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Y'all niggaz stuck on stupid and parked on dumb if you believe so. Period! I got a gang of brand new tracks for y'all to lyrically murder them mumbling, sassy mouthed, blouse wearing, disrespectful lil niggaz asap. When this album came out in the later 90's, Eyabay was one of (if not the) first groups to start incorporating hip-hop culture and lingo into the drum group world and this album signaled its generation shift in a big way. In this era Eyabay was the biggest Great Lakes drum in the powwow circuit and was arguably the most influential drum since Black Lodge at that time. If you want to hear the sound of Indian Country in the late 90's this album is a good place to start. It will remain on the site for a limited period (most likely 2-4. Productions) CHARTREUSE NO MORE PATHS TO SOUNDER SLEEP (Cassette by Thor's. Rubber Hammer Productions) THE GREEN KNIGHT THE ETERNAL OM (Cassette by Thor's Rubber Hammer. Just as the intensity of the bongos (track 3) or the anger is. Scream but the cold emptiness of Zen, the nothing that is obviously.

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RECORDING OF SPECIAL MERIT GAIL DAVIES: What Can I Say. Gail Davies (vocals); vocal and instrumental accompaniment. Boys Like You; On a Real Good Night; What Can I Say; You're a Hard Dog (To Keep Under the Porch); Setting Me Up; and five others. We get such stunners here as Rodney Crowell's On a Real Good Night, Ray Charles's Hallelujah, I Love Him So, Mark Knopfler's Setting Me Up, and several fine new songs by Davies, including the title tune. My favorite is a muscular, full - tilt number written by Harlan Howard and Susanna Clark, You're a Hard Dog (To Keep Under the Porch). Occasionally she string -sweetens a tittle too heavily for my taste, but she smooths me over with a bittersweet duet with Ricky Skaggs, It's You Alone, written by her brother Ron. So far. the Nashville establishment has almost ignored Davies. 1 predict that before long they won't have any choice but to own up that she's one of the most talented people now operating out of Music City. A. .


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He signed a resignation letter and promised to give back his laptop, remote access authentication token, and access badges. On December 17, he used his work notebook and credentials to log into CPR’s computer network switches. Grupe removed administrator-level accounts, deleted key files, and changed the passwords for other accounts. He then wiped the laptop clean and destroyed all logs to try and hide his crime. CPR discovered the effects of Crupe’s actions on January 5 when staff found they couldn’t log into the switches. Court documents state that parts of the system went down, and staff had to force reboot all the switches to regain access. Two days later, outside computer forensic experts hired by CPR traced the damage back to Grupe. A jury found him guilty of one count of intentional damage to a protected computer in October last year. US District Judge Patrick Schiltz sentenced him to a year and a day behind bars yesterday. As we all know, the internet is a never ending pile of articles, social media posts, memes, joy, hate, and blogs. It’s impossible to read and keep up with everything.


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These questions are asked again and again -- man makes his destroyer in His image and likeness. In AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON two 'good' scientist superheroes in their downtime whip up a hybrid of Stark's pre-existing artificial intelligence butler Jarvis (voiced by ) and an alien energy source which promptly attacks Jarvis, whips up a body for itself out of spare Iron Man parts and crashes a party like some maniac who was passed out on the couch all night but wakes up at four AM with total amnesia and instantly starts a brawl. Voiced by James Spader (a genius bit of casting) as a kind of deadpan fusion of CEO and rock star alpha dog to the point of rivaling Downey's Stark himself, and like Pinocchio or John Connor all he wants is to be 'the new' flesh and blood. Steel is strong, but flesh is stronger, as Thulsa Doom used to say. It's hard not to root for Ultron's yen for a body as his mission is almost identical to the key long term project going on in mainstream big budget multiplex Hollywood: 4. THE SUSPENSION BRIDGE ACROSS THE UNCANNY VALLEY It's not just for shadowed animators to try and cross anymore, but writers creating story lines that have to account for why everything looks so artificial. Kids' movies take the easy route, get rid of live actors all together and simplify with uniform surfaces, sidestep the valley by either reducing characters to Legos, cartoon animals, toys, vegetables, monsters, or impressionistic caricatures. And as I wrote before about TERMINATOR 3 (See: Yea as I walk through the Uncanny Valley ), Hollywood recognizes it will never cross the valley all the way, never create completely natural humans from pixels. Hollywood knows it needs to build a two way bridge by changing the face of humanity in this weird new century, the first pylons dug in to satisfy ULTRON's dream of a new body; or Skynet's merging with John Connor into one newfound Man-chine; or Depp's fusion of self and computer brain into the entirety of the world's damaged DNA. Hollywood must first change our facial recognition hardware, at the source. All they need do is boost our brain's pareidolia 'facial recognition' software, and the Uncanny Valley will become no more than a college animation class footnote.


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? teve's in deep now. Below, we've rounded up everything to expect from GoT Season 8. On November 13, HBO released a teaser trailer for GoT 's final season, which unfortunately doesn't offer any new footage, but does confirm that the show returns in April 2019. The sneak peek shows Jon Snow, Arya Stark, and Sansa Stark together (for the first time since Season 1), walking through the crypts at Winterfell. They pass by the graves of Ned, Catelyn, and Lyanna Stark, but strangely find their own graves at the end of the hall. At the end of Season 6, showrunners David Benioff and D. . Weiss told Variety that they only had 13 episodes left, which meant seven for Season 7 and six for Season 8. Though the episode count has decreased, the runtime will not. After speculation about the run times for this season, HBO confirmed the lengths and dates for all six episodes for the final season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.