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Dafydd’s gang procured sex workers for those on the rock and pop scene at that time. He was a member of the South West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board, 1956-63; Chairman of the Chelsea and Kensington Hospital Management Committee, 1962-62; a Governor of Tommy’s, 1957-68 and of the Maudsley and Institute of Psychiatry, 1963-67. Abel-Smith was a Governor of every institution in which Dafydd and his mates were facilitating a sex abuse ring. Abel-Smith served as a Senior Adviser to the Secretary of State for the DHSS, 1968-70 and was reappointed in 1974. Prior to marrying Shore, she was Dr Elizabeth Wrong no less. She was a Fellow, Royal College of Physicians, London; a Member, Royal College of Surgeons; a Fellow, Faculty of Community Medicine; a Member, Royal College of Physicians, London. While Dr Liz was at the top of the DHSS, Mary Wynch was unlawfully arrested and imprisoned, kids in care in north Wales were being gang raped, trafficked, fitted up for criminal offences and found dead, as were psych patients. Gwynne the lobotomist was sitting in the UCNW Student Heath Centre running the trafficking ring and Brown and I were openly threatened. Thousands of patients became infected and many have died, more will do. Patient F challenged the social workers about it and dared tell other people. When questioned on matters of equal pay, Patrick Jenkin stated that if God had wanted us to have equal pay, He would not have created Man and Woman. Jenkin’s son Lord Bernard and Bernard’s Lady wife are both busy Tory peers. Someone explained to Thatch that when Peter Morrison had anal sex with kids in care, his penis ruptured the capillaries in their back passages and HIV, being carried in body fluids, was a lot more likely to be transmitted than when Denis did the business with Thatch via her front bottom. Although had Denis been infected, Thatch would not have been 100% safe. Which is why the people forced into sex work by Dafydd charged extra for Doing It Without A Condom. See previous posts for more Acheson and Fowler-related fun.

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We've theorized before about how Captain America and Iron Man could meet their ends, but a final showdown with Thanos is a pretty perfect setting for either of those. Tony has already gone head-to-head with the Titan and he barely survived that. Obviously a big battle would take a lot out of everyone, and not everyone would make it out the other side. I mean, everyone seems pretty copacetic after losing half of the population to a snap. It seems much more likely that they've never experienced the trauma in the first place. As if they're living in a reality in which the Black Order never touches down in New York City in the first place. which would suggest that the Avengers are successful in defeating Thanos in a way that makes it as if he never existed to the people of Earth. But, if so, the biggest question would have to be, at what cost. We'll have to wait and see when Endgame comes out April 26. The Palestinians are slated to serve as the leader of the bloc, known as the Group of 77, for the next year. The company first opened a physical presence in the US in 2015, with its North American business development and customer success management teams initially operating from New York City. Ozellikle yozlasma ve gorevi kotuye kullanman? ortadan kald? ? ? , guvenlik guclerinin eski itibarlar?


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And there were several places in the book that I visited though my recollections were a lot different than Addie’s. Only they don’t go to Florence because the first book takes place in Italy and this one takes place in Ireland ya’ll. Also, the day I went wasn’t exactly idyllic wedding weather. Which was mostly through bus and some really weird cab rides. I think it’s because the whole driving on the other side of the road thing. And then driving up mountains when you’re used to driving in the coastal plains of Texas thing. Just thinking about being on a road trip across Ireland makes me feel slightly barf-y right now. Perhaps, that’s why I never did the whole Ring of Kerry tour-even though I know I sort of missed out. For example, I can’t imagine just spending an hour in the Burren. But at least I have a nice scarf, so that’s all that matters. The fact that a mere visit to these places can be described in a few pages and the trip can go onto the next place sort of flummoxes my mind. But I really hate how pretty much this was a point by point book and didn’t take time to relish its surrounding. It was more or less pain by the numbers get to the ending of the book. I hated that it was acted like she made this huge mistake during the book and that her brother had a right to be mad at her. Honestly, her brother needed to be slugged in the jaw for acting the way he did towards her. The fact that Ian’s (the brother) feelings were more important or stated to be more important-though, indirectly stated-throughout the entire thing drove me crazy.


