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Plawecki died earlier this year). Despite Governor William Milliken winning election to a full term that year, it was generally a Democratic year. But Ms. Beebe’s loss meant the two parties split the chamber 19-19. And Mr. Plawecki said later that while important, worker rights was as much a leading issue in heavily unionized Dearborn in 1970 as was abortion. In the 1970s, Ms. Beebe was named to numerous federal and state commissions on issues of mental health, criminal justice, American Indians and women. While now best known for her stand on abortion rights, Ms. Beebe also led efforts to have sex education in schools, tougher laws against drunken driving and improvements in women’s prisons. She also remained active politically, nominated by the Republicans to run against then Secretary of State Richard Austin in 1974. In 1980 she was active in the independent presidential campaign of Illinois U. . Rep. John Anderson and was considered for his vice-presidential pick.

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Adding to the intensity is how real it all looks: There’s no CGI, and almost no green-screen shots. Those insane freeway chases were really shot on Atlanta’s I-85, which Wright somehow got the city to shut down in the middle of the day, twice — a feat that’s almost unheard of. (There’s a reason most movie car chases take place at night. . It’s one of those hare-brained things that once you’ve committed to it, you have to do it. . Now imagine an entire movie of that, and you’ll get something close to Baby Driver, director Edgar Wright’s first film in nearly four years—which he premiered at SXSW on Saturday night. Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, and Lily James also have supporting turns in the movie, which was earning the kinds of comparisons to classic films that can really get a buzz machine going just minutes after its debut. This was not only his first SXSW, but also his first American film festival premiere. In 2003, Wright shot a music video for the band Mint Royale starring Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh fame, as well as a pre-Shaun of the Dead Nick Frost. In it, Wright says, he essentially filmed the opening of his imagined getaway driver heist film and wound up kicking himself when the video became unexpectedly popular. He also cites the 1978 Dustin Hoffman film, Straight Time, as a significant influence. But when asked if his story—which centers on a young man (Ansel Elgort) who times each getaway ride to the perfect song—drew on the 1991 cult favorite Hudson Hawk, Wright laughed off the comparison. Like most people, though, Wright acknowledges that the best scene that film is when Bruce Willis perfectly times a robbery to the tune of “Swinging on a Star. (Wright also gives credit to Michael Caine’s classical music cat burgling in 1968’s Deadfall.


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And which empty chair, when there are 60 or so to choose from. MY FASCINATION WITH GHOSTS by Scottish medium Ewan Irvine. Clarke’s Mysterious World on television, which for many years was the only programme dedicated to the stranger side of life. Now, of course, the subject of the paranormal is much more prevalent in newspapers, magazines and television, and often a topic of social discussion. So, it’s not surprising that interest in the subject is high. The chance to explore a reputedly haunted location is exciting, and completely different from the work I usually do up and down the country as a medium. James Baydar, Spiritualist and healer, has recently done something dear to my heart. I asked James when he had first become aware of his healing gift. “It was in 2005 when suddenly, and without even knowing why, I had the urge to take up a Reiki course,” he told me. “Although I learned a lot from this popular Japanese technique, after a while I hit the wall, couldn’t progress more and gave up healing. Only after discovering Spiritualism and walking past the gates of the London Spiritual Mission did I realise that I could be a proper channel for healing energy. Tony Stockwell answers your spiritual questions. Could you please tell me how to go about it, and what is required of me? Mrs A. .


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e got a great team in place and we? e so excited to bring this story to life. HOLLYWOODFLIP: What other film festivals BEHIND THE WALLS is going to be shown. BSG: You can find us next at the HollyShorts film fest, the Atlanta Underground Film Fest in August, the Seattle Short Film Fest in November, and the Choreoscope Dance Film Fest in Barcelona in November. HOLLYWOODFLIP: Can you enumerate any social media links you want readers to follow you or your work. The Kubo and the Two Strings exhibition will combine both traditional and digital interactive installations. Puppets, sets, props, and other ephemera from the film will be displayed in custom-made environments; character and set designs, concept art and origami from the production will be included. ? t LAIKA, we aspire to make films that are bold, distinctive, and enduring,? says Mr. Knight. ? his film expresses the respect and admiration all the artists at LAIKA feel for Japan and its culture, and I? thrilled to be able to bring our art to JANM? visitors.