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And I talk you back through it and you eventually remember you had it in the kitchen. Me! “OK,” I admitted. “You’re right. I suppose this is what they mean when they say you have to work at marriage. We must both try harder to find our own things. “No,” he said. “We ’re married, we ’re allowed to ask the other person to help us find things. I was suddenly very taken with that idea. “Right, I get you,” I said. “That ’s what they mean when they say marriage is a partnership. “Exactly. And it ’s not just the dynamic between the two of us that has changed.

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It’s so inescapable, “it’s part of the equation now,” as one of the characters points out in the season two finale. It has so far been the driving force behind every plot thread—what is it. Oh fuck, what’s it doing now? —though the stakes vary depending on who’s involved. R. I. P. First, we must mention two important characters who presumably met a fiery end when Eros, transformed from asteroid into giant missile by the protomolecule, smashed into Venus: Miller (Thomas Jane), a Belter and former police detective, and Julie Mao (Florence Faivre), the missing person he’d been hired. Though Julie was born a rich Earther, she joined the OPA in defiance of her father, slippery Protogen chief Jules-Pierre Mao (Francois Chau), and worked to expose his company’s plans for the protomolecule. While tracing her last known movements around the Belt, Miller—a hard-drinking, cynical loner—unexpectedly falls in love with her. Though she succumbs to the alien pathogen before they ever get to meet in person, he’s able to connect with her consciousness through the protomolecule (like we said, its capabilities extend way beyond the realm of human comprehension), and convinces her to steer Eros into Venus instead of its original target, Earth—thereby saving billions from annihilation. A sanitized version of their love story turns them into folk heroes around the Belt, though the loss of his daughter does nothing to change Jules-Pierre’s diabolical scheme. The Rocinante crew Originally thrown together as co-workers on the doomed ice hauler Canterbury, Captain James Holden (Steven Strait), pilot Alex Kamal (Cas Anvar), engineer Naomi Nagata (Dominique Tipper), and mechanic Amos Burton (Wes Chatham) bond after surviving the one-two destruction of the Cant and then the Donnager, the Martian ship they encountered immediately after.

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Bad Bill Bunion commits a number of crimes before Mighty Mouse stops him and puts him back where he belongs. The ? m starts with a girl traveling by train back home. Upon her arrival, her father informs her that a countess has just passed away. While she is away doing other things, her husband is at home guarding his collection of wooden angels. One night a thief went down the chimney and stole several things. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, he builds a caged trap for the creature. He leaves for a trip only to return with the creature trapped and dead in the cage. This is a “Dracumentary” about a vampire, Joe Nosferatu, who is looking for food, women, and respect. Producers: Hellmut Haffner; Writing Credits: Hans W. This ? m takes places in the 16th century, a time when vampires, immune to sunlight, have taken over civilization. The oppressed humans rebel, and a battle for life and control of civilization ensues.

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Their venom is one of the most deadly poisons in the known world. Oberyn wanted to ensure that Gregor would have a long, drawn-out death in utter agony. This marks the first mention of Mantarys in the series, a city located east of the Free Cities but west of Slaver's Bay, on the direct land route between the two regions. Mantarys has a very sinister repute and is considered a city of monsters, assassins, and poisoners. This seems to be a subtle hint that Qyburn's years of unethical medical experiments on living people (including vivisection) have made him unusually accustomed to the smells of death and rotting flesh. Until this episode, the title didn't include the mention of the Rhoynar people, whose legacy lives on in the Dornishmen. Obviously, Daenerys named him after her late husband, Khal Drogo. The writers have mentioned in various interviews since Season 2 began that the dragons in the TV continuity have the same names as in the books, they just couldn't find an opportunity to smoothly work them into dialogue, short of Daenerys giving a long expository speech directly at the camera explaining what all three of their names are. Tywin makes an off-hand remark that he left Casterly Rock to serve as Hand for the Mad King when she was 9 years old. It has also been stated that Tywin served as Aerys II Targaryen 's hand for about twenty years, and also that Cersei was about 17 when Robert's Rebellion began. Logically, Cersei and Jaime could only have been born around the time that Tywin became Hand to Aerys II. Tywin became Hand not long after crushing the Reyne Rebellion, which impressed Aerys II. In Season 3, Cersei also stated that - implausibly - she remembered the Reyne Rebellion as a little girl.

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I wanted to keep the magic in my book subtle and keep our sense of it growing, and it stops being magical if you see too much of it. In Tolkien, Aragorn’s sword is magical because it just is; not because we regularly see it helping him win fights. Martin: The whole point of the scene in A Game of Thrones where Daenerys hatches the dragons is that she makes the magic up as she goes along; she is someone who really might do anything. I wanted magic to be something barely under control and half instinctive--not the John W. She's part of one of the major houses has people fight for her just because she's petty So. Some people just follow others because they think they're pretty literally brings the age of magic back into the world unintentionally gains unsullied via plot induced stupidity She gained the unsullied because she played on the greed of the Masters by offering them a dragon in exchange for their entire available army including the boys still in training. The Masters are introduced as greedy fucks and Dany simply plays on their greed by offering them a dragon hatching the dragons was also ridiculous. nope. countless better targs tried before her. This video looks at how Game of Thrones—and the Battle of the Bastards episode in particular—evokes such strong emotions in its audience by making sure every scene has a compelling value transition. Thanks to Diego Rojas for composing original music for this video and this channel. Almost any dire wolf scene where they protected their master. For anyone who wants to read the books you can download the mobile version for your phone here.