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As with everything in the department, strict rules govern report writing, and as with any dangerous undertaking, the department will train you to do it properly. The most despised class at the police academy is the one that teaches writing. The incident report he’ll learn to write is the factual narrative account of a crime. Crime reports are written in the dispassionate uni-voice that’s testament to the academy’s ability to standardize writing. They feel generated rather than authored, the work of a single law enforcement consciousness rather than a specific human being. So how can I identify Martinez from a single sentence. Why do his reports make me feel pity, terror, or despair. My talk looked at the notion of culture and it’s importance for user research, and design. It informs our work, our purchases, our usage, our expectations, our comfort, and our communications. In this presentation, Steve will explore the ways we can experience, observe, and understand diverse cultures to foster successful collaborations, usable products, and desirable experiences. By contrast, our technology is as nebulous as “the cloud,” that Web-based limbo where our digital thoughts increasingly go to spend eternity. The original Luddites would answer that we are human. Getting past the myth and seeing their protest more clearly is a reminder that it’s possible to live well with technology, but only if we continually question the ways it shapes our lives.

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Another question: apart from Jon and Dany, who else has Targaryen blood. Total people with Targ blood on the show was Dany, Jon, Gendry, Robert, Renly, Stannis, Shereen, Maester Aemon. They've passed the end of the 5th book and are presumably working from the outline GRRM gave them, which is why the pace is so much faster and the plot developments are so much bigger. And I'm one who thinks that GRRM will never finish the books because he can't, his method of just vaguely following characters around is fundamentally flawed, he's literally lost the plot. At the rate he's writing it'll take about fifty more books to finish the story, and at the rate he writes that'll take at least five hundred years. In book one, Sansa has a younger friend she brings with her to King's Landing, Jayne Poole. None of them give a shit, but Littlefinger pipes up and says he'll make sure she's given a home with a noble family. So sure enough, Ramsay marries her thinking he's legitimizing his family claim to the North, and Littlefinger is probably planning the same dodge of telling Cersei that the Boltons are traitors because they're marrying the Stark girl. Yeah, Littlefinger plays the long game, and the TV writers did kind of slip up with him in the last couple of seasons. He should have known more about Ramsay, and done a much better job of defending himself when Sansa turned against him. Having the Boltos attempt to kill Jon, by sending Locke up to the NW worked out well. Most of these main players ofwho it was strongly implied in. Season 1 were the most throneworthy are there - Daenerys, Jon and the Stark girls, the Lannister siblings - and are fighting each other and the ice zombies.

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That’s most likely the casting call for the maid Arya impersonates, not Lyanna. Lyanna didn’t really have multiple scenes (they used a brief flash in one previous episode, but that’s stretching it; the actress wasn’t even credited). Or Casterly Rock The only casting call that says anything to me is the Lieutenant. I was hoping we’d get a specific Dothraki commander for their hordes, not unlike Grey Worm in the beginning (though of course he’s more of a character on his own right by now. It’s nice to see that’s apparently happening. Most of them seem to be small parts, though, so I wouldn’t worry that we’re missing some new character. As for the non-white ones, I guess it could point to Dany stopping by Volantis, but Oldtown is also a very heterogeneous city, and then there’s Dorne, so it doesn’t have to be Essos. Would they really use the term “priest” for a “maester”. Isn’t that just wishful thinking for those of us hoping Marwyn will appear. Last year when maesters were requiered the casting calls used the term “measter”, and for the septons “priest. So it’s most likely a septon, not a maester. Not sure who could be who but all talk this is making me really hope we see Howland Reed in s7. At this point introducing Howland just to reveal it to Jon and Jon is more likely to trust his own brother than stranger.

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Alan Bennett is from Armley in my Leeds constituency and I am a huge fan. His love for the city shows in Keeping On Keeping On (Profile Faber). I picked up Sami Moubayed’s Under the Black Flag (I B Tauris) to understand the ideology of Isis better. The most fascinating parts of the book describe the working of the Isis “state”: its welfare and education systems, taxation and other functions of government. The territory controlled by Isis has been reduced but Moubayed argues that it has built a durable structure and will be around for a long time to come. The out-of-hours receptionist, Gaby, came to find me while I was still setting up for the evening shift. A patient had arrived unexpectedly early for his appointment, she told me, but rather than let him wait to be seen, Gaby thought she ought to let me know he was “swelling up, and finding it hard to breathe”. I glanced at the summary from the 111 call handler: the problem was supposed to have been a sore throat. He was accompanied by a concerned neighbour and a huge bag, full of medication. He wasn’t able to explain much about what was happening, as he was preoccupied with taking each laboured breath. He indicated a MedicAlert bracelet round his wrist. “Chronic angioedema”, it read, along with a list of half a dozen medications that mustn’t be administered. In the few moments it took me to gather these first impressions, Jay’s inspirations developed a disconcerting “whoop” and his breathing rate plummeted.

