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Last month, the company received proposals from five bidders, all of whom have presented plans that require Takata to file for a GM-style bankruptcy protection. Takata's creditors include automakers who want to be reimbursed for millions of dollars spent on recalls. They may also demand that any buyer of Takata's assets share in some of those costs. The automakers could also try to use the tools of bankruptcy to protect themselves from lawsuits by car owners for the faulty air bags, according to bankruptcy attorneys. The U. S. government is also likely to play a role. Some sale money would remain in escrow and be used to settle any unanticipated legal claims against the buyer. Over time, unused money would be released to the Takata bankruptcy estate. Takata and its creditors would likely resist a holdback, lawyers said. In Japan, Takata Chief Financial Officer Yoichiro Nomura told reporters on Friday that the company hoped to reach an agreement with its automaker customers on a restructuring by year end. The company and business groups have argued that the ruling, if allowed to stand, will depress the value of assets that are sold in bankruptcy. Those who are close to GM and Takata are quick to point out the situations of the two companies differ in key ways. Takata's air bags have been subject to headline-grabbing recalls for years. By contrast, GM knew its ignition switches were faulty when it introduced them in 2002 but concealed the problem until 2014, five years after its bankruptcy sale. Because of the concealment, the court of appeals reasoned that GM's customers had been denied the opportunity to object or file a claim over the ignition switch defects as part of GM's bankruptcy and sale. To remedy the lack of notice, the court said car owners could pursue a class action against the buyer of GM rather than the bankruptcy estate. The GM ruling only binds U. S. Bankruptcy Courts in one of 11 U.

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. Checklists have been instrumental in saving lives in hospitals, averting disasters in planes and, less dramatically perhaps, ensured pain-free software installation in schools. What’s your favourite edtech tool for learning and why. Last week I attended a Westminster Forum event on testing and assessment. It was an excellent event, not least because something I have been saying for years was validated. It has always been my contention that if you love your How can you save yourself some time without compromising on the quality of your output. There’s a lot to be said for buying new technology in school, but there’s a lot you can do with the older stuff too. Cons: The details of the legal process are largely skipped. Bottom Line: Standout iCivics title helps learners new to the U. S. Constitution get great practice matching amendments to individuals' rights, and have good fun doing it. Read more here. App of the Day picks are selected from the top edtech tools reviewed by Common Sense Education, which helps educators find the best ed-tech tools, learn best practices for teaching with tech, and equip students with the skills they need to use technology safely and responsibly. Students own their learning and acquire important digital skills when given the opportunity to create, produce, and problem-solve with technology. Below, I have collected over 10 posts full of ideas from how to manage your classroom like a Jedi to teaching math with Star Wars infographics. As educators, we should handle each piece of writing with care as if it is a very personal gift our students are sharing with us and their peers. Basically, we reinvent the wheel or are inspired by the works of others. Brainstorming helps students come up with ideas, organizes ideas, and provides a roadmap for projects. Below are more than 15 ideas to try with your learners in 2017. Here are some pointers to help you find both the right category of printer and the right model within that type, along with our top-rated reviews.

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Throw in some bands, (three, to be exact, plus one DJ), a horror-themed menu and prizes for worst dressed, and you’ve got yourself a Halloween party that just wouldn’t be the same anywhere else. Catch a screening of Tim Burton’s spooky comedy classic at 6. 0pm or 9pm, then shake it in the bar with Pelvis DJs until late. There’ll be cocktails and prizes for the spookiest, Beetlejuice-inspired outfits. It was once Australia’s first Quarantine Station, operating from 1833 to 1984. It’s now a hotel, but for Halloween, it will be staging a 90-minute tour around the site telling some of the most frightening stories in its arsenal. With an after party and the option to stay the night, it should be certifiably spooky. Broadsheet is a trade mark used under licence by Broadsheet Media Pty Ltd from BM IP Pty Ltd as trustee for the BM IP Trust. Besides, hydraulic lubrication control system helps bearing of hydraulic cone crusher get double protection. Features Suitable for grinding material with high hardness The shape of the final products is circular No pollution for the powder with ceramic ball Stable performance Easy installation HPT Series highly efficient Hydraulic Cone Crusher is a world-level cone crusher introduced the up-to-the-minute technology of Germany. It has a great crushing performance in the work of medium-size crushing, fine crushing and super fine crushing. Catch all the latest news from CAW-UAW contract negotiations, future innovations in our union to anything that affects our retirees. Other highlights include: PORTOBELLO FILM FESTIVAL LONDON End date: 21 Aug, 2007 list of grinder manufacturingpanies in pune ultra tabletop wet grinder uk fishland. n. Get Price And Support. Helen Mirren makes her film debut in the tale of a young poet (Michael Gothard) intent on turning his suicide into a mass-media spectacle. Znasz te utwory? Dodaj ich tekst lub zamiesc wlasna propozycje dodania nowej piosenki. Notes: Barney Platts-Mills List of directorial debuts WikiVisually This is a list of film directorial debuts in chronological order. Undermind is a 2003 psychological thriller written and directed by Nevil Dwek.

