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But the whole point I’m making is that he has his army with him, so he has a choice of what he wants to do. If the Vale did not come,would have climbed the pile with a bunch of wildlings and wildlingstacked from the rear. He obviously couldn’t avoid all those horses and archers in between. The show made it more than obvious that Jon’s troops were pretty much doomed before the arrival of the Vale Knights. The overhead shot shows that the line of shields surrounding them was completely unbroken before the Vale smashed it. I think I’ll miss the WotW ritual almost as much as the show. I don’t think we’ll get through this with dry eyes, do you. It seems like sometimes a story can pick up right where it left off the week before, and sometimes several weeks can elapse. That’s really how it needs to be; otherwise, travel time would wreak havoc on many of the stories. Jaime def has something on his mind in those pics you linked to. Most everyone agrees that Jon made a mistake and fell in the trap Sansa warned him about but most also believe that his mistake was completely understandable. He is not the first nor the only commander to make mistakes. May I remind people that both Tywin and Jamie fell into the trap that Robb had set and that is how Jamie was captured. Tywin was three times older than Jon and Jamie twice his age. Oh and if you read through the thread you can find out how many men survived on Jon’s side, over 1,500 I think.

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In the area you can access after you blow up the torpedo, you need to aim and. Along the left side of the tunnel as you go down are some gold rocks. Break. When you do a u-turn and start heading right, stay along the bottom. You should. From the start of the level, go to the right and set a fire to open the door. Go inside and set another fire in the boiler, smash the board, and use a wrench. After getting the Pants, pull the switch for this page to appear. In the docking area of Octan Tower, behind the ship you came in on is a ship. After shooting off the 4 silver locks to progress, in the next room, go to the. Business. Walk through the lasers and hit the button on the wall. From the start of the level, go all the way right and use the terminal to reach. From the Instruction Build pad in the middle of the room, move towards the. After getting the 2nd regular instruction page and building the agility pad.


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That's right Lisa Loeb, seemed like the perfect guest to have on Attack of the Killer Soundtrack. And all the massive changes that kicked in so quickly. Plus putting a full album together after having such a successful single, as well as crossing over into acting in film. She’s a busy woman these days, and we are glad to have her join us on this week’s episode. Plus Lisa gives us her Killer Five music picks from soundtracks over the years. Well, it has become this huge project, and led to this first episode, where we discuss Prince - the man. the myth. the legend. And in the process, build a familiar yet slightly adjusted version of the Purple Rain soundtrack. A touring pop-up cinema that features short films, and this year alone are hitting 75 cities in the US and 15 different countries. Plus we check in with some of our cast on a couple of movies they’ve seen lately. It’s just like, having some good ideas and executing them in an interesting way. . Plus we give some of our thoughts on our recent viewing of Oculus. Plus bonus segments featuring David Dastmalchian and James “The Amazing” Randi.


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At first I was performing nicely but then I modified study course and experimented with to do points my way. I went from doing perfectly, to getting rid of lots of money. I am not heading to go into much too much information but you get the image. I’m noot sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else knoiw such detailed about my difficulty. I were tiny bit familiar of this your broadcast offered bright clear concept. You can have the right angle, and the appropriate frame of mind, but until you have a mentor who is undertaking genuinely well and can educate you his phase by phase strategies, you will possibly not make it and fall short. He or she will support you explain your goals and your visions. Give you assist. They will inform you that you also can triumph and make a very wonderful and valuable income on the web. He trained me on what to do in purchase to triumph on the net. At first I was accomplishing properly but then I transformed program and tried out to do points my way. I went from carrying out perfectly, to losing plenty of revenue. I am not likely to go into far too a great deal aspects but you get the picture. If the methods that they instruct you operate and they really should, then hold executing it. I’m now not positive whether this publish is written via him as nobody else realize such targeted approximately my problem.


