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While Lamhe was released, I was again in Bombay and was excited to see the premiere. I waited outside the Metro Cinemas, but couldn’t manage to get inside and have a glance. But the next day happened to see the film and that touched me so much that continuously watched the film daily for the next 5 days. And that’s only because I used to watch a lot of Sridevi films. She was my idol, she was my teacher and she became the reason for me to be part of films. As I started from being a Junior Artiste to play character roles in regional and then Hindi films, I slowly moved on to play some important roles and continued to be part of Tulu, Konkani, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and later Hindi films. (like how Sridevi is also an multilingual actress). And when I turned director, I always had this vision that one day for certain being in the same film industry, it would be an easy access for me to meet her in my lifetime. The films that I directed all had the Sridevi fixation and most of the characters in my films had something or the other related to Sridevi. Like, I had made my actress wear some outfits that reminds of her films, the dance, the walk, the talk, the comic timing. Right from Jyotika in One Two Three, for a song had requested her to wear blue saree and swing on it, she also wore half saree for a shot, in Miss California, the actress Sowmya too had the same outfit to be referred to as Sridevi by Janu, and in one of her song, she was given the Chandni chiffon saree look. In Manasella Neene, Gayatri had to giggle and give those expressions that usually Sri does. So much that I also got a chance to be part of the Kannada film Julie (I didn’t direct it) but only because Sridevi was the part of the Hindi Julie and to keep that connection. While I was in Mumbai in 2011, I used to stay at Amboli, just one kilometer from Sridevi’s house at Lokhandwala. And I was staying with director K Subaash (who also left for heavenly abode 2 years ago).

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The rebellion ended suddenly when Bacon died of an illness. Culperer's Rebellion Led by Culperer, the Alpemark colony rebelled against its English governor, Thomas Miller. The rebellion was crushed, but Culperer was acquitted. Georgia: reasons, successes 1733 - Georgia was formed as a buffer between the Carolinas and Spanish-held Florida. It was a military-style colony, but also served as a haven for the poor, criminals, and persecuted Protestants. James Oglethorpe Founder and governor of the Georgia colony. He ran a tightly-disciplined, military-like colony. Slaves, alcohol, and Catholicism were forbidden in his colony. Many colonists felt that Oglethorpe was a dictator, and that (along with the colonist's dissatisfaction over not being allowed to own slaves) caused the colony to break down and Oglethorpe to lose his position as governor. Carolinas 1665 - Charles II granted this land to pay off a debt to some supporters. They instituted headrights and a representative government to attract colonists. The southern region of the Carolinas grew rich off its ties to the sugar islands, while the poorer northern region was composed mainly of farmers. The conflicts between the regions eventually led to the colony being split into North and South Carolina. John Locke, Fundamental Constitution Locke was a British political theorist who wrote the Fundamental Constitution for the Carolinas colony, but it was never put into effect. The constitution would have set up a feudalistic government headed by an aristocracy which owned most of the land.

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Will there be more than 7 seasons of the Game of Thrones. HBO Now has been announced and it will be available before season 5 starts. Speaking of which, the team is super excited for the next season. Did the purple wedding chapter in the books cause us all to get super hungry and gain weight. Who won the last Snark off and who will win this weeks Snark off, between Catelyn Stark Danny or Melisandra. We also go over Dannys visions and what they could mean as well as what secrets do they hold in the past, present and future. Lets just say there is a whole lot of info and speculation and even more dragons. We then go through two infamous characters, Illyrio Mopatis and Varys aka The Spider. Then it is on to the feedback, and holy cow did we have a lot of it. We covered so many thoughts, ideas and theories from our Thronies, we could have made it its own stand alone episode. SPOILER Alert, at time index 53, the spoilers begin. We talk about scenes from the trailers, and more about Varys. Does the theory of the 3 dragon heads represent 3 different Targaryens or does it represent the house itself. In a Sarkoff between Varys, Littlefinger and Tyrion, who would win. Some of the scenes in the trailer look to deviate from the books so the spoiler section starts around 26 min in the show.

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The album works amazingly well as a concise snapshot of late 1967 Otis Redding. Cropper's guitar leads mesh beautifully with Redding's voice and the sound effects of seagulls and water lapping up on the shore become a natural element of the song and never gimmicky. As a ubiquitous soul classic, it's easy to take it for granted. From a songwriting and performing perspective, it's deeper and more layered than nearly all its contemporaries. These sessions can sometimes be a difficult listen when you realize that Redding was less than a month away from his untimely passing when the songs were recorded. Dock of the Bay Sessions may not reveal anything new in the Redding catalog, and it's hardly a comprehensive career overview, but it's a warm reminder of his ample talents and a collection of songs that deserves to be in everyone's collection. It carries a strong outdated '70s vibe with occult twists where nothing goes according to plan, and nothing really happens. The London-based artist performed for an intimate audience in New York and the show included Xhosa opening the night and Jazzi Bobbi joining Yanya with her saxophone. Though Yanya had only officially released a handful of tracks at the time, it was impressive to catch her live as she played a strong set. Yanya offered PopMatters a chance to learn a little more about her as she dove right into our 20 Questions. Read her responses and then find some clips and photos from her NYC gig below. The cabin also houses a recording studio that both Johnny and June used until their deaths in 2003. We did a track for that and had Robert Lee Castleman write the melody for that — oh, gosh, it's just beautiful. But his whole body of work is about connecting with the pain. He was in a really good space when he wrote that song.

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And even if Mel agrees to sacrifice herself, I don't think Jon would be ready to kill her. Sean Killackey Tahun Yang lalu LF would be smart enough to follow Ned's tracks. He's smart enough to inquire how the greatest sword in Westeros was not at the Trident. Its surprising more people have not thought that one out. Imagine Ser Arthur Dayne is at the Trident and duels Robert Baratheon. You'd sooner have a month of Sundays than see Robert Baratheon defeat the Sword of the Morning. Anyway. LF likely followed the trail back to Starfall, found Wylla, and bought her secret. LF would take a chance the info would be valuable someday. Besides he's playing with the coin he snatched off Robert Baratheon. LF tells Jon the reason they think of you as the King of the North is because they think you are Ned's bastard son. Lyanna Mormont said she does not care if he's a bastard - but they all think he is Ned's bastard. LF may want Jon to know he is not Ned's bastard son to sow seeds of doubt in Jon that he is not qualified to lead. Will Jon want to lead when he wonders if he is part Targaryan. But a leader who doubts himself is sooner to slip up.