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These programs designed to prepare candidates for careers in Washington k-12 schools. The goal of these Wednesday noontime gatherings is to provide a space for students, staff and faculty to engage in dialogue and to learn more about frameworks and actions for creating an inclusive campus climate. Uneasiness and outright panic about the recent election has brought it again into focus. Dr. Keith believes, however, that civility is widely misunderstood, and reports of its passing may be premature. This talk will explore current structures of public argument, especially with respect to fake news, conspiracy theories and polarized hostility, examining how norms have been subverted. Get out into the community, hone your career skills, and make lasting connections. On display will be many treasures of the collections, including manuscripts, rare books, ephemera, historical artifacts, and artists’ books. This training will help you learn what risks may present themselves while moving through the backcountry during winter. This will hopefully help you feel more comfortable getting outside this winter. He’s not only a five-time Grammy winner, a respected author, honorary degree recipient and educator, he’s a sought-after speaker on the creative arts with globe-circling tours with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, and most recently with John McLaughlin at Chick Corea’s month-long residency at New York City’s famed Blue Note. She will be speaking with sustainability services students and other interested parties about job opportunities with WCC. WCC offers the chance to gain hands-on experience in the environmental field. As an AmeriCorps program, WCC creates future leaders through community involvement and mentorship. This event is brought to you by the Bioethics Club, no bioethical experience is required. Called “the magazine’s only certifable genius” by editor David Remnick, she has been recognized with numerous prestigious awards, including the New York City Literary Award for Humor and National Book Critics Circle Award for Autobiography. This event will focus on credit cards, including hidden fees and building credit. The day will include meetings and information sessions to learn more about the college and our athletics programs. Their training was almost certainly oral so no training manuals survive. Three programs for smaller ensembles begin the series, providing an interactive, close encounter with the musicians.


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So, it would be understandable if my absence were to go undetected. I began to be able to read all of my news sites and to get ahead on take-home work and to keep up with the “honey does” and to do all the stuff I should have been doing all along, but for “some reason” I never had enough time to do. I was in the hospital for almost a week before my enzyme levels were low enough for me to have my gall bladder removed. In the hospital, I realized the friends and family who came to see me and who sent flowers, cards and gifts were the same people I had, on many an occasion, grudgingly socialized with while tweeting on my phone. I selfishly wanted to talk about those things which interested me, and to not pay attention to those who love and care about me, regardless of my position on a given issue of the day. One of them had been on that MyFacePlace-whatever, and had become reacquainted with a person they had known twenty-plus years before. They are still dealing with the repercussions of the emotional, and almost physical, infidelities which resulted. (Calm down! I’m not giving anything away. If you do know, I thought you didn’t read my blog? . I’ve never said if I was married or not, gay or straight, or black or white (except for that picture). I’ve liked to keep it all about politics and issues. Because of this I may have attracted some followers who made their own guesses about my status on any of these, and may have made decisions based on them. I do tend to be polite, friendly, and sometimes “flirtatious”, but my page has always been open and my wife has my passcode. I always thought this meant I was keeping it “above board”, as far as my marriage was concerned. I’ve seen improvements in my productivity and my relationships. I’ve seen how I’ve been selfish with my time and my interest. I’ve witnessed an example of what could go wrong, and it honestly scared me. As a matter of fact, she chuckled and shook her head when last she asked me about it.


