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It was so satisfying to get that done. The big ticket companies make exclusive arrangements with these rooms. They pay them just to not work with others. So if a company gives you 30 grand a year to stay away from anybody else, you need it. We just went to places that they didn’t care about. Does it matter that what you’ve achieved, with your online special and your tour can’t be replicated by other performers who don’t have the visibility or fan base that you do. Why do you think those people don’t have the same resources that I have, the same visibility or relationship. If you’re new at this — and by “new at it,” I mean 15 years in, or even 20 — you’re just starting to get traction. Young musicians believe they should be able to throw a band together and be famous, and anything that’s in their way is unfair and evil. Bombing on stage, driving to some gigs two-hours one-way. And eventually you become seasoned enough that you can handle any crowd, deliver your routine, focus people's attention, entertain the audience, enlighten them, make people laugh enough that they forget and escape the reality of their lives. Technically, he is not a professional comedian now but he applies comedy to business and public speaking training. So I think it's a bit of an oversimplification for Darren and Louis CK to claim they get paid so much simply because they've put in the time and became skilled at what they do. Some professions, (like entertainers, businesspeople, sports stars) are simply much more valued in this society than others. And even in the valued professions, the odds are you could easily work your ass off for decades and fail because of the tremendous competition -- there's no shortage of kids who want to be rock stars or play in the NFL.

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The Awards Gala of the 26th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival is presented by Cartier and sponsored by Mercedes Benz and Entertainment Tonight. Major sponsors are Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, Wessman Development, Bank of America, Wintec, Regal Entertainment Group, Ignition Creative, Desert Regional Medical Center, Windermere Real Estate, Eisenhower Medical Center, Guthy-Renker, Integrated Wealth Management, VisitGreaterPalmSprings. om, Ocean Properties, Chihuly and Telefilm Canada. EFP also (for the 16th time) has strongly helping marketing 38 films from 14 European countries at the recent American Film Market (AFM) which ran from November 5 through 12th. Gorgeously shot in dramatic black and white, the movie is a powerful piece of work from Finnish director Pirjo Honkasalo, which is an adapted screenplay from Pirkko Saisio? novel ? etoniyo published in 1981. The story is centered through Simo (greatly portrayed by newcomer Johannes Brotherus in his debut feature), a virginal young boy who is lost of self-identity and protection from the chaotic world around him. Hardened by a tough environment living in a slum area in Helsinki with his unpredictable and unreliable mother who asked him to babysit his elder brother who will soon be incarcerated and leave for prison for numerous crimes he must pay. The two had a night of rendezvous and eager to please his brother, but only has bad stories and advices which confuses him. Adding to this is his chance meeting with a mysterious photographer where intentions he misinterpreted. The cause of events led him in more fearful, fateful tragic state. BULGARIAN RHAPSODY Bulgarian Rhapsody is a World War II drama where the story is centered in the lives of three youngsters during the time where fifty thousand Bulgarian Jews were spared deportation to Nazi concentration camps. It was 1943 when Greater Bulgarian Jews must adhere to Germany? laws and Bulgarians are ordered to deport the Jews.

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Or take the ending with its strangled Jimi-Hendrix-rendition-of-“Star Spangled Banner”-reminiscent overdriven guitar riff. Or even the scene before that which is backed by something that belongs more in a light-hearted comedy drama than Nightcrawler. Its atypical and ill-fitting nature is constantly calling to the viewer’s attention. Not blatantly, in the sense that it is screaming for your attention, but in the way that one is having a conversation but keeps noticing something abnormal in the background that just won’t stop distracting you. Nightcrawler ’s score is purposefully atypical and ill-fitting because it wants to be, because it reflects the state of mind of the person whose viewpoint we are experiencing the narrative through at that moment in time. And for Lou, in the film of his life, this is that moment. To us, these are horrifying examples of a complete sociopath exploiting the trauma and fragility of those victimised by our morally bankrupt society in order to raise his own standing within it. To him, these are moments of victory where the people involved are secondary to his own accomplishments, him having that little empathy for those whose tragedy he is filming. It’s why the sequence where he screams into the mirror has this dark foreboding music; for Lou, this is his low point, where he is being unfairly kept from success by bigger people than him. The whole film could have been backed like that, to help scream to the viewer that this is wrong and to keep us at a very comfortable observatory distance from the people and events on screen. But that’s not what happens, and that in turn makes the deployment of those ominous synths carry that much weight. The second, as the footage hits the air, replaces the urgency with ominous darkness which, coupled with the focus on the bodies and the almost fetishizing of said violence, paints the scene as something from a movie. Fitting seeing as we are experiencing this scene from Nina’s perspective and she’s trying to conduct the sequence into being Must See TV. It could have backed every scene with ominous synth bass rumbles, to add a few exclamation points to the idea that this is absolutely not something to idolise or aspire to. Such a prominent and attention-calling score was undoubtedly a risk, because it is so off-beat, but it ends up working gangbusters and elevates the rest of the film as a result.

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Then another thought arrives, as deep as a belly blow. “Are you still living with her? Is that why she wouldn’t even consider moving to Suffolk with me. He shrugs as if it’s of no consequence. “Sometimes. When I’m not with our lass. I remember his letter then. “Is that your girlfriend WHO KNOWS. What right did you have to tell her when there’s a Facebook campaign to find me? It’s only when I hear my voice, the sharpness in it, that I realise how angry I am. He seems surprised by my anger. “I didn’t tell her nowt, our kid. She was there. I couldn’t say in the letter, didn’t think that would be smart, but I’m with Cheryl. From the bridge.