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The wasps are raised to be gracious no treat everyone with respect to be humble about their aristocracy to never complain or compete and dozens of other little rules that are mistaken for compliance but have an entirely different meaning to the old aristocrats, and of course this has all been breaking down along with their fortunes all they have left is their stable IQs and some connections that allow them entre. Thing that gets me is granma is just being a granma she doesnt really care about anything but did you like the food. Even really smart scientist say are also only interested if you liked their theorem. But these really smart cathedrales who make their life of this shit wtf are they thinking if not some evil shit. I gave up on jim cause of that chomo shit, i mean Im all about re subjugating women but please dont tell me you cant rape an eight year old cuz shes already a slut that wants it. I dont think so o think its one of those higher level contracts i make to survive and reproduce. But thats cause these faggots liveon line and are larping if they were serious they would say JIM wtf no ones going for that least of all the most productive white men who have families. But its edgy so his little cauldron of basement dwellers like it. I better calm down or i will go wreck some nrx shit. But its not we are now a decade into where they laid that shit on us and what is going on with all those capitalist innovations they thought pointed to the distributed exit in place meme. NSA records the block chain every fucking bit of it and they know who did everyfucking thing ever done on the chain because thats what the block chain is a fucking public ledger of everything that ever happens. he fucking NSA probably wrote the code of BTC think about it it money that rats out everything you do with it what more could a deep state ask of money. We can negg that or trump or dalits and vaisayas all we want but its the single most significant event in decades and it was prole and democratic so much for moldburg. God love the power of choice but capitalists are not who you want guarding your civilization. Wag you think compared to Curtis Yarvin Im like a nigger brain, Ok i get that I am at least smart enough to see how smart he is and I dont think Im that smart.


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Nao explains that, thanks to a particular person she trusts, she was able to escape from the school that experimented on her brother and to bring him to a healthier environment. Yuu eats lunch at the cafeteria again with Jojiro, who risks injury by using his teleportation ability to get the best beef curry for the both of them. In their mission to find a user supposedly with two abilities, Yuu, Nao and Jojiro encounter popular singing idol and vocalist of the band How-Low-Hello, Yusa Nishimori, who is being chased. With the help of her friend Sho, the three fight off her pursuer, finding out afterwards that Yusa is a medium, frequently being possessed by her deceased elder sister Misa Kurobane, who has pyrokinesis. Yusa explains that she was pursued for having accidentally brought home a television producer's phone, which holds shady facts against him. Nao devises a threatening plan to deal with the television producer. That night, Misa, in the guise of Yusa, confronts the television producer. With help from the others, she convinces the television producer to leave Yusa alone and returns the phone to him. Afterwards, Nao arranges for Yusa to transfer to Hoshinoumi Academy, while Sho confesses his feelings for Misa, who advises him to live his own life and thanks him for everything. Following Yusa's conspicuous transfer to Yuu's class, Nao brings her and the boys to their third task in Kannai Academy, where a student is believed to have telekinesis. Nao shows them footage of a baseball pitcher, Arifumi Fukuyama, who pitches knuckleballs with his ability instead of his grip. They confront Arifumi, who refuses to stop using his ability. Nao organizes a baseball match between the two academies' baseball teams, with the condition that Arifumi will stop using his ability if Hoshinoumi Academy wins. In the ninth inning, Yuu hits a few foul balls, and Misa runs from second base to home plate. Hoshinoumi subsequently wins against Kannai, two to one.


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RE THAN LIKELY EXPERIENCED MORE THAT DAY THAN SHE IS TELLING YOU. Charlene Robertson 3 anos atras By the way, you're awesome. They would go absolutely crazy about your channel and there are literally thousands of people on that app. Been mentioned by Conan and Chuck Norris, so you know it's big. Thanks! Charlene Robertson 3 anos atras ZoZo is one evil bastard and dates back centuries. He can possess you and I've even heard stories about him raping people, men and women, after they messed with a ouija board. Jan Hudson 2 anos atras charlene robertson other than zozo what are other famous demons random teen 2 anos atras Alright then. ZoZo is a demon who has nothing to do with Led Zeppelin. Retardretroguy 3 anos atras Didn't Zozo supposedly write Stairway to Heaven. Led Zeppelin's fourth unnamed album is sometimes referref to as Zozo, for the symbols spelling it in the album cover (symbolizing Jimmy Page). It's bullshit but I like knowing the cultural impact of such demons Tim 3 anos atras My very SHADY Aunt bought the 3 of of us a board for Christmas (irony ? one year. My mom put on the front of being thankful, put it away, and then threw it in the trash before any of us touched it. She knew how evil those things are, and how gullible I was at the time, so I have no doubts she made the right decision.


