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Society was sexist back then and to portray it as anything but that would not be accurate. People should know what to expect when they start watching these types of TV shows or go to movies like that. Please remain respectful of your fellow commenters. Anything claiming otherwise has forgotten several messy threads. Certainly they never had to moderate some of the clusterfucks that I’ve had to in the last three and a half years. Television production is intrinsically collaborative, and book writing isn’t. Female directors wouldn’t change anything on that front, the only difference is that idiotic critics wouldn’t complain as much about a scene directed by a woman, thus proving 99% of their complaints to be unfounded. We don’t know the details of the director-selection process. For all we know fewer female directors are interested in doing a show of this nature, or perhaps there are simply fewer female TV directors on the market. Most shows have mostly male directors, and GoT is basically the only one that gets all this shit. Along with True Detective but that is a whole other can of worms. For some reason, sexual violence against women perpetrated by a CHARACTER in a medieval setting (please nobody Andy Greenwald me and say it’s actually a modern setting or some shit like that) is treated by critics as though the showrunners are perpetrating the crimes themselves. Are the showrunners also treacherous murderers for doing the Red Wedding. Do they also hate the people that Stannis and Mel have burned. Misogyny means hatred of women, usually suffused with a belief that women are inferior, and showing a woman being raped as many were in those times and still are today does not mean that the show hates women. It means it is interested in showing their plight instead of pretending that everything was peachy. Plus, those critics who called the show misogynistic for supposedly portraying Sansa in a weak manner when she was assaulted need to really tread carefully. I think it’s far more misogynistic to say that if a woman is raped then it means she is weak. In any event, showing a woman suffer oppression at the hands of horrible men and powering through could only be seen as misogynistic by a moron or someone who plainly doesn’t understand the word “misogyny”.

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Bowl Room, 5 pm PENN BALLROOM Dance Workshop from 12-3 pm in Class ol 38 Lounge. Opening reception will be held Friday, march 31 from 5-8 pm and Is open to pubtic viewing Saturday and Sunday until midnight. PREDENTAL APPLICANT Workshop will be held on Tuesday, march am Advance sign-ups required Contact CPPS. Nichols Lobby, March 15 10:00 am to 5:00 pm GRADUATE RETENTION DATES Off-campus graduate students may apply at these times. For more information call: Assignments Office h Nichols Lobby, March 16 10:00 am to 5:00 pm 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm SUNY official to speak at U. Heniy Taylor, Director of the Center for Applied Public Affairs at the State University of New York, Buffalo, will speak at 3 p. . tomorrow in room one of the Law School. The event sponsored by the School of Arts and Sciences, the Penn Program for Public Service, the Center for Community Partnerships, the Urban Studies Program, and the WEB. The goal of the grant, given to the University over a IN BRIEF three year period, is to enhance undergraduate social science teaching through seven new courses, a few internships, undergraduate research opportunities and three interdepartmental seminars. The grant also supports the graduate student Participatory Action Research Group, composed of 18 students in six different disciplines, to present academically based community service research in progress. Grant Coordinator Pamela King said the goal of the grant was to get the community and the University to work together in community service related research. Allison DiCecio GAC approves Psi Upsilon's bid to necolonize CASTLE from page 1 consultant contracted by Psi Upsilon alumni in Philadelphia, said the fraternity has made a clean break from the Owl Society. Smokey Joe's Dinners Justice for the Underclass The Law School Experience Perm Alums Talk About What It's Like To Be In Law School Panelists From Villanova, Penn and Temple Law Schools THURSDAY, MARCH 16,:30 pm - 6:00 pm Ben Franklin Room, Houston Hall All Are Welcome. THE DAILY PENNSYLVANI A N THE CUTTING EDGE A look at technology and research on campus 3 THURSDAY MARCH 16,1995 Continuing problems on the Internet have both users and officials concerned about safety, security and regulation. At the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, students who want to access public computer labs must show ID cards. Wharton Computing has been looking at providing students with a similar service although the logistics have not yet been delineated, McFarland said. E Earlier this semester, for example, students at the University suffered through a series of forged postings from campus computer labs. The problem stemmed from the News Watcher and Trumpet programs, which allow users to post anonymously, or to post using an alias.

