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I ? ll return once agakn since i have saved aas a favorite it. Among the speakers confirmed at ICO London are blockchain and enterprise agility knowledgeable David Siegel, properly-identified futurist and blockchain enthusiast Lex Sokolin, impartial developer and judge of Microsoft Think about Cup Oleg Kudrenko, with attendees getting direct entry to the speakers for extra networking on the exhibition flooring. GDPR Summit London will supply help and steerage for organisations for them to develop into GDPR complaint by Might 2018. We’re excited to announce that Brickblock will likely be presenting at the renowned ICO Occasion on October eleventh in London. The conference analyzed intimately cryptocurrency tokens: their classification, choice of a type for a certain undertaking, subject, distribution, and assist after tokensales. The College of Greenwich is at the moment being investigated by the UK knowledge watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), after it emerged that particulars belonging to lots of of research students had been disclosed on-line in a data breach Personal info belonging to college students together with full names, dates of birth, phone numbers and even signatures may very well be found on the college’s website. Nonetheless, the ICO says there isn’t any evidence to counsel any personal information has been accessed. Following the initial report on the problem by Quartz, the Metropolis of London Company launched an announcement saying that it has asked Renew to cease the data assortment immediately and that it had reported the problem to the ICO. In his opening remarks the Government Director, Mr Jose Sette, thanked the statistical experts for assisting the ICO in its objective of providing transparency within the coffee market. The European Union’s Common Information Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a brand new law which can apply within the UK from 25 Might 2018. More and more incubators and accelerators see blockchain as the following main platform for innovation and a foundational know-how, whose startup ecosystem would benefit vastly from appropriate authorized, technical, and operational structures and controls. Information protection and privacy like information security is vital, but not always easily achievable without very expensive specialist investments. Speaking of which, the London ICO exhibition space can be loaded with shows of companies related to a spread of ICO implementation, cryptocurrencies and blockchain devices and technologies. ICO London will introduce the know-how for investing in cyber-currencies and commerce. In October, London will host the major conference, ICO Event London 2017, devoted to a preferred investment era software called Preliminary Coin Providing. On October eleven, Eddy Travia, CEO and Co-founder of the London-listed Coinsilium Group Limited, will speak at ICO Event London He’ll inform about crowdsales from the investor’s perspective: the way to establish promising ICOs and make investments with minimal threat. The ICO can take motion to alter the behaviour of organisations and people that gather, use and maintain private data.

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I’ve been looking for an excuse to go to the Library. You can do all sorts of stuff with Twine if you know additional HTML I guess. I’ll probably do some Twine someday, just because it’s the only CYOA tool that lets you hyperlink inline and isn’t completely incomprehensible to learn (hi, Undum! . The way third parties have to deal with the games is different. And I’m not saying the Bento Tentacles people are cool. Stephen Colbert’s parody children’s book (if you don’t know him, he’s an American talk show host who does an incisive parody of a brain-dead conservative) has a bit about a totem pole with “no smoke-um no peace pipe,” which is a stereotype of a Native American. Except the parody of the stereotype seems like it just perpetuates the stereotype. (Contrast this old bit which actually makes the stereotype over the top. It’s like, once you release that into the wild, you don’t really control how it gets used. Barthes has discovered that texts really are textual spaces, but so what. Proclaiming the death of the author because texts have multiple layers is like proclaiming the death of the architect because houses turn out to have interiors where people live. The whole “I used to admire you until” shtick is just another way of shutting people up when they start actually applying the ideas they’ve always stood for to the real world. I’ve seen this with many, many left-wing artists who are suddenly accused of being violent or intolerant. What always comes to mind in these situations is the people who were all for an end to segregation until black families started moving into their neighbourhoods, or who praised Martin Luther King’s commitment to nonviolence until he started applying it to the people of Vietnam. I think we sometimes forget that history was someone’s present once. It has a bunch of already-created shit that it spends its time ripping off (justifying it as “remix culture”), and it has its own head that it has been told, every day, is Special and Important and Worth Talking About. .


