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I definitely did not see Dorne playing out like it did, and I was wrong in that I thought the words “And now his watch is ended” would be uttered over Jon Snow’s dead body (and pleasantly surprised when the reason why that didn’t happen is because Jon Snow says it himself in his mic-dropping moment). Because without LSH, there’s no need to specifically emphasize Jaime Lannister. In the books, one of the very last thing Catelyn Stark hears before being butchered is Roose Bolton saying “Jaime Lannister sends his regards” as he stabs Robb. When Catelyn comes back as LSH, one of the first thing she does after capturing Brienne is to send her to kill Jaime Lannister. Why? Because Catelyn believes that Jaime was a major participant behind the Red Wedding — he sent his regards, after all (when we know that Jaime knew nothing about it), so Catelyn wants vengeance against Jaime. As of this episode, I think it’s officially safe to say that the chances of a Stark other than Bran being able to warg is now 0%. Arya never warged into a cat to learn how to block the Waif. Jon Snow clearly didn’t warg into Ghost when he was dead (he saw nothing). And so on and on. LSH is another fantastical element that’s been removed. The big “Frey Revenge” plot is still around, but there’s plenty of other characters around who can easily assume the “leader of BwB” role. Only slight nitpick was Dany reciting her titles again, hoping they show a bit more evolution of her character, but then again, shes stuck in a foreign, scary surrounding with really no leverage other than her titles, so it makes sense. And I do believe we are getting a big development for her next week.

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He didn’t even introduce himself, just barked that he was taking me to a quiet road where I could do some driving without doing much damage. In an attempt to bond, I asked him how long he ’d been a driving instructor. “Too long,” he snapped, then we both lapsed into silence. As we drove to the quiet road we passed a colored gentleman, and me laddo beside me piped up, “Sure, that fella would be more at home pulling coconuts out of a tree. I looked at him in astonishment. Was he having me on? “I’m not racist,” he said defensively. “I’m only saying. But minutes later, when we passed a crowd of young Asian people, your man chortled, “Mind we don’t drive into them. We ’ll be having Chinese takeaway for tea. It was then that I started looking around for the hidden camera. 158 Driving Along in My Automobile Once parked on the quiet road, I was itching to actually do a bit of driving with the safety of dual controls. But nothing doing. Instead he sat me in the car (the passenger side), and for forty minutes he bored and baffled me with hand-drawn diagrams of a car’s engine.


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It is easily diagnosed and treated with amplification or surgery. If you or someone you know is missing conversations and instructions, drag them to get a hearing test. I say drag, because most of us resist the idea of a personal hearing loss as a sign of aging. Here’s good news: you can test the benefit of amplification by using your smartphone with an earphone as an amplifier. Golub, Katharine K. Brewster, Adam M. Brickman, Adam J. Ciarleglio, Ana H. Kim, Jose A. Luchsinger, Bret R. Rutherford. Association of Audiometric Age-Related Hearing Loss With Depressive Symptoms Among Hispanic Individuals. Our San Francisco Converse shirt is printed by hand on a high quality, sweatshop-free, vintage inspired tri-blend tshirt. Printed by hand on a high-quality, sweatshop-free, vintage-inspired bodysuit.