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Marwyn would be a good fit, I could definitely see him in that role. Either way I just hope he’s utilized right and isn’t wasted like Ciaran Hinds was. It would be stranger to include that moment and possibly reveal Jon’s parentage without her. Casting JonCon when Jorah has already taken over a significant part of his role, contracting greyscale, would be a terrible and pointless move and I would hope the writers wouldn’t do that. The two just seem completely incompatible in my mind for some reason. But I am excited nonetheless, I think he’s a great actor and in Nina we trust etc. However, the effect in which this person will be proceeding with their “unproven knowledge” imbedded in their mind as if factual information, they, in turn, will plan on using it in the future to make false and incorrect statements based on what they didn’t know about the particular thing”. Throw a blonde wig on him and he looks pretty targ and he does play a mentalist very well. Horn hill scenes film this Friday thru Monday and the theatre troupe is late this week through the end of the following week. Mr Grant also has a Twitter account which he posts to regularly, so we should know when he flies too and arrives in Spain. I’m more interested in the final week of September, nervously anticipating news of Sean Bean flying to Spain. He would be great as Izembaro, or the lead actor in his 50s. Someone really gave Nina a blank check this year, and I love it. Necessary or not, I’d love to see flashbacks about Mad King Aerys and, even more, about the love affair between Lyanna and a certain married prince. The size of Westeros and timeline of Game of Thrones have always been somewhat ambiguous and questionable, but season 7 has really shed a blaring spotlight on some possible timeline issues. A few hours ago, I saw he was at 5 mils (hooray lmfao).


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Now that Cersei has paid off the Iron Bank, will she take out another loan (which they want), and hire the Golden Company as a mercenary army. I hear the island of Naath has palm trees and butterflies. The Golden Company is otherwise employed in the books in a storyline that will never be in the show. They've made some pretty bold changes to the book's story (killing off Jojen Reed, Barristan Selmy, having Littlefinger give Sansa to Ramsay instead of having Ramsay marry a fake Arya), but that might veer too strongly from the books to happen. There's a link to it in a thread on The Mainboard's ASOIAF page for those who, like me, couldn't wait. I was initially skeptical, but their predictions for the first few S7 episodes were spot on. As I'm pretty sure I know what's coming the next three weeks, I'll recuse myself from saying anything more. Except this: Targs are known for their silver hair, but not all have it; some have had dark hair. Wife pointed this out to me as she was studying Targ lineage for background while reading Tales of Dunk and Egg. For the watch (got a feeling we will hear more of this one). I think that was pretty much confirmed in one of Bran's visions. As evidenced by the last two episodes and his conversations with littlefinger, Arya, and Sansa. Apparently all you needed was soup and a nap to get better. That is just an extra who was told to walk this way to have the background have some life. I don't think Raptors Republic was selling licensed gear. Well, everything happened at once, but it happened by design.


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It’d be fitting if Euron Greyjoy died at the hands of either Yara or Theon. The most dangerous person still in power, however, is Queen Cersei. No matter what outcome the Cleganebowl has, Arya is unlikely to show much mercy towards The Mountain or The Hound, the latter of whom she already left for dead once. Arya is also gunning for Ilyn Payne, who executed her father, and Beric Dondarrion, who sold Gendry. She added Melisandre to her list for kidnapping Gendry as well. Between the Massacre at Hardhome, the Battle of the Bastards, and Daenerys’ surprise attack, though, this show has only managed to top itself with each new season. With winter and The Great War coming, we’re expecting a climax of epic proportions. Now that Viserion’s under the Night King’s control, one or both of Daenerys’ remaining dragons should be headed for the ultimate battle of ice and fire. Of course, Jon has yet to learn of his true parentage, nor has Daenerys. This puts the two lovers in a complicated position, not only because Daenerys is Jon’s aunt, but because Jon has a stronger claim to the throne than her. If Jon and Daenerys learn the truth, we can imagine a few outcomes playing out in very different ways. No matter what transpires, we have a feeling that Jon will inevitably find himself riding a dragon, especially after his interaction with Drogon. Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions: Return of Characters We Haven’t Seen Lately Arya vs. Whether it’s on foot or up in the air, these two kings are bound to go head to head in the Great War. This confrontation has been a long time coming, following their first encounter in Season 5 and another close call beyond the wall in Season 7. Going back even further, White Walkers and humans already clashed thousands of years ago during the War for the Dawn.