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Ruchy Bronna po jego lewej stronie, aby Jon usiadl w tej sekcji, Jorah, Brienne i Podrick podazaja w tym kierunku. Wiekszosc z tej grupy to Druzyna Daenerys, ida do drugiego namiotu. Wszyscy sie rozgladaja, szukajac siebie nawzajem, poniewaz nikt tu zupelnie nie ufa. W szczegolnosci Sandor chodzi po okolicy, poniewaz czuje, ze cos tu jest nie tak. To jest dobre uczucie, gdy ludzie, ktorzy nie chca dzielic wladzy (Iow, Daenerys i Cersei), maja spotkanie. Bronn sugeruje Podrickowi, zeby wyszli i napili sie drinka, podczas gdy fantazyjni ludzie mowia, Podrick patrzy na Brienne, czy ona na to pozwala, kiwa glowa, wiec Podrick wyjezdza z Bronnem. Cersei chce, zeby wszyscy byli spieci i byli w her dogodnym polozeniu, wiec troche czasu zajmuje her pojawienie sie. To nie sprawia, ze ? udzie sie relaksuja, z oczywistych powodow. Sandor: Opuscilem to gowniane miasto, bo nie chcialem w nim umrzec. Wyglada na to, ze kazdy zly pomysl ma za soba cyganska Lannister. Tyrion: I troche pizzy z Clegane, zeby pomoc im to przejrzec. Na jednym poziomie jest to dobry komentarz na temat tego, jak Lannisterowie uzywaja Cleganesa jako ich zalogi rujnujacej przez jakis czas. Na innym poziomie dobre wprowadzenie dla Team Cersei, ktory ponownie ozywil Gregora na czele stawki, a wkrotce potem Cersei, Jaime, Qyburn i Euron. Gdy nadciaga Druzyna Cersei, Sandor podchodzi, by zawisnac wokol Druzyny Jona. Znaczace spojrzenia dziela sie tutaj, miedzy Jaime i Brienne, Cersei i Tyriona, Eurona i Theona, oraz Sandora i Gregora. Sandor chce zajac sie rozowym 600 funtowym sloniem goryla w pokoju. Podchodzi do namiotu Team Cersei, a Gregor stoi na drodze, a Sandor buduje hype dla Cleganebowl.


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A pilot, an underwater hockey enthusiast, and a customer-obsessed leader, Gales shares his views on AI and how it's about to reshape the face of business. But while previous designs have been rather uninspired, an upcoming model, the Mix 4, actually looks pretty sweet. Last year’s Honor 9 flagship had specs resembling the Huawei P10, with the only notable difference being the absence of the Leica branding on its cameras. They've been getting more error messages than they can handle, all because of one company's omnipotence. The Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus has surprisingly appeared on the Samsung Poland support page, and happens to still be there. Yet few appear to have survived until the last glacial maximum 24,000 to 19,000 years ago. A new plant protection method on the horizon Novel technologies are being sought to replace the traditional pesticides used to protect plants, particularly edible plants such as cereals. However, the APK is freely available and can be installed on a variety of devices. The base of the Flare contains a small container with a few inches of space where a user can store small items which tends to get misplaced easily. Tapping on the icon reveals a message from Apple reminding you to provide one of your credit card numbers to use with mobile payment service Apple Pay. Now the company has made it clear we won’t get our hands on the top-of-the-line, modular Mac Pro until 2019. The company recently invited TechCrunch back to its campus to discuss the new Mac Pro, and Apple’s strategy for creating the new device. On the other hand, Apple’s history suggests it’ll probably include some zany design elements. If we’re lucky, it’ll be some combination of the two. Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro will be shaped by workflows on TechCrunch Read next: Amazon's Spyro leak is the highlight of my week Sit back and let the hottest tech news come to you by the magic of electronic mail. Now, the first evidence of the Pixel 3’s existence has been uncovered by the keen-eyed developers studying the Android Open Source Project code. The brief mention doesn’t give much away, other than likely confirming the names. However, it suggests the Pixel 3 might have some improved networking capabilities, compared with its predecessors.


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This is what I mean when I say it’s almost inevitably a failure. I don’t mean that it’s not successful, but rather that it can never hope to represent a coherent view. The people we spoke to had little connecting them, apart from the fact they were all going through the same experience in some fashion Doing this work outside Tohoku, we were a little distant from the events there and so were our participants. We also noticed that many of those who were willing to break stride and talk to us were from outside Tokyo, which says a little about both big cities and our process. Eventually, our day of guerrilla research left us with more questions than ever, just like our participants, but often that’s entirely the right place to be in a situation which is fluid and unresolved. Discussing this piece now, a year and a half later, Aico makes the point that repeating the exercise would help understand whether the social ripples from the quake were still being felt, or if people were forgetting and moving on. At the time, Japan was still working on making sense of what happened to it all those months ago and this day helped sensitise us to that atmosphere of uncertainty and doubt. Creating The Clock was an intensive, meticulous process. For at least several months, as many as six people spent their days watching DVDs and ripping potential clips; Marclay spent three years working at his computer for 10 to 12 hours a day. With at least 90 years of cinematic history to work with, and perhaps 90,000 movies available, there is a substantial corpus of moving images to draw from. At the bullet-point level, we’re in much the same place as we were last week except we realize we need to push our fieldwork til after Thanksgiving so we can have time to get fully immersed in the topics and build a great fieldwork method. I think a few other people are close; I saw some outlines last week and am excited about what those will turn into. Perhaps part of his point is that we are semi-surreptitiously recorded in all of those same places but we ignore it, and when it’s made explicit by a dude standing in front of you with a device, then it becomes wrong. Michael Moore and Borat have created familiar entertainment forms around the unwanted and uncomfortable intruder. We become co-opted into voyeurism, curiously wondering who those people are or what’s in that room. I’m sure there’s some film theory bit that would explain why the POV shot is so easy to empathize with, regardless of how we would feel if we were in the viewfinder ourselves. However, there were parts of the experience that I have not quite gotten over even, after 12 years. The research targeted lower middle class households from across the country, both urban and rural.


