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Yes, since early childhood the Yorkshire Dales and the Moors were all in easy reach. In my career as a teacher I was involved in outdoor pursuits, mountain leadership, sailing and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and encouraged young people to explore the Northern Uplands. On my arrival in Dorset I established a group and Dartmoor was our fix for expeditions. I still enjoy the many local coastal walks and the West Dorset countryside and combine this with my love of painting landscapes and seascapes. We live on a beautiful planet, which we all need to get out more and enjoy. STEPHEN Yates is a keen traveller and painter living and working in Beaminster after retiring from a career of over 40 years in teaching. He grew up in North Yorkshire and qualified as a teacher, graduating from Nottingham University in 1974, and became head of art and design at Colfox School. He now runs a small business venture called arti2 and is currently trekking across the Great Wall of China. ? I UNDERSTAND you have taken part in Dorset Art Weeks and Sculptures By the Lake, how did you get into art. At the age of about seven I became aware that I had a gift and was often chosen to do special work at school. My mother spent hours with me as a child and still encourages me. As a full-time teacher one gets little time to explore one’s own work, so after retirement three years ago I began working much harder at my own work. The exposure to galleries and exhibitions has gradually increased and I was selected to take part in the first UK “Quick Draw” painting at Sculpture by The Lakes. I had to paint a large canvas in 90 minutes, which was auctioned that evening. ARE you currently working towards any exhibitions in the near future. Just local exhibitions but belonging to a project called “Interrogating Landscapes and Seascapes” is an exciting challenge with many other artists involved. It would be great if gallery owners spent as much time and effort as artists to look at emerging artists too.

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Martin’s book are adapted. Rather than distilling the secrets of the plot from Martin, David Benioff and D. . Weiss have elected to fill in the blanks themselves, creating a sort of alternate universe, similar to when Biff took the Almanac back to 1955. Dialogue sees the most change but much of what is depicted is the same. The fallout of Tyrion Lannister’s murder of his father, Tywin, dictates the episode, whether it be Cersei cursing Jaime for freeing him or Varys’ attempts to coerce the Imp into helping Daenarys Targaryen ascend to the throne. Readers of the books will recognise much of what happens and what it’s leading to. The show has often changed details for dramatic or visual purposes. An early change was that Robb Stark did not wed Jeyne Westerling, but instead falls for a woman named Talisa Maegyr. This is important because the Westerling family are Lords of The Crag in the Westerlands, making them sworn to the Warden of the West, Tywin Lannister. Thus Robb’s marriage to Jeyne is not just disrespectful to Walder Frey but is also a betrayal of the Westerlings against Tywin Lannister. By naming the girl Maegar, this aspect of the marriage was removed. Furthermore, Robb didn’t bring Jeyne to the Red Wedding so she actually survives whereas Talisa Maegar was killed. That fight, as awesome as it was, never happens in the novels. Brienne never came that close to finding Arya, with the Hound dying from a wound he received much earlier. Purists might reject the change but the scene was very enjoyable. The only problem is that a change like that has consequences. Arya refuses to go with Brienne, causing the latter to lament her efforts in the season 5 opener.

