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After they have the boats. I think he’s kind of tired of the whole damned thing. But we will see. According to all the filming info we read on this site, Jaime is going to have other activities that take up his time and thought in the very near future. Cersei was licking her lips over the thought of taking all the lands, and I didn’t hear Jaime disagree to that. He’s going to be very busy obtaining the food to keep the soldiers and horses going. So, why can’t they become the shipbuilders of the world, rather than rapers and reavers and being a general pain in Westeros. I don’t think both will, especially when it looked like Ellaria and Yara kissing. It’s Valyrian steel, and he already knows the value of Valyrian steel and it’s still his house’s sword. Then again, maybe he would pawn it, but that’s a dangerous gambit. Who says the pawnbroker is honest and wouldn’t sell it himself, saying oops to poor Sam who looks like nobody from nowhere. It was boring, predictable, revenge porn that wasn’t even set up in a clever fashion. Plus we already covered Arya’s revenge on the Freys last season, now we’re starting a brand new season with a lot of brand new stuff going on and we’re still going back to this. Many more Freys were involved with the Red Wedding. In AGoT Jon thinks of Benjen telling him the top is wide enough for a dozen knights to ride abreast. The base is thicker as the tunnel to the gate is long, winding and narrow with three gates. However, I don’t believe the difference in description or the show version would be great enough to make anyone think of an A shape, again due to the great height. I’ll just say that earlier I started reading a negative post, looked up and saw it was you that posted it and thought to myself, “oh, that figures. I’ve purposely skipped over everything else you’ve written and I’m certain some others have as well. There’s nothing wrong with being critical and negative but your words lose gravitas when you’re noticed for being that way most of the time.

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While I’m more excited about seeing Jon and Tyrion reuniting than Jon and Daenerys meeting, I have only mild interest in a Jon Jaime meeting as long as he is still backing Cersei (if he changes sides, that’s a conversation I’d like to see). She’d sneeringly call him a bastard; he’d think she’s an evil idiot. Done. Then, however, I decided that perhaps tne best scene all season could be Cersei’s reaction to Jon if everyone knows he’s Rhaegar’s son: the son of the man she’d hoped to marry and the woman said man and her husband both loved and prefered to her. I can’t decide if she’d rather bed him out of spite or kill him. Probably both. I don’t expect a famine: it’s a crawling disaster which takes months to unfold and whatever will be happening in S7 will be happening fast. Not sure how they would kill the undead, probably need to sever his head. Probably both. Melisandre would be like “hell no Bitch. IF they are brought together Cersie will TOTALLY try to seduce him. As of now, there are seventeen confirmed cast members involved in this massive Italica shoot. Except for Lena Headey, all of them are already in Seville. I added a new paragraph in the spoiler section making clear how momentous this scene will be: For those keeping up with spoilers, this deluge of actors in Seville is even more telling. Nothing like this has happened in the show since the cast was much smaller and joined together in the very first episode. Dutch Maester: You should add Grey Worm as well, though Thanks. I thought it was on my part but Moaif and Elybe had the same problem. Tycho balked at that and said the bank wasn’t a gambler. The only other connection with gambling is Arya and the “Thin Man”. Arya asks Jacquen why the ships captain would make bets with the “Thin Man” if he only wins when he loses his life.


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and tweet the photo with a hashtag for chance to win something. Anne posed for the picture but we never bothered to determine exactly what it was about. This sort of exchange and promotion was very common. Over the course of a few days, we ate and drank and snacked for free. Wwe got delicious ice cream sandwiches for free; all we had to do was tweet something. We got a free lunch from FedEx, although they asked that we check in Foursquare. Moments before taking this picture we followed the trail of Ben-and-Jerry’s-eating-folks to find out where the cart was, asking of course for some tweet action in exchange. I looked up and down to figure out what I had to do, or if they were just going to give me a frozen treat without any action. We were a little chatty, reading their sign out loud, but no one was initiating a transaction, finally the woman asks us “Do you work for Twitter? (I guess since we had mentioned tweeting). I walked away grumbling at the nerve of this person to try and ask for money for their food product. Kony went from viral slacktivism to stencil-art in a matter of days. Is this anti-Kony? It seems to be iconifying him with Che -like kitsch. Haw haw! Fooled ya! You didn’t really get clamped, just wanted to tell you about our great service. You should not do business by upsetting people and then telling them that it was just a joke. I realize that’s the premise for prank television, but this is simply not acceptable for marketers to be doing. You can make me feel good, but you must not make me feel bad.