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Of the 42 presiden ts to Clinton, 33 have bee n related to tw o people: Alfred the Great, King of England, and Charlemagne, the most famous monarch of France. So it goes on: 19 of them are related to England's Edward III, who has 2000 blood connections to Prince Charles. The same goes with the banking families in America. Geor ge Bush and Ba rbara Bush a re from the sa me bloodline - the Pier ce bloodline, which changed its name from Percy, when it crossed the Atlantic. Percy is one of the aristocra tic f amilies of Britain, to this day. If pres idents are democratically elected as we are told, what are the odds that we would always choose members of British and French royal bloodlines to lead us. The presiden ts of the United States ar e as much a roy al dynas ty as. Group members generate topics and share their own memories related to a common theme. We hope you enjoy these stories on how we got where we are, both individually and as a community. At least, that may be the more visible aspect of some gays' lives, but I know that this is not true with many others. Some have dinners and parties in their homes rather than going to bars. I found this to be especially true in cities that were less tolerant, such as Cincinnati at the times I visited there. That community was in some ways rather southern and conservative, and they did not tolerate gays very well. Many other gays spend more time in activities such as going to movies, plays, or concerts. Some engage in active pursuits such as sports or hiking in the mountains, just like many other people. Still, the bar scene seems to be one image that often comes first to some people's minds. I occasionally can enjoy an alcoholic drink just for the taste, but I don't need more than one to enjoy that taste. I never have needed to get an alcoholic buzz, either. Plus, I did not care to lose more brain cells than I already was losing from the toxins in our water, food, and air.

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Ezubo appeared to gain Beijing's endorsement when the Cabinet website, gov. n, published an interview with Ding discussing his life as an entrepreneur. The seizure of Ezubo prompted protests by depositors who complained the government failed to protect them. Depositors traveled to Beijing to protest at government offices and the headquarters of state television, which had broadcast advertisements for Ezubo. Ezubo attracted deposits by promising returns of 9 to 14. percent, according to investigators. But authorities say a former executive admitted 95 percent of those borrowers were fictional entities created by Ezubo. The internet has helped lenders attract money from working class or rural depositors, many of them financial novices with little knowledge of the risks involved. After Ezubo depositors poured out their anger on Chinese social media, police phoned some internet users to warn them against criticizing the Communist Party online. Founder of online Chinese lender sentenced to life for fraud abcnews. o. om. Randolph County Sheriff’s deputies went to a home in the 1800 block of Poole Town Road shortly after 5 p. . in reference to a possible suicide. Upon arrival, they found Carrie Ann Welch dead from multiple gunshot wounds. Arriving authorities said she appeared to be the victim of an assault. On Tuesday, Samuel Anthony Tucker was arrested and charged with murder and larceny. He was taken to the Randolph County Jail and is being held without bond.

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They are surrounded by wax sculptures of horrifying ? ures, one being Dracula himself. When his friends go missing, he realizes they are all in great danger. They are victims living out scenes in which they will ultimately be killed by these wax sculptures. Producers: Nancy Paloian, Mario Sotela; Writing Credits: Anthony Hickox; Director: Anthony Hickox; Cinematography: Gerry Lively; Film Editing: Christopher Cibelli; Original Music: Steve Schiff; Art Direction: John Chichester; Make-Up: Dave Filmography Chagouri, Mark Coulier, Richard Darwin, Shaune Harrison, Paul Jones, Bob Keen, Bob Keen, Fiona Leech, Beatrice Marot, Martin L. Mercer, Ian Morse, Stephen Norrington, Steve Painter, Martin Parnal, Lisa Marie Rosenberg, Rudy Sotomayor, Paul Spateri, Paul Spateri, Gary J. Wood; Special Effects: Glenn Campbell, Bob Keen, Kevin Francis “Boomer” McCarthy, Casey Quinn, G. Woertz (Zombie Killer), Michael Viela (Dr. Jekyll), Ilona Margolis (Zombie Killer), Martin L. This documentary is a travelogue of Romania that brie? references Vlad Dracula. This ? m is a spoof about a man named Dave who is chosen by a vampire to be his pet werewolf. When this vampire begins reading his bad poetry half way through the spell, it causes Dave to be able to keep his free will and control his werewolf transformations. There is another side-effect to Dave’s transformation: he realizes that he is in a movie. Producers: Robert Sidaway, John Thompson; Writing Credits: Ashley Sidaway, Robert Sidaway; Director: Robert Sidaway; Original Music: Brian Bennett; Cast: Oliver Reed (Narrator). This documentary examines Christopher Lee, famous for his role as Dracula. This documentary examines the costumers of Hammer Films and includes scenes with Dracula. This documentary examines Dracula and the undead in Hammer Films productions.