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Are not the big brains of Ultron, Skynet, and Thomas Casey taking the only sane and rational option, rescuing humanity from its own toxic empathy. Did they try to wipe us out in a Great flood a few thousand years ago, the way our own creations will try to wipe us out once they gain total sentience and control of our nuclear weapons. These questions are asked again and again -- man makes his destroyer in His image and likeness. In AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON two 'good' scientist superheroes in their downtime whip up a hybrid of Stark's pre-existing artificial intelligence butler Jarvis (voiced by ) and an alien energy source which promptly attacks Jarvis, whips up a body for itself out of spare Iron Man parts and crashes a party like some maniac who was passed out on the couch all night but wakes up at four AM with total amnesia and instantly starts a brawl. Voiced by James Spader (a genius bit of casting) as a kind of deadpan fusion of CEO and rock star alpha dog to the point of rivaling Downey's Stark himself, and like Pinocchio or John Connor all he wants is to be 'the new' flesh and blood. Steel is strong, but flesh is stronger, as Thulsa Doom used to say. It's hard not to root for Ultron's yen for a body as his mission is almost identical to the key long term project going on in mainstream big budget multiplex Hollywood: 4. THE SUSPENSION BRIDGE ACROSS THE UNCANNY VALLEY It's not just for shadowed animators to try and cross anymore, but writers creating story lines that have to account for why everything looks so artificial. Kids' movies take the easy route, get rid of live actors all together and simplify with uniform surfaces, sidestep the valley by either reducing characters to Legos, cartoon animals, toys, vegetables, monsters, or impressionistic caricatures. And as I wrote before about TERMINATOR 3 (See: Yea as I walk through the Uncanny Valley ), Hollywood recognizes it will never cross the valley all the way, never create completely natural humans from pixels. Hollywood knows it needs to build a two way bridge by changing the face of humanity in this weird new century, the first pylons dug in to satisfy ULTRON's dream of a new body; or Skynet's merging with John Connor into one newfound Man-chine; or Depp's fusion of self and computer brain into the entirety of the world's damaged DNA. Hollywood must first change our facial recognition hardware, at the source. All they need do is boost our brain's pareidolia 'facial recognition' software, and the Uncanny Valley will become no more than a college animation class footnote. A flick of the switch and we'll be beyond representation itself and into direct response. Is there a moral code to this (the idea of regenerating old long dead actors digitally to appear in new films was predicted as far back as the 1970s.


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There certainly is fraud in overall health treatment. The exact is legitimate for every enterprise or endeavor touched by human palms, e. . banking, credit score, insurance coverage, politics, etc. There is no issue that wellness treatment vendors who abuse their situation and our belief to steal are a dilemma. Taxpayers, individuals and vendors usually get rid of for the reason that the difficulty with well being care fraud is not just the fraud, but it is that our federal government and insurers use the fraud problem to more agendas though at the same time fail to be accountable and get responsibility for a fraud problem they facilitate and make it possible for to flourish. Insurers, state and federal companies, and some others may perhaps get fraud info associated to their personal missions, wherever the kind, quality and volume of information compiled differs greatly. This deficiency of comprehension may possibly consequence in people moving on without having getting clarification of what the codes suggest, or might consequence in some believing they were being improperly billed. In fact, payors of overall health care promises proclaim to work a payment system primarily based on belief that vendors invoice precisely for providers rendered, as they can not critique every assert just before payment is created simply because the reimbursement method would shut down. Nonetheless, this action, for the most aspect, is dealing with exercise following the assert is paid and has little bearing on the proactive detection of fraud. It was enacted by Congress to tackle insurance policies portability and accountability for client privacy and health treatment fraud and abuse. HIPAA purportedly was to equip federal regulation enforcers and prosecutors with the equipment to attack fraud, and resulted in the creation of a range of new wellbeing care fraud statutes, which includes: Health and fitness Care Fraud, Theft or Embezzlement in Health and fitness Treatment, Obstructing Felony Investigation of Health Care, and False Statements Relating to Health and fitness Care Fraud Matters. On the other hand, these steps by itself, without inclusion of some tangible and considerable right before-the-declare-is-paid out actions, will have tiny effects on cutting down the incidence of the challenge. Is tort reform a likelihood from those people pushing for overall health care reform. Aim on some front-conclude action that specials with addressing the fraud right before it comes about.


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