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Skewing stereotypes of women in the British-Pakistani community, it sees a group of empowered young girls forming an impromptu band in the kitchen, rallying against a patriarchal perception of how they should behave. It still seems to be prevalent that many women don’t have a voice and are confined within the homes, ” explains Hussain Manawer. The instruments found in the kitchen by the women act as their weapons to fight against oppression from society and toxic masculinity. The kitchen in the video represents the haven some women found solace in to survive within these environments. . He’s an accomplished poet who has opened the stage for the likes of Ellie Goulding and Cher, as well as headlined sold-out shows in London’s Omeara and The Jazz Cafe. He also recently became the youngest recipient of an honorary fellowship (from Kings College London) ever in the UK. The film has made a casting coup as it brings together two of the most exciting superstars of today, Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan to pair up for the first time. Mauji and Mamta are salt of the earth characters and these characters gave our duo the chance to really push themselves as actors, ” explained Maneesh Sharma. He added, “ As performers there’s a certain yin and yang to their approach to the craft and that reflects in their amazing chemistry on screen. . And luckily, both of them agreed to do the film and they have done a remarkable job which everyone will get to see on September 28. . A documentary by critically acclaimed British Muslim filmmaker, writer, producer and director, Abrar Hussain, the film tells the extraordinary story of the Haram in Mecca (Makkah), and will be shown in 23 cities around the UK. The documentary was shot at 4k resolution using a variety of ground-based, helicopter, and drone video recordings to provide a beautiful and highly detailed viewing experience. It is a place so revered by the Islamic world that non-Muslims are forbidden to enter. At present, the Haram hosts over five million people each year, especially during the time of the Hajj, a requirement of one of the five pillars of Islam, whereby all able-bodied Muslims must travel to the holy city. The DVD comes in a see through white plastic case, with a clear band window running on either side. This lets us catch a glance of the real case cover, which has Gandhi in white, illuminated by the multitudes of men chanting beside him and around him.

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Chindambaram has of a little knowledge about Jammu and Kashmir State and the circumstance under which Jammu and Kashmir acceded to Indian Union. He added that it was Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir who signed the Instrument of Accession, of course, that was endorsed by Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah who was a popular leader only of Kashmir Valley but had no following in Jammu and Ladakh regions and said that no condition was attached at the time of accession by Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. He further said that Mr. Chidambaram, though, remained Home Minister of India is ignorant of the geography, demography, psyche and aspirations of the people of all the regions of Jammu and Kashmir State. Prof. Virender said that Kashmir is not Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmir constitutes merely about 15 percent area of Jammu and Kashmir State, that is presently with India whereas it has population less than 50 percent of the State Population. He further said that, People of Jammu and Ladakh regions are against granting any autonomy to the State, instead they plead for removal of article 370 and consider it as hindrance in the progress and development of the state and bringing the people of Kashmir into National mainstream and added that the article contributed in the alienation of the people of Jammu and Kashmir State. He said that even in the Valley there is a good population of Gujjar Bakkarwals, Shia Muslims who constitute 45% of Kashmir population and a good proportion among Sunni Muslims who support the Indian cause and do not support either Azadi or Jammu and Kashmir as part of Pakistan. Nehru who was instrument in the introduction of article 370 in Indian constitution and made 1952 agreement with Sheikh. He said that Sheikh Abdullaha later on started hob nobbing with western powers to make Jammu and Kashmir as an independent State, out of the Indian territory as a result Pt. The Spokesperson said that granting the so called the grant autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir amounts to ignoring the aspirations of the people of Ladakh and Jammu regions and a large nationalist population of Kashmir Valley and added that even the separatists who are inspired by the fundamentalism and propagating Jehad will not be satisfied. Prof. Virender further added that granting grand autonomy shall lead to separation of Jammu and Kashmir (in particular Kashmir) from India. He said that at this juncture efforts should be made to bring peace and normalcy in the valley, dealing the separatists and terrorists with iron hand, however, the ultimate solutions lies in the abrogation of article 370, taking steps to bring the people of Kashmir Valley in the national mainstream. Rajesh Gupta inaugurated a 400 KV transformer at Kanji House MLA Rajesh Gupta inaugurated a 400 KV transformer at Kanji House today in ward no 7 and 15. he installation of the transformer in the area is today is going to benefit the people of Kanji House,Kaleeth Mohalla and Gumat Area. n all 270 households are going to benefit from this transformer. The estimated cost of the transformer is rupees 8 lakhs. The people of these areas have suffered due to low voltage for a long time and with today's installation of the new transformer the y are going to heave a sigh of relief.

