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The Hound has always been one of the best characters. Predictable pseudo-mystical mumbo-jumbo that doesn't even make sense within the show's reality. Those idiot northerners just want a King in the North so bad, they are overlooking the fact that Jon Snow was stupid and Sansa was smart. The north should have joined all the other parts of the world that are turning to the women to run things. - I would gladly watch an entire spinoff series about Lyanna Mormont. Both Targaryens and Lannisters are noticeably pale. It was about the fact that Baratheons are the only people who pass on their genetic traits? D. And, likewise, why would Jon Snow look nothing like your typical Targaryen. That was never addressed, but I imagine it's because he's half Stark.

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The only one of them that I knew ahead of time was Amanda Rebholz, one of our producers. To make sure that I was not biased, I made the other producers and casting director make the decision to cast her. I think she really pushed herself, and made Lorri real. Thankfully, we all agreed that she should play the role. He came to our first day of auditions from Oklahoma (about 5 hours away). He brought a certain attitude and parental glare to the role of Lee that no one else had. He was an almost immediate “yes. €ť We had him come back several times to read with some of the other actors, but we still hadn’t told him he had the part. It was hard because we still had so many people to see, but ultimately we couldn’t see anyone else in the role. Also coming to see us after a good long drive, she brought a certain realness to Jennifer that was lacking in some of the other auditions we saw.

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Nothing is illegal if one hundred businessmen decide to do it. -- Andrew Young. Nothing is impossible for a man who doesn't have to do it himself. Nothing is impossible for anyone impervious to reason. Nothing is impossible for he who doesn't have to do it. Nothing is impossible for someone impervious to reason. Nothing is impossible for the man who does NOT have to do it. Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it himself. -- A. .

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Or maybe it was just to show a cool visual effects scene of Jaime sinking. I mean its a fantasy drama afterall why such dislike. I don't need more than what they showed to put everything you mention together on my own. Who knows but then who cares, it's an insignificant detail on the whole right. With no other explanation offered in a show that has usually really prided itself on the SMALLEST of details, it was pretty bad. Just wondering why the concept of a cliff hanger is a bad thing. Because you feel they are too cheesy or something larger. And you get the same result that the viewer is now moved along the storyline. I think the show prides itself on subtle details more than the smallest details. Though they have done great job on small details as well.