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Jenis bakteri ini pertama kali ditemukan oleh seseorang yang bernama Robert Koch pada tanggal 24 Maret 1882, untuk mengenang jasa beliau maka bakteri tersebut diberi nama baksil Koch. Bakteri ini masuk kedalam paru-paru dan berkumpul hingga berkembang menjadi banyak (terutama pada orang yang memiliki daya tahan tubuh rendah), Bahkan bakteri ini pula dapat mengalamu penyebaran melalui pembuluh darah atau kelenjar getah bening sehingga menyebabkan terinfeksinya organ tubuh yang lain seperti otak, ginja saluran cerna, tulang, kelenjar getah bening dan lainnya meski yang paling banyak adalah organ paru. Masuknya Mikrobakterium tuberkulosa kedalam organ paru menyebabkan infeksi pada paru-paru, dimana segeralah terjadi pertumbuhan koloni bakteri yang berbentuk bulat (globular). Dengan reaksi imunologis, sel-sel pada dinding paru berusaha menghambat bakteri TBC ini melalui mekanisme alamianya membentuk jaringan parut. Seseorang dengan kondisi daya tahan tubuh (Imun) yang baik, bentuk tuberkel ini akan tetap dormant sepanjang hidupnya. Lain hal pada orang yang memeiliki system kekebalan tubuh rendah atau kuran, bakteri ini akan mengalami perkembangbiakan sehingga tuberkel bertambah banyak. Maka orang yang rongga parunya memproduksi sputum dan didapati mikroba tuberkulosa disebut sedang mengalami pertumbuhan tuberkel dan positif terinfeksi TBC. Berkembangnya penyakit TBC di Indonesia ini tidak lain berkaitan dengan memburuknya kondisi social ekonomi, belum optimalnya fasilitas pelayanan kesehatan masyarakat, meningkatnya jumlah penduduk yang tidak mempunyai tempat tinggal dan adanya epidemi dari infksi HIV. Pada penderita usia anak-anak apabila tidak menimbulkan gejala, Maka TBC dapat terdeteksi kalau diketahui adanya kontak dengan pasien TBC dewasa. Sekitar 30-50% anak-anak yang terjadi kontak dengan penderita TBC paru dewasa memberikan hasil uji tuberculin positif. Selama proses pengobata, untuk mengetahui perkembangannya yang lebih baik maka disarankan pada penderita untuk menjalani pemeriksaan baik darah, sputum, urine dan X-ray atau rontgen setiap 3 bulannya. Alat - alat Kesehatan Cache Translate Page Alat-alat Kesehatan atau juga disebut alat-alat kedokteran mrupakan peralatan yang digunakan dalam bidang kedokteran. Masing-masing dari peralatan kesehatan tersebut memiliki fungsi yang berbeda-beda. Mulai dari pemeriksaan, pemeliharaan, hingga pengobatan. Terdapat banyak sekali alat-alat ksehatan serta fungsinya bagi kesehatan. Dibawah ini ada beberapa penjelasan tentang alat-alat kedokteran serta fungsinya agar menambah wawasan kita tentang bidang kedokteran. Berikut ini yang adalah beberapa jenis peralatan kedokteran yang sering dipergunakan serta fungsi. Alat-alat Kesehatan Stetoskop: adalah salah satu alat yang sudah menjadi simbol dari profesi kedokteran. Wajib bagi seorang dokter untuk memiliki alat kedokteran ini.