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All my northern team looked so good, Jon seems so much different this season much more confident and sure of himself than he has been in a long time It’ll take some getting used to Sansa’s wig for sure, the ends looked crimped. Other than that I think Sansa will have a good season. Dany arriving to Dragonstone was incredible, it brought tears to my eyes. I get why she was barely in this episode as a lot of events had to happen before she arrived. That beautiful music, and her tender expression taking the home she was born in was incredible. The way they let her lead and didn’t say anything knowing she had to experience it herself and when Missandei held back Greyworm from following her because she knew she had to do this herself was so beautiful I loved it. Also Dany’s wig is incredible, I don’t think it’s ever looked that close to the book version in a very very long time. They obviously spent a lot of money on it, there wasn’t a hint of the yellow tone for once. Either they were waiting for the best one for Westeros or because they are no longer filming in sandy climates they can have a more silver color without it getting filthy. In fact, the idea of having to carry around faces in your backpack never really made sense to me.

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It was distracting trying to figure out how the pirate went back in time. Next year, several of the episodes are supposed to be longer than ever. 3 more this season for 7 total. No, I think that is supposed to be deep water, and not a metaphor. Look at the spoilerish stuff I posted above, there was supposed to be as scene where he sees his soldiers farther down, alive, and struggling in their armor with looks of desperation on their faces. Now, how he goes from riding on the edge of that river to real deep water, who knows. But it was Drogon who brought the heat Blessed are the Nobodies, for Theirs is the Kingdom of Fascinating Stories. The details tease the possibility of another big death next year, and reveal which characters will survive. This doesn’t mean filming will wrap soon, as the production team does not film episodes in order. The two sides, however, come prepared for battle in this scene.

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Like a dummy I only waited 29hrs from my last dose of Meth before taking a Sub, WOW, just in case I forgot what it was like to be dope sick, that brought it all back to my frontal lobe. The only thing i’m not liking about the Subs is I actually crave herion now, but the whole time I was on Meth, dope never crossed my mind. Now I know that I cannot (and will not) act on these, even though it’s been 9yrs I remember all too well what my life was like then and how drastically my life has changed, I own a home, have a car and a job, not too mention the trust of my family and my self respect. I was wondering if anyone else has had this same problem. The medications trade a life threatening condition (addiction) for a daily inconvenience of needing to take a pill (physical dependence), as some would a vitamin. Yes the physical dependence to opioids still remains, but that is vast improvement over addiction, is not life threatening, and it can easily be managed medically. I started because I have severe lower back issues like, 3 compressed,2 bulging disks-degenerate disk disease,etc. I get sick when I think of the money I wasted on pills. It did help control my back pain,but that quickly turned into a serious addiction,anywhere from 10-16 oxy 30’s per day. I can honestly say I would still be using oxy if I hadn’t had a friend give me a few of his Subs.

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