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The return of tight end Ladarius Green isn't going to help Coates, nor has the fact that Le'Veon Bell is averaging nine targets per game and has nearly as many receiving yards (360) as rushing (433). And fellow wideout Eli Rogers has 15 targets over his last two games, with 145 yards and a touchdown. It's not outside the realm of possibility for Coates to connect on a couple long passes and finish next week with 100-plus yards, but there's no logic that would lead a fantasy owner to start him before a game like that; only head-scratching, what-do-I-do-now frustration afterward. Coates is owned in 61 percent of CBSSports. om leagues, while Rogers is owned in just 23 percent. Those ownership numbers should probably be flipped. MISCELLANEOUS - Jamison Crowder has 28 targets over his last three games and three touchdowns in his last four. While his next few weeks are a mixed bag of favorable and tough opponents (Packers, Cowboys, Cardinals, Eagles), Crowder has a tremendous playoff schedule, with games against the Panthers and the Bears in Weeks 15 and 16. - DeVante Parker's eight targets were his most since Week 2, and he finished Sunday with a surprising 103-yard game. After a fairly tough matchup against the Rams in Week 11, Parker gets the 49ers and Ravens, who have given up a combined 30 touchdowns to wide receivers this season. Parker is owned in 63 percent of CBSSports. om leagues. - Stefon Diggs looks to be a focal point for Pat Shurmur's Sam Bradford-centered offense. In the two games with Shurmur as offensive coordinator, Diggs has seen 29 targets.

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It's the visuals that get me cowering under my blanket. At one point, ouija became really popular among the girls in my dormitory. One night I was up late trying to finish a school project. Most of the kids were already asleep except for a few girls who were still giggling doing who know what. A couple of them shrieked and started running back to their rooms. They were younger, so me and my friend got really irritated (Stupid noisy freshmen. heesh! We told them to keep it down. They said they saw something outside, an apparition. We turned in for the night--it was 2 a. . The next day, this girl got possessed. She was making faces while we were in the bathroom getting ready. School started but by mid-morning, there was a strange hush everywhere, and then the screaming started.


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(LAUGHS) I like the idea of fucking Jessica Ennis, I do. But I know that in practise my gut would settle into her abs like pancake mix filling up a fucking waffle iron. Victoria Pendleton can lift twice her own body weight. Which is sexy, ’cause it means she still wouldn’t be able to throw me off. Andy Gray with a bottle of wine. (APPLAUSE) Just the national anthem playing and the cameras going along their faces and him going, “Five. Six and a half. “Seven, if I had a drink in me. That closing ceremony was shite, wasn’t it. Literally, our only hope of entertainment there was al-Qaeda. If al-Qaeda had blown it up even the survivors would have been applauding. Even people who’d been left with one arm would have been going, “Fucking well done, guys. That was really stunning. They had James Bond at the opening ceremony doing a stunt.


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Film ini tergolong seru tapi juga terlihat sedikit agak konyol. Dalam perjalanan mereka ke sebuah gedung untuk mengeksekusi pejabat korup, dua pasangan ini harus berurusan dengan polisi gadungan yang sudah lama merajalela. Pertarungan mereka melawan polisi gadungan di terowongan itulah penyebabnya. Di situ, jelas they are not in the life dangering situation at all. Mereka sengaja mengikuti permainan polisi gadungan. Bahkan saat polisi gadungan itu got the upper hand for a while. Kalo begitu mengapa mereka terlalu lama membasmi preman-preman berpakaian polisi itu. Adegan di terowongan ini seolah diulur-ulur untuk memanjangkan waktu, sayangnya justru menghasilkan kesan kalo kedua jagoan kita ini not that good. Setelah membereskan polisi gadungan, akhirnya mereka sampai di sarang target sebenarnya. My point is, akan lebih seru jika adegan di terowongan itu dipercepat, adegannya dibikin dramatis like, they are overcome the odds dengan cerdasnya, terus adegan di gedung itu baru deh dibanyakin. Karena jelas kesalahan terbesar 3Sum adalah menempatkan segmen yang paling lemah di awal cerita. Seharusnya mereka mencontoh WWE dalam hal penempatan posisi segmen. Kalo di WWE, match yang aksinya paling heboh akan diletakkan sebagai pembuka. Pertandingan yang terlalu gimmickal biasanya diletakkan di tengah, berfungsi sebagai cooling down for something bigger or just serve as a bathroom break.


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When it turned out she was, in her fifties, too old to train, she urged Lovelace to consider making the women’s program a large, long-term one akin to the WASP program with her in charge rather than some crash effort like the Mercury program. But all the while Cobb’s name was appearing more and more in the press, and Cochran started to feel that this younger pilot was getting preferential treatment, that she was being groomed for spaceflight and no one was telling Cochran. Finally, in May of 1961, Odlum wrote Lovelace a letter. In it, the wealthy benefactor expressed his wife’s displeasure at not being at the centre of the female astronaut program and threatened that she might walk away completely if something didn't change. He promised to give Cochran a more prominent role in the program. But Cochran seemed to have lost her enthusiasm for the women in space program and took a very different approach to the cause. These would be gruelling mental, psychological, and physical tests involving centrifuges and airborne EKGs. Again, Cochran would be funding the women who could not afford the travel costs on her own. Aware of reports from the Soviet Union saying the nation was preparing to launch a woman, she wrote to NASA Administrator James Webb expressing her willingness to join the astronaut corps immediately. The letter’s subtext was that she personally would secure the “first” of a woman in space. On the evening of May 26, 1961, a conference on the peaceful use of space in Oklahoma ended with a banquet. Webb got up to speak, and though he and Cobb hadn't talked much that night she was clearly on his mind. After introducing Cobb to the attendees, Webb announced her appointment as a consultant to the agency for the role of women in space. She finally had an in to NASA, and a strong way to represent her cohort.