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Really. And when he says that it's more like a mixture of 97 beers, weed, acid, LSD, and cocaine, we cut to a Stoned! oe slurring in a drug-induced stupor, before falling over. From the same review, there's Joe's Redneck impersonation. Ladies, I will tell you what we're really thinkin'. From the same review, there's Joe dressing up as a little girl. The Star Trek review has him hilariously mocking Kirk's elasticity during a particularly funny death. The face Joe makes upon seeing the new Dante for DmC: Devil May Cry, which happens to be a video from Blood on the Dance Floor. His review for Ride to Hell: Retribution, showing what happens when Angry Joe lives up to his name-sake. Also a Moment of Awesome when he kills Demon Joe a second time. Review the game, please? Joe:. No. Demon Joe: Oh, I worked really hard. Made hilariously ironic by the fact that Corporate is played by Joe himself.

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? For me this season has still been really fun, but I do understand why a lot of people have a problem with it. They have 2 fucking years to correct their mistakes apparently so. BIG TAKER ? ? The plot armor was deep in this episode. Is in in Kit's contract to make him OP in every episode before the finale. BIG TAKER they didn't retard kys Jamie was Paper Boi ? ? Yeah. 10 million budget spent on giving him a few minutes of close calls. Phoney Haze ? ? This episode was highly disappointing. From the convoluted plan, to Dorne 2.

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