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It’s easy to associate the tomato man as being the mascot for the map location known as Tomato Town, similar to the Red Knight of Anarchy Acres or the Black Knight from Wailing Woods. Typically data mined skins like these are eventually added to the game, like the Raven skin and Easter gear were discovered prior to an official reveal. These unique costumes and cosmetics are one of the main reasons why Fortnite remains as popular as it is and the developers at Epic Games only appear to be getting more creative. Recently, a Rock, Paper, Scissors emote took the community by storm once it was discovered that the emote actually randomly displayed one of the three hand gestures. Even Drake has gotten in on the action by promising to rap about Fortnite if Epic creates a unique hotline bling emote. Fortnite is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and iOS. A new project carried out by researchers at Columbia University continues this tradition by using some deep learning technology to embed encrypted messages in otherwise ordinary looking text. “ Fontcode ” works by making incredibly subtle modifications to everyday fonts like Times New Roman and Helvetica, embedding coded messages inside them. These changes are so subtle that the average person viewing the text would be incredibly unlikely to notice them. They include such alterations as slightly sharper curves or a minutely thicker stem on a particular letter. Each letter has 52 different variations, which makes it possible to encode both lowercase and capital letters within every letter of the alphabet, along with punctuation marks and numbers, too. The researchers then trained a deep learning neural network to recognize these letters and to match them back to the coded letters in the secret message. With the right smartphone app and just a short period of time for processing the data, it’s possible to decode a secret message from the document it’s embedded in. Simply aim your device at the text and, as if by magic, the real message can be extracted. Would such a technique ever be applied in the real world.

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It seemed like there was an opportunity to expand on that story and make it its own thing. . One of the other things about the Apollo missions in particular was that we didn’t start landing on the moon. First there was Apollo One and sometimes our best intentions can yield some really horrible things. Do the kids know? Did you shoot on film and then transfer to digital, or were those added in post. We used tricks like split diopters, a lot of zooms instead of Steadicams. We all wanted it to feel like the kind of movies we watched as kids. But when we got into post, I had been wishing when we got into production that we could go with a classic logo and the cigarette burns was something I really wanted to try. I have such vivid memories, as a kid, seeing those just go by and it was just normal. I miss them. Once the studio was absorbing the dailies and the first cuts of the movie were coming out, much to my delight they really wanted to lean into that kind of nostalgia we were feeling when we were shooting it. Can it also jump the gate a little? There’s some dust on the print and you can hear it. And then we all started to get excited about these little imperfections that we try so hard to get out of movies now.

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Lol I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be going back to them regardless. He would've to as its imminent that wall would fall to free folk as Jon was only one who made sure the peace between them and NW but since he's gone now a battle would erupt leading to wildlings taking control over the wall since they easily outnumber the men in black. nly jon resurrected can bring peace to the region otherwise it would be utter chaos. I hate her so much, I hope she gets eaten by her dragons. I hate her so much, I hope she gets eaten by her dragons Why do you hate her. I can't stand cersei the reason being she is a very bad person and did a lot of bad stuff to others. I hate her so much, I hope she gets eaten by her dragons I hate her too. She hasn't progressed one bit and continues to rule those waste lands. I can't stand cersei the reason being she is a very bad person and did a lot of bad stuff to others Don't really know but I have hated her since season 1, maybe it's the actress or the personality of the character, her smug and arrogant attitude, her storyline is boring for me, every time her scene is on, I fast forward it, I want stark family to win, that's another reason I guess, anyone from Starks over her, even Ramsay Bolton over her. I hate her so much, I hope she gets eaten by her dragons Nope. She's definitely not intelligent:srini look at the number of blunders she has committed till now. My friend has the 5th season but he is out of state and i dont want to download it myself when i can get it from my friend. In spite of all the things she did, I felt bad for Cersei. The pace is so slow that people will start to lose interest. The last 2 episodes of 4th season are the best imo.

