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He’s filming around one of the days that below “outlaw band” members are so he may be connected to them. He is required to have a Northern or Midland English accent and appears in one episode. Lachlan: He’s the big leader of a group of renegades who have turned on the land that they swore to protect. The group is using religion to justify terrorizing and extorting what they need from the people of the countryside. Japeth: Another member of the outlaw band is this lieutenant. He’s a “rough-and-ready type” with a strong physical presence, also appearing two episodes. Legendary Fighter: A man in his thirties or forties who is a great swordsman and a paragon of knighthood. Lord of Noble Northern House: (Casting age anywhere between 25-50) The lord is a savage warrior, and he rules a distinguished house in the very far North, and the role is said to be an impactful one. He’s described as a massive bear of a man with a beard and temper to match, and hatred that run deep, and he can be violent. The show’s looking for someone with a powerful physique who can tower over other cast members, a Northern English Accent and specifies he has to be at least 180 cm tall. Lord of Northern Stronghold: The show’s looking for an actor in his late thirties or forties to play another lord, one that’s ruthless and calculating. The frightening lord rules a vassal household with a castle stronghold. He’ll be in 3 episodes this year, with 20 days of filming this summer and fall. Hunter: He’s a rough army officer on the hunt appearing in an action scene with main cast, in one episode. Submissive Maester: The show’s casting a maester in his twenties- a timid young maester. Green Recruit: A young man with one line and one day of filming in August. Housemaid: She’s the motherly nanny (with a tight whip) to a large household. The show wants an actress between the ages of 45-65 with a Northern English Accent. Father: He’s tough and old, an alpha male patriarch. The show is looking for a man with a Northern English Accent.


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Dany, I think, only wants to rule because she thinks it's her Targaryen destiny - a destiny she has to fulfill because her brother couldn't. They both want to help people, but if they manage to end the war over the throne and defeat the white walkers, won't that goal be accomplished. I think the discovery that Jon is actually a Targaryen is going to have a profound effect on both of them. Jon has never felt like he truly belonged with the Starks, and Dany never bonded with Viserys, the only family she's known. For them to find each other and realize that they're each other's family now- I could see them leaving it all behind and starting fresh, especially after the upcoming trauma they are sure to experience. If the council they choose has people they trust, I believe they might finally give up their hero roles and choose a quiet place to spend the rest of their lives. It would fit Sam himself in S8 to a T, re: Dickon Crisp. I'd bet that's how they're going to settle the issue -at first, and then he'll know Dany for who she is. I know the show white-washed book! yrion but this is the first I'm realising that even show! yrion gets the whitewashing treatment. Dany might very well be capable of doing just this. Dany chose to build her army and conquer Westros after she was told she wouldn't be able to bare more children. She may have been sold to Drogo, but she grew to love him and wanted to be his Queen and have their child. She wanted that. If she is presented with the opportunity to marry Jon, have his children, and leave to build a better life for their child, she might just take it. Invade this shit, kill the fuck out of Cersei, hook up with that sexy Jon Snow, save the world from ice zombies and call it a day. One thing I admire about Cersei even though I hate her guts is her ruthless, single minded determination to win and not let anything stop her. But realistically she has to to WIN first before she can fix things and help people and if she has to burn things down for the greater good then so be it. If anything, they scrapped all Dany's efforts at political growth in Mereen for Badass-Dany-on-Dragon-Burns-Her-Way-Through-Mereen.


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With MOZA Mini-S, a user can enjoy the convenience of a hassle-free set-up and spend more time on your filming. Screenings will take place in China, New Zealand, and Australia. Get your film in before midnight tonight to be a part of TSFF 2019. There was a cool Church activity where they imitated the rules of the cooking show Chopped. This worldwide growth is one of the surest signs that the mobile moviemaking revolution is real. To honor and support the important work done by such festivals, we’ll regularly give them shoutouts here. Entries can be in any genre with a maximum run-time of 10 minutes. For more information, visit the FilmFreeway website. Making movies and videos with smartphones to share stories. Its long battery timing and compact gripy design will help you shoot whole day without a hitch. Its focus pulling dial will help you capture vertigo effect and many more cool transitions as well. I think what caught my attention was the message of hard work ethic and adding value first. These are philosophies and principles that I personally live by. He sent them to an old friend, who was a professional actor. That is the beginning of the backstory to Blue Moon, a feature film shot with an iPhone 7 in New Zealand. The director, Stef Harris is our guest on the SBP Podcast episode 54. This amazing company is so influenual in the field of smartphone filmmaking. Having sponsored us for year one it is so great to have them back for year 3. Botello Productions proudly present the: THREE MINUTES OR LESS MOBILE FILM CHALLENGE. If film is a powerful tool to influence the society, what would you do as a filmmaker to make the world a better place.

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