Michigan sometime in 2018. A female prison guard opens her shirt to show Kai her breasts following a pinky-swear induction with the cult leader. They're interrupted by two other inmates who ask Kai to take a walk with them. Then, Charles Manson ( also played by Evan Peters ) shows up and instructs Kai to murder the second inmate. Speaking to a possible new recruit, Kai reveals that in his 11 months inside, his movement has recruited 16 men and counting. Kai explains that since he's not a strong man, he's made it his business to know everything about everyone, making him one of the most powerful people in there. However, Kai calls off the night, stating that while ambitious, it's impossible to murder that many pregnant women.


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. Why couldn't she have been wearing Lady Crane's face. Overall, it's the most rushed thing I have ever seen in Game of Thrones. I still don’t understand what his role is supposed to be. Something more relevant than just telling Jon about his parentage, hopefully. And I also thought the Benjen reveal was somewhat wasted. Besides revealing what happened to him, he didn’t add very much at all to Bran or Meera’s characters, or the story as a whole because by the end of the season he abandons them again. Nevertheless the flashbacks were very good, and once again, the final sequence of episode 5 was spectacular. I went into season 6 hoping Tyrion would have more scenes where he plays with dialogue to get his way in politics, as he did in season 2. Here, we only got the scene where he reasons with the masters, which falls flat given that they betray him. It makes me wonder what Daenerys learned by rulling in Meereen, as she seems more ruthless, or as ruthless, by the end. In addition to the negotiations, we got no conclusion to the Kinvara story, awkward talks with Missandei and Grey Worm, and no satisfying resolution to the Sons of the Harpy plot. I say “satisfying resolution” because there was something of a resolution. They were being funded by the masters, now they’re dead, so that’s that, which is not really that fulfilling. Tyrion’s talk with the dragons was a good standalone scene, and like I said, I did like the negotiations, and the reactions of both Missandei and Grey Worm revealed real depth in their personalities, but these moments were too few and far between.


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