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Some of them were really bogged down by angst and misery, which is fine to start but they needed to grow. Comment on As expected, Netflix cancels The Punisher and Jessica Jones by Hammersteyn Cache Translate Page Boetie, ek gaan jou bitter hard PK. Comment on As expected, Netflix cancels The Punisher and Jessica Jones by Guz Cache Translate Page OMW just imagine an Afrikaans dub if Yster Vuis xD Comment on As expected, Netflix cancels The Punisher and Jessica Jones by For the Emperor. Cache Translate Page The cancellations of Daredevil and Punisher are travesties. Could not get past episode 3 of Yster Vuis season 2, episode 6 of Booser Jones season 2, and still have not started Look Cage season 2. Comment on As expected, Netflix cancels The Punisher and Jessica Jones by G8crasha Cache Translate Page I guess we will have to see what transpires with Hulu and Disney to see whether they return to the small screen. Comment on As expected, Netflix cancels The Punisher and Jessica Jones by CrAiGiSh Cache Translate Page Savages. Comment on As expected, Netflix cancels The Punisher and Jessica Jones by Original Heretic Cache Translate Page F. Netflix Canada followed up with this: the response has been a reminder of the high bar corporations are held to for representation, as they should be. I really cannot justify subscribing anymore - most of the channels I watch are available on Freesat and I tend to watch a lot of content on Netflix or Amazon. Think I would rather divert my Sky TV subscription to something more useful, like overpaying my mortgage. Chandor senaryoyu Mark Boal ile birlikte kaleme alacak. And two nihilists profit from failed romances in a Netflix comedy.

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I think It’s Tyrion’s softserving battle strategy and trying to spare his family from fire and blood that is the betrayal. Cersei was literally handled advantages and Dany was knocked down because of Tyrion being unwilling to play hardball. If Dany was truly as power crazed and evil as some people are accusing her of being, she would have been on the Iron Throne in episode 2 and have been able to help Jon fight the NK at full force and the NK wouldn’t have an ice Dragon and Cersei would have been neutralized. Instead, in wanting to minimize the harm done to innocent civilians, and not wanting to burn cities and be queen of the ashes, she lost 2 allies and a dragon. Despite this, she is still going to put her effort into saving the world, while Cersei meanwhile is waiting for her to exhaust her forces and move behind her back to try to kill her. Season 8 is gonna hand even more losses to Dany because she’s the one throwing everything she has into this fight with Jon to save the north, and the world. Seriously she rode on dragonback to rescue a group of men no questions asked like a superhero. In Beyond the wall, in bed, when he was recovering, she told him she would fight with him, that together, they would destroy the Night King. As equals. She saw with her own eyes, she believed him and she devastated that she didn’t listen before. He saw what she lost, he saw that she was willing to risk her life to save him and the others, and he saw what it cost her and that made him see her in a whole different light and that’s what made him pledge himself to her. That’s why she was so touched. Geez.

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LB: As a kid, I was fascinatied by every Sergio Leone films. ? hen as a young adult I fell in love with the Italian cinematography of Fellini, Scola, the Taviani Bros, Commenchini, Elio Petri. LB: If I have to name one person? t would be John Cassavetes. He set all the rules for independant filmmaking. ? e was totally free in his artistic approach. ? ? also a big fan of the works of Ken Loach. ? HF: What type of films you like watching, any genre.

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The Palace of Wisdom gives 8 gold stars out of 10 for THE RED TURTLE. Kalian tentu sudah menyaksikan petualanganku mengembara samudera dengan Putri Moana, bukan. Wah kalo belum, sayang sekali, kalian tidak melihat betapa keren dan cerdasnya aku di situ. Tadinya kupikir cuma Moana yang bisa melihat kelebihanku. Sewaktu remaja dia pernah melarang seseorang untuk menjadikanku ayam goreng. Dan sebagaimana layaknya pendengar yang baik, aku akan mendengar keluh kesahnya tanpa berkedip sampai Moana selesai bicara. Yang biasanya ia lakukan abruptly, yang mana kutahu dia merasa amat terbantu oleh kehadiranku. Setiap kali aku beraksi di layar, kalian pasti berseri dan tertawa-tawa. Well, oke, aku sedikit lebih tampan sih dibandingkan ayam-ayam lain. Kerjaanku sehari-hari di pulau ya cari makan, sama kayak penduduk desa yang lain. Kalian tentu sudah melihat betapa festive nya penduduk desa kami. Kehidupan suku kami memang menyenangkan seperti itu; bikin kerajinan tangan, memanen hasil-hasil alam sambil bernyanyi. Semuanya pada betah, tidak seorangpun mau repot penasaran terhadap apa yang ada di seberang lautan selepas batu karang sana.