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Plowing into Asia, the Indian subcontinent caused the mighty Himalayan Mountains to rise up. In a process called weathering, rainfall interacting with exposed rock began to draw more CO2 from the atmosphere. By around 33 million years ago, South America had separated from Antarctica. Currents swirling around the continent isolated it from warm waters to the north. In time, with temperatures and CO2 levels continuing to fall, the door was open for a more subtle climate driver. It was first described by the 19th century Serbian scientist, Milutin Milankovic. He saw that periodic variations in Earth's rotational motion altered the amount of solar radiation striking the poles. In combination, every 100,000 years or so, these variations have sent earth into a period of cool temperatures and spreading ice. Kosmos is a British science fiction psychological thriller film. Human genetics expert Philip Huyt battles to persuade doctors and family not to give up on his wife, Amy, who is in a coma and showing no signs of brain activity. Then a maverick health insurance rep Louis Lewis discovers something very strange - nobody seems to know why she’s in a coma. So Philip agrees to let Amy be a guinea pig for a new technology which can detect “psi-complexes” (dreams and memories) and must enter her mind to experience them himself, hoping to solve the mystery behind her condition before those who wish her dead are successful. Shot on a microbudget of ? 0,000 raised via kickstarter. For more information or questions about this Video, please visit the links below.

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And if they side with dany then she will have the unsullied dorthraki dragons and dorne on her side against who. And when I fail to do so, well, I can only offer the lame excuse that there is only so much one man can do. I know that some believe that Arianne is YMBQ, but she is not. The point of that prophecy is that the valonqar and YMBQ were in front of her all the time, but she didn’t see that. And Jaime and Dany were in front of her, not Arianne. I don’t see any other way to interpret that sentence. The actor may not know what’s coming exactly, but I insist: if YG is not even teased in Season 5, he’s out. The actor pretty much says the whole subplot is out. But readers and watchers alike have been waiting for Daenerys to fight against the Lannisters and the scheming King’s Landing elite since the start. Right now it looks like when she arrives she’ll fight against her (supposed) nephew and Dorne, that could have been her best ally. I just don’t know how they’ll do it without a Quentin to be roasted. There in no time for YG, and there is no need for him in the show. Dany’s invasion must be over or almost over at the end of s6, and then s7 for the Others. Plus we have two invasions from the north in the works as well. HBO exec: “Which is bigger.


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He concludes his narrative by noting that “some say he’s still around here. And I say. they’re right! This final line is punctuated with Tripper revealing a hook for his hand, successfully scaring the other counselors. By playing with the conventions of legend storytelling and bringing the action to the here and now, this sequence in Meatballs demonstrates the slippage between dialogic and ostensive legend telling: what began as an oral representation of the narrative (complete with appropriate context) becomes playful presentation for the diegetic characters in the mock hook Tripper reveals at the end. This example demonstrates that ostensive and dialogic embedded narratives in film should not be seen as essentialist but often features slippage between the two. This sequence also demonstrates some further generic slippage: Meatballs is a comedy, not a horror film. Therefore, any film that is not directly based on an urban legend text but that uses legendary materials within its diegesis (either as a substantive or a nonsubstantive aspect of its narrative) can be considered embedded narratives. However, within this subcategory of embedded narratives we must also distinguish between ostensive and dialogic embedded narratives. I have identified four main narrative strategies that filmmakers avail themselves to within Smith’s “complete plot” category: extended, resultant, structuring, and fusion narratives. Those films that begin with a legend text and then extend the filmic narrative to explore the repercussions of the incident for the remainder of the film I have called extended narratives. In When a Stranger Calls (Fred Walton 1979), the first twenty minutes of the film is a “basic dramatization” (Smith and Hobbs 1990, 139) of “The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs” legend. This is extended to explore the effects of this incident seven years later. The babysitter, Jill (Carol Kane), has now married and has a family of her own, but the “Man Upstairs,” Curt Duncan (Tony Beckley), is released from prison and desires to finish what he started with Jill. While the first twenty minutes of the film is a tense realization of the legend, in the attempt to extend this narrative for another seventy minutes, too much deviation from the original urban legend occurs.