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To allow more interactive and flexible sessions, the roles of guide and followers can be dynamic exchanged. However, it can be a helpful in asymmetric environments with non-VR collaborators. 2. Asymmetric Environments Social viewing should also be possible for participants using different devices. They studied asymmetry in visualization and interaction. For a shared experience, viewers need new methods of communication and viewport awareness. The ? ld of social viewing in CVR is relatively new and it needs more research and knowledge about the viewers’ behaviour. The described approaches are one step to explore this ? ld. Based on this work, we will compare the approaches among other relevant aspects. Additional ? lds of view are allowed so the viewers in CVR can move their heads to choose more attentive and informative scenes, but frequent scene changes are not welcomed due to VR nausea. In this study, we employed well-established underpinnings of both eye contact and gaze, by which the acting persons in CVR can effectively convey the narrative structure, and, at the same time, more attentiveness from the viewer in CVR can be ensured. We completed two versions of CVR, one with the traditional ? m narratology and the other for the new CVR narratology (i. . eye contact and gaze) proposed in this article, and are now in the stage of evaluation. Our preliminary results showed that the viewers in the CVR ? m with more eye contact and gazes effectively presented the narratives of the ?

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. Just as in canon, Ruby is unsure about going to Beacon early and we flashback once again to her conversation again with Glynda and Ozpin. It’s here where we get our first major leap over canon, defining Ruby’ Rose’s actual arc as a character. Ozpin asks if she wants to attend Beacon, and instead of spazzing out in a comedic manner (which is fine in its own way), the manga treats the moment with a bit more gravitas, allowing Ruby to give more concrete reasons for wanting to attend (as well as slight world-building): These statements are sort of glossed over (or not mentioned at all) in the series, but they are given a bit more emphasis here to service Ruby’s character, and I think that works. Ozpin’s next question is the most crucial though: In canon this question is never asked to Ruby in the show. Its laid bare: she wants to help people because her parents told her to. That’s fine, but it doesn’t really let the audience peek into Ruby’s head beyond that. In the show it’s mostly played for comedy (again, that’s not too bad), but the manga takes this meeting much more seriously in order to set up their dynamic for the beginning stages of the series. Just as before, Weiss berates Ruby for bumping into her. Calling her a child and someone not deserving of being at Beacon. She’d lording her status over her and looking her nose down at her. However, instead sneezing and blowing herself up for another comedic moment, In the manga Ruby actually stands up to Weiss and calls her out for her rude behavior. “A jerk with a bad attitude like you could never cut it as a Huntress. When Ruby says this the entire mood shifts immediately: The look in Weiss’ eyes tell the entire story. In this moment she is already positioned as someone not to mess with (at least in regards to Ruby). I also like the slight emphasis of the scar because it only adds to her anger. There was no telling what she would have done to Ruby at this point. Enter Blake: As before she breaks up the fight between the two, but she’s also a bit more aggressive to Weiss here; actively calling out her prejudice in front of a crowd and publicly humiliating her. It’s a bit of shift from what we got before, but it works for how Blake was early on in the story. It’s also just a better scene in general since it feels more like a natural conversation instead of an exposition dump (a lot of the manga’s changes to the dialogue are more natural).


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That’s about it, though, and we’ll keep an eye out for news I should probably also note that there’s a Train to Busan remake bubbling, and we could hear an official announcement soon. 10. Army of the Dead Director: Zack Snyder Release Date: TBA Army of the Dead is an upcoming zombie movie set in a zombie-infested future-vision of Las Vegas, where a father sets out to save his young daughter. Sure, it’s a plot we’ve seen so many times in zombie movies before, with the father trying to save his child. The good news is that it’s set in a futuristic Las Vegas, and that’s enough to pique our interest here at Nerd Much. We don’t know much else about Army of the Dead, unfortunately, but we’re anxiously awaiting more details. The story follows a young man who “survives” a car accident that kills his girlfriend, although he has to go through life as a zombie who lives in his parents’ wine cellar, now. He also attends support group meetings for his fellow undead. It’s a zombie comedy film, which are undeniably on the rise, and it’s allegedly going to star actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson. We haven’t heard any updates since 2010 for the film, so it’s likely the case that it’s dead. Still, we haven’t received an official cancellation, so it’s staying on here until we hear otherwise. 12. Inherit the Earth Director: Mike Flanagan Zombies AND robots. Inherit the Earth is an upcoming sci-fi film that’s based on the IDW comic Zombies Vs. Robots that released in 2006, but it’s not necessarily a direct adaptation. The story follows a protector robot who has to protect a young girl from an onslaught of zombies. The original film did not live up to the expectations of many fans of the novel by Max Brooks, and it was received lukewarm critically. The latest is that World War Z 2 will begin filming in June 2019. The film is just what it sounds like: Marilyn Monroe (played by French ) in a bloodbath horror film, slaying zombies and looking sexy. It’s going to be filled with plenty of pop culture camp, with the director teasing “think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Kill Bill.