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Can you give an example of something in the adaptation of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader that you took issue with or fought for or didn't want changed from book to screen. Always when you translate a book from the sort of medium of print into a movie, you're going to have to make changes. What happens in these things is that there's a sort of group of people—almost an informal committee—that decide what to do and what to put into the screenplay and so forth. And being a complete and utter Narnia fanatical purist, any comma they moved to me is an anathema. So there are always things that I would rather not have done, and there are always things the director probably would not have done. And he's moved in my direction, and I've moved in his. This is the sort of cooperative process in making a movie from a book. And I think it probably doesn't infringe on people's consciousness when they see the movies as much as it does on mine when I'm actually making the movies. I work very hard to make my points and some of them are understood and some of them are not and so forth. But we always work as sort of a team to eventually come out with something that results in usually a first-class film. Do you think C. . Lewis would approve of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 's leap from page to screen and the end result. I'm very wary of ever saying of how Jack would think about things. Of course he died in 1963, and he hasn't had the 50 so or years of life to change his attitudes as I've gone through. So I'm not prepared to say what Jack would think or would not think. I'm prepared to say if he had watched what we had done with Aslan and Reepicheep and characters like this on-screen, he would be utterly thrilled. His great fear was that the Narnia Chronicles would be done sometime in cell animation, in a cartoon type way and he hated that.


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Hmmm. Did she get anything, other than a few key hostages and converts, from this raid. Also, great to see the Starks deliciously awkward together again. Meera didn’t deserve that bland farewell but Bran is trying to see the forest for the trees. Anyway, I’m glad she finally decided to get some flying in and “be a dragon”. But it’s a fine line between power and madness that she rides. Bravo Matt Shakman! Another round with him next week. I’m currently reading A Clash of Kings (yes, late to the party) and enjoying both the show and the book. I’ve learned a lot about both reading post and responses here. The Umbers and Kastarks are now again part of Jon’s team. It seems to me like the North’s army should be closer to 50,000 than 10,000 including the Knights of the Vale. And now they had Tyrion overlooking this massacre, effectively viewing things from the viewers’ perspective; his loyalties torn. Jaime killed the Mad King because he was going to burn innocent people alive. And now we see him charging down the Mad King’s daughter, having winced at the sight of hundreds of men she’s burnt alive dissolving to ashes and screaming in agony. Yeah he is a big boy, but with a wound of a ballista Arrow my friend. He was one of Jon’s biggest influences, he’s somebody Dany would undoubtedly love to learn more about, and it would be another way to try to convince her about the importance of the threat beyond the Wall, because Aemon believed it was the realm’s greatest challenge. I know that the show does not have time to depict everybody learning about everything else that has happened, but Ramsay pretty much defined Theon’s time on the show for three whole seasons.


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The first was the 1985 cartoon “He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword,” the second 1987’s “Masters of the Universe,” which is getting a remake. People forget just how popular the Masters of the Universe toys were. For a time, He-Man was the biggest toy in the world, outselling even Barbie. But a few bad business decisions caused sales to plummet by the mid-’80s. The live-action movie: The Cannon Films-produced fiasco brings He-Man (Dolph Lundgren) and Skeletor (Frank Langella) to Earth, where they’re discovered by human Courteney Cox. It’s pretty darn bad but also strange enough that it’s garnered status as a cult classic. The board was first patented and advertised in the 1890s and has been a staple of horror cinema and slumber parties ever since. The movies: The 2014 movie is a by-the-numbers supernatural thriller in which a girl uses a Ouija board and inadvertently sets an evil spirit upon her. The film’s 1967-set prequel, “Ouija: Origin of Evil,” follows a similar story, but is actually quite good. Their weaponry? Why the occult belly magic of the “Care Bear Stare,” of course. Our heroes combine their beams of light and love against their adversary to save the day. It’s not really all that different from a Marvel movie. Upcoming movies based on toys “Ugly Dolls” (May 3) “Playmobil: The Movie” (sometime in 2019) “Barbie” (2020): Which will star Margot Robbie as Barbie. This is the first live-action “Barbie” movie, but there have been 36 straight-to-video movies. Other toy-based movies in the works or stuck in development hell: “ Play-Doh,” “Monopoly,” “Hot Wheels,” “Hungry Hungry Hippos,” “Candy Land,” “Stretch Armstrong” and a “Clue” reboot. Both theatres are centrally located in the Town Center Shopping District. The larger theater, Tinseltown 17, is near the Mall, while the more intimate Market Street Theater is in Market Street.