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Since 2005, I have worked at the top two post production houses in Istanbul giving services to production houses, creative agencies, local and international directors and directors of photography. ( DOPs). As I have witnessed drastic changes through the course of film making, I gained enormous experience and knowledge through the years of my role as an assistant and becoming a lead colourist. As I am lucky to be able to start my career at such More. Jaspreet’s work is always looking into dark corners, developing creative concepts and finding the light. He has also directed over 100 videos of renowned artists of Punjab and leading labels like Universal, Tips, Speed Records, Sony Music, T-Series and others. Year to date he has successfully handled complete Post production of over 1500 music videos, short films, corporate ads, and documentaries. Jaspreet’s first renowned feature film “ Fateh” in More. Burbank California, United States Post Production Stereoscopic 3D Audio Stereoscope Digital Intermediates Stereoscopic 3D Audio Editing Powered by a Quantel 3D Pablo system that offers real-time output of simultaneous high-resolution stereo streams. With resolutions up to 4K, the Pablo provides a totally integrated and powerful, non-linear environment for assembly, editing, conform, effects, titling, color grading and spacilization of digital stereoscopic images. The Pablo is ideal for 2D and 3D feature films and other data intensive projects requiring specialty looks, multiple effects and color grading. More. Once more we venture into the ever delightful animation of 2Snacks. Not much to really add or say in this description besides go give'm some love for all the great work! D. OC Reference:. (Art is a guaranteed way to my heart and some kind of featuring. P). Looking forward to watching his 3D animation and 2D animation skills improve:).

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I haven't heard of someone spoiling both the books AND the show for themselves before. It's seemed likely that he has an end game other than simply conquering Westeros, but I didn't know exactly what it was. He is by far one of the most interesting characters. It'll be a shame if they leave him out of the show. Just an interesting discussion while waiting years for the next book to come out. Euron doesn't need it in my opinion, but I could see how it could happen. A few would work and could be used for good reason (including Euron as Daario), but many are unnecessary or other means could be used to accomplish the same ends (it is fantasy after all). No to Nicholas hoult as he doesn't really match that well. I think the show will use it just because it's more chaos. Anybody remember other scenes that weren't in the books that were well played? Anybody remember other scenes that weren't in the books that were well played. Total knight to knight class, but still letting Mormont know he's done. His conviction and defiance of the odds is so convincing. Completely agree. Thorne in that episode was fantastically done. He also teased he is considering a big plot twist he had never thought of before involving a few characters that could not be put into the show because of the events that have already unfolded for a character. This just further makes me want the books regardless of whether the show outcome is still pretty much the same. Her father is the head of House Baratheon of Dragonstone and has declared himself King on the Iron Throne. Shireen is Stannis's only living daughter and therefore his heir presumptive.

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15. . 019 Read more. Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: Costumes forced to have major change for THIS reason GOT costumes forced to have one major change for THIS reason GameOfThrones 14. . 019 Read more. Cleaning Up on ITV series 2 spoilers: Final Sheridan Smith scenes teases second season. CleaningUp on ITV series 2 spoilers: Final Sheridan Smith scenes teases second season? 14. . 019 Read more. Emilia Clarke: Game Of Thrones star forced to apologise after announcement causes CHAOS GameOfThrones star Emilia Clarke forced to apologise after announcement causes CHAOS 13. . 019 Read more. Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: Daenerys Targaryen’s REAL enemy hidden amongst allies. Daenerys Targaryen’s REAL enemy hidden amongst allies? GOT 12. . 019 Read more.

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On another thought, in the crypts of winterfell there are all the dead warriors of the Starks from the begining of time. When Jon has his dreams of going to the crypts and the dead saying you don't belong here, he just thinks it's because he is not a Stark. Could he or Benjen now that they are 'dead' able to call all the dead Starks back to fight the White walkers. I I enjoy you alot, I'm a geek but no one around me is as geeky for GOT Pred 2 lety Kacey64 Welcome back guys. I love James theory that lightbringer could be a dragon glass sword, that makes a lot of sense, maybe there's a mass of it in the winterfell crypts, it was built over a hot spring and as we know, they are active around volcanos, Pred 2 lety SmokeScreen Kacey64 Thanks and yep Pred 2 lety Andy Laverne Awesome video. Pred 2 lety The Dude Man Q and A for your next vid. Pred 2 lety Kawika Naehu In response to the question: do you think that the faceless men are For or against the white walkers. IMO, I think the many faced god would be against the white walkers. Because the Night King is denying death by bringing back several of the dead. Pred 2 lety Lady Hound nanananananana smoke screeeeeeen. Do you think that The Winds of Winter Book has been split into 2 seasons of Game of Thrones? (Seasons 6 and the upcoming Season7). With the Winds of Winter book ending where season 7 ends. Or With a Dream of Spring being adapted to seasons 7 and 8, With it being split into two seasons because of the CG Cost of the battles. Is it possible that when The Winds of Winter is released we aren't going to end more or less where the show does but we are going to get a bit extra in terms of the timeline spanning beyond where each TV characters storyline ends in Season 6 Ep 10 in the books. I just had this thought that it isn't uncommon for it to be done, Such as the final Harry Potter book being split into two films, The final Hunger games book being split into two films, Even Twighlight did this with their on screen adaptions. I think TWOW is going to give us a little bit extra. Or do you think the whole of Season 7 and 8 will be spent on the plot points given to D and D from a dream of Spring. Pred 2 lety Hellic 1 Congratz guys on another great vid,James's knowledge of both book and series are starting to shine through,he is addicted like so many of us.


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No you cant. Did you guys forget to add a play movie button. App just shows you current movies and gives description but has no way you actually watch the content. Ghost house loves you as family,GROST HUNTERS ARE SUPPOSE 2 B BRAVE,BUT, I STILL SEE CHICKENS RUNNING. AWAY. bella brown 2. Tf was that weird ass beep sound at 5:43 as soon as he got done sayin good spirit Jessica Medina 6. Jake if you're friends are telling you to stop and they want to get out you should listen to them it's your life and there that's are risking there lives Oscar Guajardo 6. U should go to the suicide forrest Devan Palmer 8. Go again and stay the night with the ouija board. Y’all need to stop being a bunch of pussies and stay there to talk to the spirit and it wasn’t Sherman it was zozo messing with you let me come where you’re at and I’ll show you how to grow some big balls and stop asking the ghost 2 questions at the same time that’s probably why it gets pissed at you your asking so many questions at the same time Alfie Cottell. And it’s not a fan because it went to the right hand side and a fan dose not move side to side xxx Alfie Cottell. At 8: 30 look at the top of the staircase right at the top of the curtains a black quick shadow flew to the right hand sight really quick Brandon Poore. At 9:45, when Jake's in the car, take a look at the upper right of the screen, it looks like it's the car sunroof because you can make out some trees. I caught it right away and replayed it frame by frame, it's a definate face. Angel r. ? ? Don't do this again.