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Picture, then, six men inwhite shirts and trousers, decorated with ribbons,wearing bells on their legs, in a two-by-three formation the men, not the bells. To a tune played on fiddle orsqueezebox, they dance up and down, back and forth,gesturing with big white handkerchiefs in their hands or, maybe, clashing yard-long willow sticks with oneanother. Thats morris dancing, or at least the species ofmorris dancing that was done in the late 19th century inthe Cotswolds region of England. Its also done today, throughout the English-speakingworld (though in America its not exactly an everydaysight), these days by womens teams and mixed teams aswell as by men. There are several hundred morris teamsin England as well as 170 or so in the US and Canada andGod knows how many in Australia, New Zealand, HongKong, and other odd places. As for where it came from, and when, and what it allmeans, no one really knows. Some of its roots seem to goback to the European continent sometime in or before the15th century. Similar, possibly related dances were andare found in Europe and even as far away as India. For awhile in the late 19th and early 20th centuries they werecommonly claimed by folklorists to be a remnant of apre-Christian fertility rite performed by a malepriesthood; theres really no hard evidence to supportsuch a theory, though. Terry Pratchett tells us hes never waved a hankie inanger nor knows any morris dancers personally, but thathe finds the morris dance kind of fascinating. You knew there was an ulterior motivehere, didnt you. There is also a web page for the Morris DancingDiscussion List. The URL is: Reverse Annotations With the Discworld canon growing and reaching anincreasingly wider audience around the globe, we arestarting to see something Im calling reversereferencing: other writers who put references to theDiscworld into their books. The examples I have had reported to me so far: Due South The most often remarked-upon reverse annotation of thepast year or so concerns the television series Due South,which is about the adventures of a Canadian Mountie(Constable Benton Fraser), stationed in Chicago. The similarities between Benton Fraser and Carrot are,especially in the first few episodes, indeed remarkable.

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The site gives thorough explorations of the content it supports. But we ran into numerous situations where the site didn't perform as well as its mobile competitors. For example, there's no comprehensive navigation outline. The navigation tool that slides out when you click a link in the upper left corner divides the site into very broad areas, like Federal and State, with no subtopics. So you need to click the Back and Next buttons a lot. The site doesn't automatically save when you advance to the next screen either; sometimes you have to do this manually. There's no chat or context-sensitive help, and searching for words or phrases often only returns a list of forms, not explanatory text. We can't recommend this expensive, labor-intensive experience for mobile filers, many of whom are no doubt looking for convenience. If you want a better mobile option, take a look at our roundup of the best tax services for your phone. Jackson Hewitt is a big name in the world of tax preparation, but its DIY online service doesn't provide enough value for its relatively high price. The user experience needs improvement and navigating the site is problematic. The built-in help tools don't even measure up that of less expensive products. Furthermore, the site has dropped the ability to import data from other competitors or even past Jackson Hewitt returns, and it has ceased phone and chat support since last year, too. It's hard to recommend Jackson Hewitt when sites like our Editors' Choice, TurboTax Deluxe, offer higher quality and better value. Bottom Line: The user experience, navigation tools, and help system you get with Jackson Hewitt Deluxe aren't up to par, especially given its high price.

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Your complete guide to obtaining a Texas Class A CDL. Before you begin the process of getting a Texas commercial driver's license, the best In Texas, a CDL driving test must be passed in which the driver completes a 2-part exam that. This chart was developed to determine what class driver license CT says Class 2 (CDL B) can tow RV trailer regardless of weight. Nova Driving School's Class C license might be the just the program for you. Any vehicle in Class 1, 2, or 6, while learning to operate it. To receive a commercial drivers license in the state of Massachusetts, you must 2. An application can be a commercial drivers license with the same class as the vehicle you are driving. Driver's license manual states that a Class D license is valid up to 26, lb GVWR. Class 2: Any non-commercial motor vehicle, including a combination of. The driver's license class shall be coded on the face of the license in 2—Vehicle with 16, pounds gross vehicle weight rating or more. PassRite Driving Academy is a NZQA Private Training Establishment (PTE) and is also a New Zealand Transport Truck - Class 2Requires learners licence. The applicant must pass the Class F and Class M written. We supply a truck and a sponsor for up to 5 Class B road test appointments with the RMV. However, any restrictions that would apply to a Georgia driver's license as a matter. (Also for drivers new to Georgia who are age 17 and who hold a valid Class C no full air brake.

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Note: in the absence of a stanchion you can use a doorway that you installed in the middle of the sidewalk with an operable door, which you politely open. (52 points ). Create a heroic Captain Picard using condiments (mustard, relish, ketchup, etc. for paint. (19 points ). They’re reading our texts and emails and listening to our phone calls. The post office is just another branch of the government, so we can’t trust them either. Using a carrier pigeon, send a GISHWHES shopping list with your team name on it from one location to another. We must see the pigeon arriving at its destination with the shopping list and see the list unfurled. (114 points ). Bring flowers, chocolate or funny homemade or store-bought cards for some of the residents. Since this is a bit nepotistic, if Rolland Park Place is out-of-the-way for you, do the same at another retirement home. UPDATE! Misha’s grandmother has thoroughly enjoyed everyone stopping by, but has let her grandson know she would appreciate it if no one would show up to Roland Park after 4pm EDT on Friday, so she can rest up after a long week and catch up on her grandmotherly duties. Let’s see a “Crop Elopus” or “Crop Wooster” or “Crop Fograt” or the word, “GISHWHES” cut into a field of corn or wheat or another crop.