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films are set in northern France, where he taught philosophy before becoming a filmmaker. This harshly beautiful environment is the thread that binds much of Dumont? otherwise eclectic oeuvre. In 2006, Dumont? examination of the atrocities of war, Flanders (COLCOA 2007), earned a second Jury Grand Prize at Cannes. Ever the contrarian, Dumont sidestepped, criticizing modern religion with Hadewijch (2009) and Outside Satan (2011), before taking on a costume drama Camille Claudel 1915 (2013), his first film with a professional actor, Juliette Binoche. Dumont? current fascination, comedy, began with his Art. This new exclusive selection of French shorts underlines the creativity of French production and putting new talent in the spotlight. Each short film will be shown before a feature film presentation during the festival (April 24- May 2). The competition of shorts will take place at the Directors Guild of America on Sunday, April 30, with a screening of all films selected with free admission on a first-come-first-serve basis. The audience will vote for the COLCOA Audience Short Film Award while a professional jury will decide for the COLCOA Short Film Award. For the third year, a part of the COLCOA Short Film Program will be broadcasted in May on TV5 Monde Cinema On Demand, a subscription video-on-demand service now available everywhere in the United States. In 2016, COLCOA Short Film Award went to 'Mother(s)' written and directed by Ma? ouna Doucour? and the COLCOA Audience Film Award went to 'It? Caviar' written and directed by Sarah Lelouch. I knew that even if he was eliminated on TVP, he will have a stable singing career. He did. I first came about to know this singer when I was browsing on youtube.

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Tell us, how skilled are you at working that hallway like a runway? We talked about making scary decisions, engaging the audience and fans as well as on how he writes music. Go to lucasjackmusic. om to hear his stuff! 1:10:19 October 11, 2015 RD 2 Jared Logan, Kara Klenk, Peggy O'Leary, and Kenny DeForest Round 2 featuring Jared Logan, Kara Klenk, Peggy O'Leary, and Kenny DeForest. Recorded live at Union Hall in Brooklyn on June 21, 2015. 37:59 October 10, 2015 Ask Isaac: God, Too Many Ideas, Talking To Parents About Dropping Out In this edition I take on the Big Ones. All the hosts of all the podcasts on Maximum Fun done got ate up by a twister, and ended up landing in each other's podcasts this week. We didn't let inclement weather slow us down, though -- we're just going to go on ahead and do the podcasts where we ended up. That means this episode of MBMBaM features MaxFun proprietor Jesse Thorn, Wham Bam Pow co-host Rhea Butcher and International Waters host Dave Holmes, who are here to talk about corn mazes, blood moon demon babies and, naturally, ghosts. If you're looking for the McElroy brothers this week, it looks like the tornado set them gently down into the studio of Jordan, Jesse, Go! 1:12:05 October 5, 2015 33 - When To Not Read A Book and Why Curiosity Is Like The Blob, with TK Coleman TK Coleman comes back to talk about one of his greatest passions - books. We raise questions on how to find a good read and the way in which you can give yourself over to curiosity and follow your intellectual heart. Check out TK's blog on readings and ideas he explores at tkcoleman. om 58:22 October 5, 2015 RD 1 Jim Tews, Will Miles, Jake Flores, and Ross Parsons Round 1 featuring Jim Tews, Will Miles, Jake Flores, and Ross Parsons. Recorded live at Union Hall in Brooklyn on June 21, 2015. 43:09 October 3, 2015 MBMBaM 271: Bro's Better, Bro's Best Ch. 82 - 91 This week, Middlest Brother Travis is flying solo so it’s time once again for another Bro’s Better, Bro’s Best. We’ve got some real humdingers in here including Dworp, Forever Pope, Cake Boss and a bunch more! Enjoy!