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And I prefer it that way, but many other writers would have let the Curt character—the intellectual and aspiring writer—sense what was happening. And we reversed another expectation with Curt since the intellectual spends the whole night frantically obsessing over the blonde in the T-Bird. And all these balances and reversals become even more poignant with the epilogue which reveals the eventual fates of the film’s main characters. Is it true that you were originally opposed to the idea as too depressing. But I remember when I first saw the movie when it opened in New York. The place went absolutely nuts during the film, but when those titles came up at the end, you could hear a pin drop. It seemed to give even more depth to everything that came before. KATZ: Yes, and now everyone tells us how terribly wrong-headed we were back then. At the time, we didn’t have enough feminist awareness to be concerned about that. But later, we did get a lot of static about not including the women characters. But, at the time, we were so focused on getting rid of the titles that we never thought about the women characters.

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They need dragons. She’ll also need a giant Khalasar, her Unsullied and the Second Sons to take back the kingdoms. Showing Dany’s ready to roll on the season finale is exactly how I see this playing out. Also note that Dany’s gotten pretty steely and intense this season, especially after the loss of Barristan. It’s Lady Stoneheart. It must be. The situation is perfect. Everybody is skeptical, the producers and GRRM are dropping hints that she’s been cut entirely. LS has been sort of “anti-built up” for 2 years now. The anticipation for Ned’s execution, the Red Wedding, not even “For the Watch” comes close to Lady Stoneheart. Virtually nobody expects her appearance at this point and David and Dan know it.

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Some of them were really bogged down by angst and misery, which is fine to start but they needed to grow. Comment on As expected, Netflix cancels The Punisher and Jessica Jones by Hammersteyn Cache Translate Page Boetie, ek gaan jou bitter hard PK. Comment on As expected, Netflix cancels The Punisher and Jessica Jones by Guz Cache Translate Page OMW just imagine an Afrikaans dub if Yster Vuis xD Comment on As expected, Netflix cancels The Punisher and Jessica Jones by For the Emperor. Cache Translate Page The cancellations of Daredevil and Punisher are travesties. Could not get past episode 3 of Yster Vuis season 2, episode 6 of Booser Jones season 2, and still have not started Look Cage season 2. Comment on As expected, Netflix cancels The Punisher and Jessica Jones by G8crasha Cache Translate Page I guess we will have to see what transpires with Hulu and Disney to see whether they return to the small screen. Comment on As expected, Netflix cancels The Punisher and Jessica Jones by CrAiGiSh Cache Translate Page Savages. Comment on As expected, Netflix cancels The Punisher and Jessica Jones by Original Heretic Cache Translate Page F. Netflix Canada followed up with this: the response has been a reminder of the high bar corporations are held to for representation, as they should be. I really cannot justify subscribing anymore - most of the channels I watch are available on Freesat and I tend to watch a lot of content on Netflix or Amazon. Think I would rather divert my Sky TV subscription to something more useful, like overpaying my mortgage.

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. culture? Do you want to live in a world where a man can't politely ask a colleague if he can take off all his clothes and masturbate to completion. Is that where we are as a culture? Nick Kroll in Big Mouth As Nick Birch, Maury, Coach Steve and Lola on his animated series Big Mouth, Nick Kroll is currently producing some of the best voiceover work in the business. But the character that consistently kills me is the barely comprehensible Rick, Coach Steve’s decrepit, one-eyed hormone monster who’s always there with a “You’re the man, baby” when you need him. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on the Midterms If there was one thing that made Beto O’Rourke’s midterm election loss to Ted Cruz sting a little bit less, it was Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s election eve visit to Texas on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Only Robert Smigel’s decades-old puppet creation has the balls to say to Cruz’s face, “I support spaying and neutering, just like Trump did to you! Olivia Colman in The Favourite As the pathetic, needy, gout-ridden Queen Anne in Yorgos Lanthimos’ near-parody of a costume drama, Olivia Colman is finally a movie star. Whether she’s screaming at a small child for daring to look in her general direction or shoving cake in her mouth seconds after vomiting, Colman’s lack of vanity as an actress is inspiring. If her performance as Queen Elizabeth in the upcoming third season of The Crown contains half as much wit as this, it will be a pleasure to behold.

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Honestly, if Loras and Renly were gay lovers in the books, I'm sure GRRM would have provided more details about it. The books are very graphic during sex scenes with other characters, so I don't know why GRRM wouldn't at least have a mild description of Loras and Renly being lovers. It seems like it's really reaching, like some people want them to be gay, so they're trying to tie these very subtle things together to make it so. I know with Oberyn, there was conversation between a couple of characters (I can't remember which ones), where they were talking about Oberyn and one mentioned that it's rumored he liked to lay down with both men and women, so while the books never covered an actual gay scene with Oberyn, it did come up directly in a conversation. I'm not sure why GRRM would be so hesitant having openly gay characters in his book and why he would feel the need to be extremely subtle about it. The mid-90s had a lot of gay culture hit mainstream during those years. It would make more sense to be very subtle and have vague symbolism if the books were written in the 50s, when the topic of same sex relationships was more taboo. The books were extremely graphic during sex scenes with other characters. It just seems to me if they were gay, it would be more obvious. I don't care if Renly and Loras are gay or not in the books, but I'm not convinced they are. There's a promo photo out there of Theon dressed up, looking horrified.

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I didn't spoil anything for you, and I'm not responsible for anyone who did. I had no clue about it until Season 6 came out on DVD. The only proof that I've seen that supports it is his look (a show element) and what he saw in his vision when the children created the first white walker. But with the size of the GoT fan base, can we really expect there to be no cross discussion. I made some comments in the other thread about this (before I saw your bait). lol: Wasn't trying to bait you. So the Stark symbol (if it was even that; couldn't it have just been a dragon, like the newly created dead dragon? could just be some of Bran's Stark heritage coming through to the NK as a result of that link. Yeah, I don't really mind as much as some people, which I've stated. Because I do read it, but then people who want nothing to do with book stuff can avoid. Why does he even need to tear down the wall when he can just fly around Westeros and raise the dead.

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Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore (1997) 15. Barthes, R. The Pleasure of the Text. Accessed 20 Sept 2017 20. Ryan, M. Narratives as Visual Reality: Immersion and Interactivity in Literature and Electronic Media. The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore and London (2001) 21. Ryan, M. Narrative as Virtual Reality 2: Revisiting Immersion and Interactivity in Literature and Electronic Media. Kerttula, T.