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Gaza? - Kerching! It's hard to put a finger on when this area became dependent on the manufacture of weaponry and its associated systems. To the point where, through BAE, we could even see profit from the bombing of civilians in Gaza. Lancaster University is only one of the many universities that rely heavily on BAE for research funding. The university's Sci-Tech faculty now has a Security Centre and develops 'solutions' for 21st century rulers interested in secrecy, surveillance and control, as well as drone technology and other military systems. But the uni isn't the only camp-follower to the arms dealers in the region. The students have been protesting against it for years now, but for the rest of us it seems that militarisation is increasingly part of our normality. Military-Industrial Planning As well as being famously involved in bribery and fraud across several continents overseas, BAE Systems is deeply embedded in local business and planning networks. The Lancashire Enterprise Zone boasts that it is anchored by BAE Systems across its two sites at Samlesbury and Warton. Pretty much every local and regional plan, from economics and housing to retail developments, cites BAE as the regional driver for growth - a strategy that depends heavily on escalating global insecurity and aggression. BAE Systems BAE Systems is the world's third largest arms producer. Its portfolio includes fighter aircraft, warships, tanks, armoured vehicles, artillery, missiles and small arms ammunition. BAE's arms are sold indiscriminately around the world. The company has military customers in over 100 countries and around 95% of its sales are military (SIPRI).

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We cover Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, Assassin's Creed Origins, Cuphead, Dead Cells, Golf Story, Wolf. Sam loves South Park: The Fractured But Whole sooo much that her voice goes up a few octaves. We also talk about the closure of Visceral Studios and what that means for the future of AAA games. We do a. We talk more Metroid, Golf Story, Agents of Mayhem, Steamworld Dig 2, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, and Butterf. Also, some of our listeners may have bitten off more than they can chew in this week's smorgasbord of listener ques. We talk about video games like Metroid, Dead by Daylight and Pro Evolution Soccer. This week the team bring you the news from yesterday’s big Nintendo Direct (spoilers: there’s some very cool stuff! , we discuss what we’ve been play. We check in on launch day impressions and what we hope for going forward. We also chip in our lightning rounds and go over games. Plus we chat about our first gaming memories, the most money we've ever spent on a game and Bobby answers the ultimate marry, boff, ki. This week, the crew discuss Discord’s decision to ban altright. om from their service and give a timely reminder of our ethos and how we as gamers can impact a person’s day. The guys talk about what they've been playing as of late and then look forward at all the upcoming releases for the rest of this year.

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The businesses generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually through advertisements and other programming shown before movie previews start. National CineMedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: NCMI) (the Company), the managing member and owner of 45. % of National CineMedia, LLC (NCM LLC), the operator of the largest in-theatre digital media network in North America, today announced consolidated results for the fiscal third quarter ended September 25, 2014. Third Quarter 2014 Earnings Release and Conference Call Time Change. National CineMedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: NCMI) today announced the Company will be changing the time of its third quarter 2014 earnings release to after the market close on Monday, November 3, 2014 to be followed by a conference call at 5:00 p. . Eastern Time. The earnings release and conference call were previously scheduled for after the market close on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. The Company decided to move up its scheduled call in order to address the previously announced lawsuit by the Department of Justice seeking to block the Company's proposed merger with Screenvision. Rich Duprey, The Motley Fool - Motley Fool - Mon Nov 03, 9:35AM CST. Regal Entertainment hopes to boldly go where others have rarely gone on the backs of potential blockbusters like Interstellar. Image: Paramount Pictures Shares of movie theater operator Regal Entertainment are up nearly 10% since management. Comcast, Open Road: 'Ouija' And 'Nightcrawler' Battle It Out For Halloween Audiences.

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This was one of the first higher degree theses on transsexuality. And every one of them will have been treated like dirt. He also spent half his time with general psychiatric patients. Or he could simply refuse to treat desperately ill patients who were unable to look after themselves. April Ashley was constantly told how vile she was by people who then asked her to have sex with them. Randell appeared for Arthur Corbett who was petitioning for his marriage to April Ashley to be annulled on the grounds that she was a man. Norman ended up in the hands of Dessie because Dessie was an Expert on Sexual Perversion, rather than an Expert on criminals in public life who have shagged both Ma’am Darling and Lord Snowdon, who subsequently marry Miriam, the ex-wife of Lilibet’s cousin and try to have their former non-Royal partners murdered. By the time that Mr Thrope appeared at Minehead Magistrates Court for the committal hearing in Nov 1978, Sir David Napley was representing him. Napley turned up at Minehead in his Roller, just to show the magistrates who was boss. I don’t know if Norman would want to do this, he might prefer to remain in Devon with his horses, but Norman would undoubtedly do a far better job of Leading The Country than the gang of lying criminals who tried to kill him. The Chancellor in this context is the Lord Chancellor, rather than the Chancellor of, for example, UCNW, which for the many years that Dafydd’g gang operated in UCNW was Carlo. The Medical Visitor is an expert accepted by the judiciary as being eminent in his field. So the Lord Chancellor accepted Dessie, the foundation stone of a sex abuse ring, as a Medical Visitor. That doesn’t surprise me after the research that I’ve done over the past two years. I’m not sure when Dessie attained the status of the Lord Chancellor’s Medical Visitor, it could have been an honour conferred upon him years previously, but the Lord Chancellor 1974-79 was Lord Elwyn-Jones.