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249 Mon inconnue Comedy Directed by: Hugo Gelin With: Francois Civil, Edith Scob, Avant Strangel When Raphael first met Olivia in high school, it was love at first sight. After a huge argument between the couple, Raphael wakes up in parallel life as an unmarried, ping pong. Read more. Today - Kinepolis Imagibraine 19:45 French ver. 256 Shazam! Action, Fantasy Directed by: David F. Today - Kinepolis Imagibraine ( Thursday ). 298 The Kid who would be King Fantasy, Adventure Directed by: Joe Cornish With: Rebecca Ferguson, Tom Taylor, Patrick Stewart A band of kids embark on an epic quest to thwart a medieval menace. Today - Kinepolis Imagibraine ( Thursday ). 305 After Drama, Romantic 17 April 2019 Directed by: Jenny Gage With: Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Josephine Langford. Based on Anna Todd's best-selling YA novel, which became a publishing sensation on fan fiction sharing site Wattpad, AFTER follows Tessa (Langford), a dedicated student, dutiful daughter and loyal girlfriend to her high school sweetheart, as she enters her first semester in college. Armed with. Read more. Today - Kinepolis Imagibraine ( Friday ). She also recommends some of the shorts in the all-woman directed anthology XX. AND WHY? 2017-05-11 01:00:12 Only one year late but worth the wait. We discuss The Witch, The Walking Dead, The Crucible, It's Alive, See No Evil, Wait Until Dark, Southbound, Scenic Route, American Mary, and more.

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His most recent, Workbench Songs (Sept. 15, 2006), found him writing with Nashville veterans Crowell, Gary Nicholson, Lee Roy Parnell, Darrell Scott, and Verlon Thompson, while never losing sight of his meticulous song construction. “Sometimes you just get stuck,” admits Clark. “I’ve been doing this for 35, 40 years, and you finally run out of your own bullshit. When you’re throwing stuff back and forth between two people, you actually have to say the words out loud. Heartworn Highways (Snapper UK) A 1981 film that does an exceptional job of capturing the scene that sprung up around the Clark’s dining-room table. SQUARE DANCE LESSONS What do you know, it is hip to be square. Get some low-impact dance and exercise, and the first two sessions are free. Thursdays, 7:30pm. South Austin Senior Activity Center, 3911 Manchaca, 288-0018. FLYING KNIVES FOR RED CROSS Local media celebrities juggle the knives and sear the beef to help the Red Cross do its job during these hurricane-riddled months. Featured guest panelist Judy Shepherd. Wed. Sat. Sept. 10-13. Austin Convention Center, 500 E. Let’s put on a show!

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Thanks Lorenz Lin 2 anni fa Oh no, rest in peace my friend. Jasmin Hamel 2 anni fa Aemon was great RIP theOrder1814 2 anni fa Pete i sub to your new channel, also do you think Kingslanding scenes will use alot of CGI or mix with real ruins set and CGI for areas devestated by the wildfire. Jedi Master Cheryl, PhD 2 anni fa Speaking of cast members who are readers of the book series - have you heard if Harry Lloyd (Viserys) is a book reader. He is the great-grandson of Charles Dickens and an extremely well educated man, so if anyone else of the cast has read the books, I would expect he has. Does anyone know? Kerri McDonald 2 anni fa Sorry, I forgot to mention Connor MacGregor. And with that tattoo, makes me wonder if a certain Horn might be showing up. Kerri McDonald 2 anni fa Not to take away from your channel, but the channel RAWRIST did an awesome Memorial video for Peter Vaughn(Maester Aemon). Check it out! Kerri McDonald 2 anni fa Great video. I'm LOVING the paparazzi for taking these AWESOME pics. Aegon Targaryen 2 anni fa He was not a secret Targaryen lol Pete Peppers 2 anni fa He was alive long enough that no one really knew he was a Targaryen anymore. Glory Hog 2 anni fa looks like the dead dothraki and lannisters are going to be raised as wights. hy else bother with foot make up. I hear a wight is brought south. nd wights came back from the dead in castle black in season 1. wouldn't discount the idea ekulerudamuru 2 anni fa Brent Carlson this battle is way over south, not WW there, yet. The Man 2 anni fa Great video Mr peppers can't wait for your new channel Joe Stars 2 anni fa I don't understand.

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Lovecraft to Clive Barker (in space! , shakes the viewer up, and leaves their nerves a little bit frazzled. One can only imagine how many times this sequence had to revisit the MPAA ratings board before the movie earned an R-rating. King Kong (1933) About halfway through Kong's wild rampage through the streets of New York, he grabs a hold of one very unfortunate man, sticks him into his mouth, takes a few chomps, and (apparently realizing that humans are too chewy) tosses the screaming man to the ground. But if you saw this sequence when you were six years old, yeah, it's 100% pure nightmare fuel. I also felt bad for the native who got squashed back on Skull Island. This is the valuable lesson I learned from David Cronenberg's Scanners, which more than capably illustrates how much telekinetic rage has been bottled up inside the snarling lunatic played (quite awesomely) by Michael Ironside. The Exorcist novelist William Peter Blatty directed this movie, and you wonder why he never made another horror flick. Not only are people highly grossed out by the idea of parasites, but director Ridley Scott amplified that fear by a thousand percent when he had a freaky phallic intruder burst his way out of John Hurt's body. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre While this undisputed classic of indie horror is not nearly as gory as its reputation suggests (seriously; watch it again) it has its gruesome moments. You don't need tons of blood and gore to present an unsettling kill scene, and that's part of what makes this movie so damn scary, even 40 years later. Zombi 2 Lucio Fulci's zombie classic has memorable moments to spare (shark vs. Experts agree this sequence ranks among the nastiest in the annals of ocular nastiness. But the most iconic death scene arrives as our young hero tries to escape from a spooky mausoleum. Just as an unhappy villain is about to accost him, a silver sphere flies in from out of nowhere, sinks its blades into the man's hand, and drills his brains(? onto the floor in an oddly colorful spray. The scene struck a chord with the horror fans; Coscarelli's silver sphere would return in no less than four more Phantasm sequels. The Omen Long before the slasher franchises came along and made murder the artistic centerpieces of entire movies, Richard Donner's The Omen managed to cook up a whole series of morbidly memorable dispatches.

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Someone asks a sensitive question: does Sansa know about the results of the Summit. When the meeting ends, Theon asks if he can speak to Jon alone. Dany grants it. She has some things she’d like to discuss with Jon later, privately. Exit Dany. When they have the room to themselves, Theon points out that Jon almost scuttled the whole summit by telling Cersei the truth about his submission to Dany. He risked the thing that was most important to him in the name of honesty, even knowing what that degree of honesty cost his father. He envies Jon. Doing the right thing has always come so easy for him. Every step he takes is always right. “It’s not. It may seem that way from the outside, but promise you, it’s not true. For him, there always seemed to be an impossible choice at the bottom of it. Betrayed his memory. “I did. “But you couldn’t get rid of him. The Theon who risked his life to save Sansa’s life, the Theon who gave up his own claim to support his sister those things are a part of who you are, as much as anything else you’ve done. “But the things I’ve done” “Some of them were terrible.