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Witnesses contested Spicher’s official statement that she had pulled a knife on him before he shot her. Local activists took up the case as a rallying cry. The Illustrated News, a grassroots circular published by civil rights leaders, carried a two-page story accompanied by of community members picketing the police headquarters. Racist public policies called for the overpolicing and underprotection of Detroit’s black communities. Underground bars called “blind pigs” filled a vital need for safe places for adults to relax, mingle and exchange ideas. In the scorching hot, early morning hours of Sunday, July 23,1967, run by William Walter “Bill” Scott II at 9125 12th Street. As the police slowly loaded the 80-odd partygoers into paddy wagons, neighbors gathered on the street to watch. A rumor circulated through the crowd that the police had manhandled at least one woman. For Scott’s 19-year-old son, William Walter Scott III, a lifetime of frustration over police misconduct fueled the first bottle he threw. The chaos spilled into the street, the police pulled back and looters broke into local stores. The disturbance would escalate as the crowds — and the response by law enforcement — would turn increasingly violent and deadly over the next several days. In 1967, women worked in many of the businesses that were impacted by shoplifting and arson. But the timing of some of Jones' comments has led to scrutiny.

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Perhaps it's because, as this Josh Marshall podcast suggests, Paul Manafort, a foreign agent who worked for Oleg Deripaska, AKA Putin's favorite oligarch, and who got sideways financially with Deripaska, was literally sent into the Trump campaign by the Kremlin to do its dirty work. Perhaps the Steele Dossier is right when it suggests that the entire Trump-Russia election-stealing conspiracy was run by Manafort on the Trump side, and that others like (perhaps! Michael Cohen only had to take over when Manafort's shit started to stink and the news media started reporting on his weird-ass Russian connections in the summer of 2016. If it's possible, we are beginning to suspect it may be even worse than that. On Friday, special counsel Robert Mueller issued his sentencing recommendations for Manafort, after DC district court Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled conclusively that the shady motherfucker very intentionally lied and blew up his cooperating agreement. Because Manafort defaulted, Mueller is no longer bound to recommend that Manafort's sentence be reduced, and is free to throw the book right at Manafort's face. HARD. And that is what Mueller did. The specific recommendation is for 235 to 293 months (19 and a half to 24 and a half years), plus TENS AND TWENTIES of millions of dollars of fines and restitution. It makes clear that Manafort was the ringleader from whence all the crimes sprang, that he 100 percent believes he is above the law, that he commits 50 crimes before breakfast every day, and that they're worried if he gets out of jail too quick, he'll just commit more crimes. Weird how they'd think that, considering how they detail how he committed crimes starting in 2005 and didn't stop until 2018, at which point he was UNDER ALL THESE INDICTMENTS. Worse, the government lists NO MITIGATING FACTORS, as in, the government can't identify one single solitary thing to suggest that maybe if X or Y had been different, Manafort wouldn't have committed so many crimes. Indeed, they say there are aggravating factors and they recommend sentence enhancements.

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It is the responsibility of media and the historians to set the record straight. Jinnah’s dad’s name was not muslim, neither was his daughters nor is she dressing as a muslim in the picture, nor does she look like one. I think in those times people while selecting names for their offspring were more influenced by the culture and their native language. The article above says his sisters’ names were Rehmatbai, Mariambai and Shirinbai etc. Some historian and his biographers mentioned that he used to drink and eat pork. But what makes him wonderful is that he was a man of principles. His religion was his own wishes and what was he told to do. He wanted to be on the top, and he got it in shape of Pakistan’s governor general. He had no opportunity of that level whatsoever in united India. Everyone is grabber (of wealth, fame and power plus some sex) here. Joined again on the request of Dr. Iqbal and then there was no looking back. So it happened.

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The cracks are starting to show, and it is becoming clear that these two really weren’t close growing up. They don’t have the shorthand Jon would have with Robb or Arya. Given her input in the war council scene in The Door, it is understandable Jon would think if Sansa had something to say then she would do so unprompted. Sansa’s statement that she won’t go back to Winterfell alive should Ramsay win is a real callback to Cersei and Sansa’s conversation in Blackwater, when Cersei says (paraphrasing here) that Stannis may take the city, but he won’t take them. Miguel Sapochnik rightly gets praise heaped on him for this episode, and for this sequence in particular, but Fabian Wagner as DP deserves huge amounts of recognition for his work here. Jon knows miracles can happen (after all, he should be dead) so as long as Rickon is alive, Jon will do everything in his power to try and save his little brother. He will never give up on his family; regardless of what we find out in the next episode, Jon will always be a Stark in his heart and wolves are pack animals. It is heartbreaking to see Rickon getting so close and yet so dead. Jon is very much aware of his own mortality at this point, but as he unsheathes Longclaw it is with the determination he will go down fighting for Winterfell as a son of Ned Stark. Just as arresting is the shot of Jon’s face as we see him hack away at various opponents. And we see that through Jon, a character we have followed since day one and are invested in. In Home, Davos and Melisandre ultimately took the decision to resurrect Jon for him; in Battle of the Bastards, Jon takes the decision to live again for himself. Wolves are pack animals, and Jon has sworn to protect his sister.

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