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Once again the facilities are simple; the only switches are for the high pass filter and the pad, and the polar pattern is cardioid. On everything I tried - including a Steinway grand - the output was virtually indistinguishable from that of the 414 - open, transparent and clean, quiet and free of colouration. The main difference was in the sensitivity - the 4033 is few db more sensitive than the 414. If this is an example of what Audio Technica has to offer, I await further developments with interest. A variable -pattern microphone with the sound of the 4033 would be a very useful addition to the arsenal indeed. As it stands, I can't imagine it will Reprinted f rom be long before this microphone is a STUDIO much more familiar SOUND sight. 11 February 1992 audio technica. INNOVATION ',1ECISION INTEGRITY Tel. 0532 771441 Fax. 0532 704836 14 Studio Sound, December 1993 NEWS REVIEW If its intended significance is to be understood, it is important to give Fostex' new baby its proper title -the Foundation 2000 Digital Recorder Editor Mixer. The words have been chosen carefully, as have those describing the Foundation's hardware controller, the Edit Controller, removable hard drive, the Removable Project Environment, and the proposed Dancing Fader Mixing System hardware controller. At the heart of the Foundation 2000 are a design team new to Fostex - having previously been part of New England Digital -and a dedicated computer -based recording, editing and mixing unit described by the team as an Expert Audio Computer. Design of the platform has incorporated a very high real -time performance requirement -the hardware architecture is entirely new and believed to be good for the next five years without modification. Regular 2 -year updates to the object orientated software is expected to prolong the Foundation's life for a further five years. The machine is intended to find application in audio -postproduction, audio for film and TV and, of course, in straight music recording, and the sheer scope of its conception reflects these ambitions, as we shall see. The machine will handle up to 16 channels of simultaneous audio providing hardware supported 8- channel working including simultaneous crossfading and DSP functions on all tracks. The intention here is that the system will support up to six units in cascade giving 48 direct output tracks and 96 audio channels. The aim is one of as complete integration as possible. The system is, once again, modular, using what Fostex call ACE Fostex' next generation: the foundation 2000 FOUNDA TION 2Lt11 (Algorithmic Computing Engine) cards.

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She fought with the Hound once, got completely destroyed (and the Hound demonstrated how her sword was useless against a guy in armor in the process) and never practiced again. I can imagine her learning that over 5 years (it was 5 years btw) -- it's just hard because so little of it was on screen so it doesn't seem plausible. Oh wait we got an entire string of scenes where Arya was profiling a target and knew his entire schedule back to front. PepoThink. The entire Dorne story line in the show makes no sense because all the characters that are relevant to it in the books are cut out, same with the Greyjoys and the Riverlands PepoThink. It only spans to season 4, and very inconsistently even BASEDWATM8. Gilly's son becomes a consistant way to measure time. Ellaria Sand doesn't do shit in the books and they cut the actual main POV character, Arianne Martel from the show entirely to focus on the Sand Snakes, which turned out great Kappa. I'm not saying they can't fight worth a shit, I'm saying that there's no given reason that they're exceptional fighters in the show. You have to see danny's tits 6 more times before you think she's grown as a character. Euron then wins the favor of his least favorable allies by giving them titles and wives and shit. At the end of the last book, Victarion was traveling toward Valyria to marry Daenerys, but there was no rift in Greyjoy leadership. While Balon wanted his daughter to succeed him, Aeron firmly points out that Balon does not make the rules. Aeron says that perhaps she will win the Kingsmoot and become the first woman in history to rule the Iron Islands but then again, perhaps not HmmStiny. Just regular stuck as in can't climb higher or is he literally cucked? I think the way isee john snow's failing at the battle of the bastards is more about the starts not being able to do anything alone, and the show is more about having the starks together. Like building a giant military force is super easy and the only problem was nobody suggested it. I thought her slow and miserable downfall in Westeros would have been so cool. She sparred with the Hound once, he kicked her ass in 2 seconds, said her entire style of fighting is worthless, and they never fought together again.

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“But, if the energy there is only fifty per cent, maybe not. Bourdain agreed. “We don’t want to manufacture a scene,” he said. I’d rather miss the shot than have a bogus shot. When he meets someone at a roadside cafe, he wears a lavalier microphone, which picks up the sort of ambient noise—blaring car horns, shrieking cicadas—that sound designers normally filter out. “We want you to know what a place sounds like, not just what it looks like,” Jared Andrukanis, one of Bourdain’s producers, told me. “The guys who mix the show hate it. They hate it, but I think they love it. After filming with President Obama, Bourdain said, “I’m going to disappear into the flow of thousands of people. . The kind of care and feeding required of friends, I’m frankly incapable of. I’m not there. I’m not going to remember your birthday. I’m not going to be there for the important moments in your life. We are not going to reliably hang out, no matter how I feel about you. For fifteen years, more or less, I’ve been travelling two hundred days a year. I make very good friends a week at a time. Until he was forty-four, Bourdain saw very little of the world. He grew up in Leonia, New Jersey, not far from the George Washington Bridge.

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Instead, he apparently sent his bodyguard to pick up the food after putting in the order at 9. 0pm - just as Bieber ended the first half of his set. The general manager sneakily took a picture of the star's 'order' on the restaurant's internal food queue, whose name was inputted as 'JB'. The singer obviously likes to turn up the heat when he dines out, as there was a handwritten note to specify that the burger needed to be spicy. With the burgers priced at ? . 5 each, and fries costing ? . 5 a piece, his meal would have totalled ? 5. 0. The burger seemed to go down well - so well, in fact, that the restaurant was given a ? 00 tip, it was claimed. That's a tip of 387 per cent - much more generous than the standard 10 per cent handed out by the average customer. The Spicy Malagueta burger that the restaurant says Bieber ordered is chicken covered in the eatery's signature spicy sauce, which it serves at its 10 sites across the UK. The What Do You Mean singer has a healthy appetite, and is regularly snapped ducking into his favourite sandwich chain Subway. Last month he suffered an embarrassment after his credit card was declined at a branch of the fast food chain in west Hollywood as his flame Sofia Richie waited in the car. Luckily for him, a generous fan recognised him and offered to pay for the star's order. It's been reported that his favourite meal is spaghetti bolognese.

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Amazing collection bro keep up the good vids Michael Bledstein. My channel also has a horror movie autographs video if you want to watch. Child's Play was the very first horror movie that I watched. Roger Ebert Jr. Alex Leyba ? ? yup, lol Subscribe to pewdiepie Subscribe to pewdiepie. Halloween 1 the remake was amazing but 2. No comment. Halloween I could say is my favourite slasher character. My childhood was destroyed by him Gaming with Evan 2. Love your video, new subscriber right here, I have a question, what is your least favourite horror movie aside from Halloween 2 rob zombie, like the worst ever in your opinion Alex Leyba. Great looking room dude and you are right Halloween 2 by Rob zombie is a pile of SHIT Solely Strange 2. I should really get into it, I'm more into Martial Arts and Anime movies TheOFamily5 2. Lazyie pac ? ? TWDFan 1206 lol Michael's Gaming Playthroughs. MumblecoreMoviemaker did you watch the video it’s right there. I'm starting to like Seed of Chucky is that bad lol Lazyie pac ?