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Speaking at the occasion, Minister Manoj Sinha said the government and the TRAI would discuss on the model presented and look forward on the modalities of implementing it in the days ahead. TRAI recommends open-architecture based Wi-Fi services for substantially slashing data rates firstpost. om TRAI moots public Wi-Fi access grid; submits report to telecom min bgr. n TRAI’s latest report on open-architecture based Wi-Fi can bring down data prices gizbot. om TRAI Recommends Open-Architecture Based Wi-Fi for Low-Cost Services gadgets. dtv. om. But, as per a new report, that is set to change for good. Rumours suggest the Mountain View-based tech giant is looking to launch a new inexpensive mid-range smartphone series that is codenamed Desire. This is of particular interest as HTC's mid-range smartphones also bear the Desire moniker. Additionally, Google had recently acquired a major chunk of HTC's mobile engineering division to boost the Pixel range of smartphones. According to a report by Chinese blog Qooah, Google's upcoming Desire series of mid-range smartphones might be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 600 and Snapdragon 700 series of mobile SoCs. The flagship Pixels will continue to be powered by the Snapdragon 800 series. Additionally, the report also reveals that the upcoming Google mid-range Pixel handset will run Android Go out-of-the-box. The company, back in December last year, announced the arrival of Android Oreo (Go Edition) that is supposed to power phones with less than 1GB RAM. Before Google shifted to the premium Pixel brand, the tech giant used to sell comparatively inexpensive Nexus smartphones that offered the same clutter-free Android experience for purists. With this expected mid-range lineup, the company might be looking to regain the audience that it lost in competing with premium market leaders such as Apple and Samsung. To recap, the Google Pixel 2 and google mid range smartphones desire pixel android go debuted back in October 2017. Both variants offer significant upgrades in terms of camera, software integration, and performance compared to their predecessors.


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If you have no answers, how do you know earth is flat. What would a flat earth do for your life in general. Have you not got any answers from any of your flat earth heros like Jeranism. I remember that being said and expected Sly to refine that comment rather than just leaving it hanging. But here we are. Jan Verschueren 7 aylar once Good one, Charles, I was about to say he probably misunderstood or misinterpreted something Sly said, rather than conciously tried to twist his words. Remember, we're talking about someone who doesn't understand basic things about the natural world here, not a captivated audience. Tommy Gronvold 7 aylar once That's a strange trait at flattards, they need every little detail fed to them with teaspoons, but DAMN they are experts af finding other tiny details and blow them out of proportions. Sleeping Warrior 7 aylar once I hope you pass this message on to Shawn and GeoStreber dude. EBL vrai monde 6 aylar once Sly. t didnt work out for him in the UK when collared for not having a CPC licence and also lying about His tacho card. see no reason why anything should work out for such a slimy scuzzball. Sly Sparkane 6 aylar once So. Riley. you threaten Shawn with a lawsuit for slander because you got caught in a lie again. How many times have you been busted LYING about me. I hope that gumball machine lawyer degree works out for ya. Nathan has an open hangout daily and you refuse to join. So.

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The Ritual follows four friends who trek along northern Sweden’s Kungsleden trail as a tribute to a fifth friend, who was recently murdered in a convenience store. The death especially weighs on Luke ( Prometheus’ Rafe Spall), whose drunken belligerence put his buddy in harm’s way in the first place. Luke is also the member of the group who realizes that, after discovering a wooden deer altar in an abandoned house along their unadvised detour, the group is being haunted by more than memories. Like a unique mix of Euro-horror and The Hills Have Eyes, The Ritual twists a familiar journey with creature-feature instincts to keep the genre fresh. - Matt Patches. OK, OK, stop imagining: Train to Busan is better than anything you’ll come up with. Propulsive, bloody and glimmering with the dark whimsy particular to Korean cinema, animator-turned-live-action-director Yeon Sang-ho’s take on the zombie apocalypse wears its heart on its sleeve. It’s a people story trapped in a high-speed rail train, where the only hope of escape is a well-timed leap into the baggage shelf. So maybe it’s time to catch up with this one to see what all the fuss is about. A seemly standard story about a haunted house and demonic possession, The Conjuring is an unrepentantly old-school horror in the vein of The Amityville Horror. It balances out a checklist of classic spooks — eerie mirrors, children acting creepy, dark basements — with enough twists to remain engaging and consistently up the levels of intensity throughout. The cast is full of “oh, I know them! faces, including Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston, and horror-veteran Lili Taylor. The cast (and especially Farmiga) turn out excellent performances, which is the key to the movie’s successful thrills; the acting grounds the otherwise familiar tropes. - Jenna Stoeber. That’s the goal of the anthology film Holidays, and it’s hard to choose which segment is the most successful. Those who liked the unsettling atmosphere of It Follows may be drawn to “Father’s Day,” while monster fans will find terror in “Easter. From the body horror of “Mother’s Day” to the (literal) torture-porn of “Halloween,” every short, potent story hits its mark and doesn’t overstay its welcome. So even if you don’t like one, another holiday is just around the corner.