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o. k for details. And for the UK, it is simulcast at 2am on Sky Atlantic on Monday morning. If you can't stay up that late, it is repeated at 9pm later that night. Some of the 'spoilers' you may encounter in season six may not be spoilers at all. He might've insisted over and over and over again that his alter ego was gone for good, but still, it didn't come as a huge surprise when Kit Harington drew breath as Jon Snow at the climax of 'Home'. Even the cast and crew couldn't make up their mind on this. We've had repeated assurances that Snow kicked the bucket, but Carice van Houten and Emilia Clarke weren't so sure. And now we're just upset that he totally lied to us. So now the big question: does Tyrion being the Dragon Whisperer lend credence to those fan theories that he's a secret Targaryen, possibly Daenerys's brother. Bran saw a young Ned Stark training in Winterfell with brother Benjen and sister Lyanna - and we learnt from the flashback that Hodor's real name. is Wylis.


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The monsters, which come to be called “vesps,” may be skeletal-spiny ugly bats but all they really want is some god damned peace and quiet after being awoken from a long nap. Shipka is a talented, ascendant actress but her inclusion as a hearing-impaired character puts both the actor and the viewer in a tough spot. When Shipka’s Ally verbally communicates for the first time, the audience has to brace itself to see if the movie will attempt the uncomfortable mistake of having Shipka approximate a “deaf voice. She does not, likely because her character is recentlyimpaired, but still, why take the audience out of the movie to have to even consider it. Acting is a kind of communication between an audience and an actor, and in not casting a hearing-impaired actor in the role, The Silence puts Shipka and the viewer in an awkward place (An Awkward Place, if you will). And I should know having seemingly exclusively reviewed Netflix’s horror and post-apocalyptic disasters. In fact, once The Silence actually gets around to telling the story it wants to tell, it does so rather capably. The Silence ’s second half includes some legitimately inventive applications of its silent horror concept. Monsters are dispatched in creative ways and the characters show real competency and mettle when it comes to silent problem-solving. Even the now perfunctory “humans are the real monsters” villains are fairly interesting. And those remaining 50 minutes are so granularly focused as to not feel like a feature film at all. In fact, most of The Silence feels episodic - right down to its bafflingly TV opening credits style intro, which look like a mashup of the True Blood and Doom Patrol openers.