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Across the street, at the Tiki Bar, one Halloween-themed party was in full swing; while a pirate danced with a milkmaid, flat-screens looped a video of skeletons dancing a can-can. That sense of security, Mahjoob and others say, has come largely due to recent government advances in areas around the capital. Ali Haidar, Syrian minister for reconciliation, ticked off the names of four Damascus suburbs formerly held by rebels, who used them to regularly lob mortar shells and rockets into government-held areas. “They’ve all reconciled,” he said. By that, he meant that the rebels had accepted an amnesty in return for laying down their arms and reintegrating into government institutions. “The aim was to stop these areas from being a battlefield, and for them to become islands of peace and stability. It’s a major difference between today and two months ago,” he said. Critics insist that “reconciliation” is a continuation of “surrender or starve” tactics, and that those who reconcile continue to be pursued by the government. For those who have not run afoul of Assad, life appears better, at least for the time being. In one major sign of renewed vitality, business owners have returned and reopened factories and companies destroyed or looted in the war. “I’ve bought new equipment and will start production soon,” said Anton Bathanjani, an olive-oil merchant. He showed a visiting reporter dozens of messages from business owners on a WhatsApp group for foodstuffs manufacturers. “We have more than 56 companies in this group alone,” he boasted, adding that in Tel Kurdi, an area recently taken by the government, troops had allowed merchants to restart their businesses.

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Hidden beneath the University, employed as a dribbler (which is somebody who dribbles candle wax on the wick to give that perfect eldritch look that wizards require in their light sources). Seen as a posh sort, for having a vocabulary of more than seven hundred words, Mister Nutt is an unlikely candidate for such a dreary job. Yet he seems harmless enough and is taken in by Trev Likely and the kindly Glenda Sugarbean. Unbeknownst to them, their new friend’s past is about to catch up with them all. The city has become a home for dozens of races, trolls, dwarves, even vampires. Mister Nutt is different, a pawn in a dangerous game of Vetinari’s to resolve centuries old racial conflict. It just so happens he’s chosen the game of foot-the-ball to resolve these issues. Also Unseen Academicals contains his usual mixture of satire and commentary. The Discworld novels may be set in a world of mythical creatures, but Pratchett introduces more and more contemporary issues into the mix. Of late the multicural mix of Ankh-Morpork has been given a great deal of attention. Vetinari’s plan is to make the city more progressive, no matter what anyone thinks. The men who play foot-the-ball in the backstreets are being chewed up by mob violence and their wives and daughters are trapped at home hoping for opportunity to snatch them away from their dreary lives. Yes this is satire, but more a gentle ribbing of our weaknesses and failings.

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