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The beauty and truth quarks are often called 'bottom' and 'top' respectively. The first verse goes: Ma's out, Pa's out, let's talk rude. Let's write rude words all down the street; Stick out our tongues at the people we meet; Let's have an intellectual treat. It contains biographical facts such as when they were born, what title(s) they hold, who they're married to, children, relationships to other peers, etc. For example, under 'Westminster, Duke of' it will give details of when the title was created, who has held it and who holds it now. The idea is to either (1) break the other person's egg, thereby eliminating them from the competition (although this can be risky, since your own egg may also break) or (2) to get your egg to just hit someone else's, in which case you win their egg. It has a tripod and a trigger mechanism, which can be operated either by a tripwire or, when the operator doesn't want to miss the fun, manually. Since iron is anathema to elves, they obviously can't have haemoglobin-based red blood. Copper-based (green) blood is used by some Earth animals, notably crayfish, so it's an obvious alternative. It's not a mound, but a chalk-cut figure on a hillside; the turf was scraped away to expose the chalk underneath, outlining a standing giant 70 meters tall. The wolf Fenris, one of Loki's monster children, will one day break free from his chains and eat the sun. See the last part of Richard Wagner's Ring cycle for details. It's invariably galvanised iron -- ie, zinc dipped. We've had to take some very gentle action in the past and the trademarking is a precautionary measure -- it's too late to do it when you're knee-deep in lawyers. But -- I stress -- it's not done to discourage fans, or prevent the general usage of Discworld, etc, in what I'd loosely call fandom. We wondered about the cover 'giving away half the plot' and decided to go with it -- especially since Josh got the Gonne exactly right from the description. But I'd say it's pretty obvious VERY early in the book what sort of thing we're dealing with. Lancelot 'Capability' Brown (1715-1783) actually existed, and was a well known landscape gardener and architect.

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When the rice is ready, an email is sent out to inviting people to eat the rice. Anna is listed as Director, other artists a listed as dept heads, mimicking the institutional model. There are depts of Artificial Life, Neurofeedback, cross species communication and so on. The project is both web based and event based via interactive performances. Some artists take on the role of a scientist in almost a performative way and some scientists equally take on the role of artist. Attitudes to science, medicine and art have changed over the last five hundred years, in that whilst Science has become more formalized, Art has become increasingly less so. In the last months Second Life has seen many famous names and brands of the real world coming into its virtual spaces. The Reuters news agency has opened a virtual editorial office, IBM decided to test here its v-business (virtual business) idea. Many other events as lectures, talks (Lawrence Lessig), concerts (Suzanne Vega) has packed the SL dwellers agenda. So an interactive audio installation couldn't be missed. A certain Robbie Dingo (this is the name of the homonymous British sound designer avatar) programmed his WhisperBox (a 21st Century Folk Song). Tones and rhythms are directly influenced by the conversation progress. Furthermore WhisperBox provides also a visualization form of the spoken words, appearing near each avatar in a sort of 3D balloon. The displayed text then is an echo of the previous conversations. Her work resides at the intersection of Internet art, performance and multi-media installation. The facade was converted into a climing wall with oversized keyboard keys and buttons as a input interface for a computer. The visitors who participated in Teleklettergarten passed through a trainee programm and where trained as software developers. Through physical commitment the climbers and the programmers collaboratively inputed code into an oversized programming environment.

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If you’ve ever seen Adobe Animate (formerly Flash), you’ll feel at home. If not, the app might take longer to get to grips with, but you’re helped along by built-in tutorials and Core Animator’s usable, logical interface. You can adjust each one’s position, rotation, scale, and opacity, and Core Animator deals with all the frames in between. It’s worth noting there are no drawing tools, so you must import elements created elsewhere. The app also demands time and patience, but give it both and you can end up with superb results. Best iPad apps 2018: download these now techradar. om. The company wants to let users get an Ubuntu Linux virtual machine running on its Hyper-V virtualization on top of Windows 10 with only three mouse clicks. Microsoft also said that a standard Ubuntu VM would support full clipboard functionality, better mouse experience, window resizing, drive redirection, as well as other essential features. And they're providing us with a sneak peek if you want to try out Canonical's upcoming Ubuntu 18. 4 LTS (Bionic Beaver) operating system inside a virtual machine via Hyper-V’s Quick Create VM gallery. But you should keep in mind that this feature is currently under development, and some bugs might be present here and there. For this, you need to follow the tutorial provided by Microsoft in their blog post (link above) on how to set up an Ubuntu VM running in Hyper-V with Enhanced Session Mode. If you plan on using Ubuntu as a VM on Windows 10, Microsoft would like to get some feedback from you on how satisfied you are with the entire Linux VM experience. Ubuntu 18. 4 LTS (Bionic Beaver) Enters Feature Freeze, First Beta Lands March 8 news. oftpedia. om.